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Unit or Group Search Results : We found the matching units and groups listed below. Best matches for 'NA': 2630th Ordnance Battalion 2112th Ordnance Battalion 2111th Ordnance Battalion 2110th Ordnance Battalion 2108th Ordnance Battalion 2106th Ordnance Battalion 949th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 911th Maintenance Battalion 832d Ordnance Battalion 804th ORDNANCE BATTALION 802d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 801st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 798th Ordnance Battalion 794th Ordnance Battalion 790th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 130th Ordnance Battalion 128th Ordnance Battalion 127th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 125th Ordnance Battalion 123d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 119th Maintenance Battalion 111th Ordnance Battalion 109th Ordnance Battalion 107th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 104th Ordnance Battalion 103d Ordnance Battalion 101st Ordnance Battalion 99th Ordnance Battalion 95th Ordnance Battalion 90th Ordnance Battalion 789th Ordnance Battalion 783d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 781st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 778th Ordnance Battalion 777th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 775th Ordnance Battalion 771st Ordnance Battalion 769th Ordnance Battalion 763d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 749th Ordnance Battalion 747th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 744th Ordnance Battalion 743d Ordnance Battalion 408th Ordnance Battalion 406th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 88th Ordnance Battalion 86th Ordnance Battalion 84th Ordnance Battalion 83d Ordnance Battalion 81st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 79th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 77th Ordnance Battalion 76th Ordnance Battalion 74th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 72d Ordnance Battalion 70th Ordnance Battalion 69th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 67th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 76th Ordnance Base Group 73d Ordnance Base Group 404th Ordnance Battalion 403d Ordnance Battalion 401st Ordnance Battalion 399th Ordnance Battalion 397th Ordnance Battalion 396th Ordnance Battalion 394th Ordnance Battalion 392d Ordnance Battalion 390th Ordnance Battalion 389th Ordnance Battalion 387th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 385th Ordnance Battalion 383d Ordnance Battalion 382d Ordnance Battalion 380th Ordnance Battalion 72d Ordnance Base Group 70th Ordnance Group 64th Ordnance Group 62d Ordnance Group 61st Ordnance Group 59th Ordnance Group 57th Ordnance Base Group 55th Ordnance Base Group 54th Ordnance Base Group 52d Ordnance Group 50th Ordnance Group 46th Ordnance Group 40th Ordnance Group 38th Ordnance Group 378th Ordnance Battalion 376th Ordnance Battalion 375th Ordnance Battalion 373d Ordnance Battalion 371st Ordnance Battalion 369th Ordnance Battalion 368th Ordnance Battalion 366th Ordnance Battalion 364th Ordnance Battalion 362d Ordnance Battalion 361st Ordnance Battalion 359th Ordnance Battalion 357th Ordnance Battalion 606th Ordnance Battalion 605th Ordnance Battalion 8th Ordnance Battalion 6th Ordnance Battalion Fort Sam Houston Army Medical Center 603d Ordnance Battalion 601st Ordnance Battalion 598th Ordnance Battalion 597th Ordnance Battalion 595th Ordnance Battalion 593d Ordnance Battalion 591st Ordnance Battalion 590th Ordnance Battalion 544th Maintenance Battalion 540th Maintenance Battalion 521st Maintenance Battalion 520th Maintenance Battalion 518th Maintenance Battalion 515th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 495th Ordnance Battalion 4th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 2d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 1st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 496th Ordnance Group 365th Ordnance Group 354th Ordnance Group 331st Ordnance Group 325th Ordnance Group 315th Ordnance Group 312th Ordnance Group 311th Ordnance Group 309th Ordnance Group 307th Ordnance Group 305th Ordnance Group 304th Ordnance Group 441st Ordnance Battalion 434th Maintenance Battalion 427th Ordnance Battalion 425th Ordnance Battalion 424th Ordnance Battalion 422d Ordnance Battalion 420th Ordnance Battalion 418th Ordnance Battalion 417th Ordnance Battalion 415th Ordnance Battalion 413th Ordnance Battalion 411th Ordnance Battalion 410th Ordnance Battalion 355th Ordnance Battalion 354th Ordnance Battalion 302d Ordnance Group 300th Ordnance Group 235th Ordnance Base Group 234th Ordnance Base Group 233d Ordnance Base Group 231st Ordnance Base Group 229th Ordnance Base Group 228th Ordnance Base Group 226th Ordnance Base Group 224th Ordnance Base Group 82d Ordnance Group 80th Ordnance Group 78th Ordnance Base Group 352d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 350th Ordnance Battalion 348th Ordnance Battalion 347th Ordnance