Stealth Guide - The Ultimate Guide to The Stealth Forex System


The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to The Stealth Forex Trading System! Up to date 2014 Updated To Include Longer-Term Trading. Ideal for those who work!

Ultimate Stealth Forex System Guide First, let me say that almost all the reviews you will read on the Internet about trading systems are from people with no trading experience who have never even seen the system! They simply make up a review and give a link to the website that provides them with anything up to 75% commission. In fact, the higher the commission, the higher they will recommend it. Most systems are complete rubbish and a pure rip-off - including many of the well-known ones. You can see from my screen shots that I actually bought the Stealth System and I promise you that I've traded it on a daily basis.

Those of you who may already have the Stealth System but feel they'd like to get more out of it, can purchase my guide for $29.95 below. This is a professionally produced, 33 page, e-book in pdf format and the result of my many years experience in Forex trading (I've written and sold several other trading books) and extensive testing and real money trading with the Stealth System. You will hear mixed reports coming from users, with most saying they make a profit but some saying they make a loss. Indeed, 95% make a serious loss at trading but the figure is much lower with Stealth. To be honest, some of those who praise the system because they made huge profits right away were just lucky and could still go broke! Most of those who made a loss were doing something wrong and, with little or no experience of Forex, it's very easy to make mistakes. Setting up and using the Stealth System is not easy. In fact, I found it a little daunting at first since I succumbed to the natural desire to want to trade right away - and when I realised I didn't really know what I was doing, it was frustrating. So much so that I left it alone for a couple of days! Thank goodness I went back to it though, because it really is a most fantastic system that brings in huge profits if you use it fully. If you just trade the recommended EUR/USD, you will do OK, but if you fully exploit its capabilities, you can become rich very quickly. I tinkered around setting up the chart to look clearer and better and produced a template that allowed me to set up all the charts with one click. My Stealth.tpl file is included with my fully illustrated guide. Then, I back tested about a dozen currency pairs over one month to see which performed well and which were not worth trading. During this bloodshot eyes period, I also learnt a great deal about reading the signals correctly for each pair. In a perfect world, the Indicators would always give clear and unambiguous readings but, in real life, they don't! Most of the time, the four Indicators never signal at the same time, there is a lag between them and we need to know how much lag is acceptable in order to pick good trades. My Ultimate Stealth Forex Guide contains many pictures showing actual trading signals, good and bad and explains what to look for and how to choose which to actually trade. In addition, I give recommended stop loss and take profits for each of my chosen four currency pairs. Most have a very low 20-point stop loss and vary between 30-points and 50-points profit. Of course, we also need to know when to cut trades short and bail out... In addition to the most comprehensive guide available on the Stealth System, I also include general information about trading, how to choose a broker, money management and the all-important psychological aspects of trading. It is generally said that with the right psychology, a trader will make money with a bad system but with poor psychology, a trader using the world's best system will

Contents 1. My Basic Stealth Setup …………….…. 3 2 Opening a Trading Account ………........ 5 3. Reading the Signals ……………….....…9

go broke! I was trained as a psycho-analyst...

4. The Four Currency Pairs ……………...13

It is my sincere belief that the Stealth Forex System along with

5. Psychology of Trading ………….……..16

my Ultimate Guide is the best way the average person can quit

6. The Stealth Creamer Trade .................17

their job and earn very serious money from anywhere in the world. I'm sitting here now in a 100 square metre, two double bedroom,

7. Longer-Term Trading ...........................18

two bathroom apartment with a fifty foot balcony directly

8. Checklist - The system on One Page!..20

overlooking the Mediterranean sea - as a result of my trading activities. Above my laptop screen is a 20ft wall of glass sliding doors with shimmering blue sea and palm tress beyond. I also have

9. Money Management …………………...24 10. Conclusions …………………..….… 27

a nice property back in the UK.


Now includes how to trade gold using the Stealth indicators! Produces an average 5 trades per week and 150 pips profit and

Trading Gold With Stealth! .......................29 Scalping the EUR/USD with Stealth..........32

scalping the EUR/USD on the 5 minute chart.

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Stealth Guide - The Ultimate Guide to The Stealth Forex System

The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to The Stealth Forex Trading System! Up to date 2014 Updated To Include Longer-Term Trading. Ideal for those wh...

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