Battalion 345th Ordnance Battalion 343d Ordnance Battalion 341st Ordnance Battalion 340th Ordnance Battalion 338th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 336th Ordnance Battalion 334th Ordnance Battalion 333d Ordnance Battalion 331st Ordnance Battalion 329th Ordnance Battalion 327th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 325th Ordnance Battalion 322d Ordnance Battalion 320th Ordnance Battalion 318th Ordnance Battalion 317th Ordnance Battalion 315th Ordnance Battalion 313th Ordnance Battalion 311th Ordnance Battalion 310th Ordnance Battalion 308th Ordnance Battalion 306th Ordnance Battalion 304th Ordnance Battalion 303d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 301st Ordnance Battalion 298th Maintenance Battalion 611th Aircraft Maintenance Support Battalion 292d Ordnance Battalion 287th Maintenance Battalion 275th Ordnance Battalion 273d Ordnance Battalion 271st Ordnance Battalion 270th Ordnance Battalion 268th Ordnance Battalion 266th Ordnance Battalion 264th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 263d Ordnance Battalion 261st Ordnance Battalion 259th Ordnance Battalion 257th Ordnance Battalion 191st Ordnance Battalion 189th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 201st Support (Materials Management) Center 188th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 186th Ordnance Battalion 184th Ordnance Battalion 182d Ordnance Battalion 181st Ordnance Battalion 179th Ordnance Battalion 177th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 175th Ordnance Battalion 174th Ordnance Battalion 172d Ordnance Battalion 170th Ordnance Battalion 169th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 168th Ordnance Battalion 166th Ordnance Battalion 164th Ordnance Battalion 162d Maintenance Battalion 161st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 159th Ordnance Battalion 156th Ordnance Battalion 154th Ordnance Battalion 153d Ordnance Battalion 151st Ordnance Battalion 149th Ordnance Battalion 142d Ordnance Battalion 141st Ordnance Battalion 139th Ordnance Battalion 137th Ordnance Battalion 135th Ordnance Battalion 256th Ordnance Battalion 254th Ordnance Battalion 252d Ordnance Battalion 250th Ordnance Battalion 249th Ordnance Battalion 247th Ordnance Battalion 245th Ordnance Battalion 243d Ordnance Battalion 242d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 238th Ordnance Battalion 235th Ordnance Battalion 233d Ordnance Battalion 232d Ordnance Battalion 230th Ordnance Battalion 228th Ordnance Battalion 226th Ordnance Battalion 216th Ordnance Battalion 56th Support (Materials Management) Center 214th Ordnance Battalion 212th Ordnance Battalion 210th Ordnance Battalion 209th Ordnance Battalion 207th Ordnance Battalion 205th Ordnance Battalion 203th Ordnance Battalion 202th Ordnance Battalion 200th Ordnance Battalion 198th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 196th Ordnance Battalion 195th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 193d Ordnance Battalion 65th Ordnance Battalion 63d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 18th Wing Maintenace Operations Center 741st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 739th Ordnance Battalion 62d Ordnance Battalion 61st Ordnance Battalion 55th Ordnance Battalion 53d Ordnance Battalion 52d Ordnance Battalion 51st Ordnance Battalion 49th Ordnance Battalion 47th Ordnance Battalion 46th Ordnance Battalion 44th Ordnance Battalion 42d Maintenance Battalion 41st ORDNANCE BATTALION 40th Ordnance Battalion 38th Ordnance Battalion 36th Ordnance Battalion 737th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 736th Ordnance Battalion 734th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 732d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 730th Maintenance Battalion 729th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 727th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 725th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 711th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 710th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 708th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 706th Maintenance Battalion 704th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 703d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 701st Ordnance Battalion 30th Maintenance Battalion 30th Ordnance Battalion 27th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 25th Ordnance Battalion 23d Ordnance Battalion 22d Ordnance Battalion 20th Ordnance Battalion 18th Ordnance Battalion 16th Ordnance Battalion 15th Ordnance Battalion 13th Ordnance Battalion 11th Ordnance Battalion 9th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 134th Ordnance Battalion 132d Ordnance Battalion 696th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 694th Maintenance Battalion 693d Maintenance Battalion 690th Maintenance Battalion 625th Ordnance Battalion 623d Ordnance Battalion 622d Ordnance Battalion 617th Ordnance Battalion 615th Ordnance Battalion 613th Ordnance Battalion 612th Ordnance Battalion 610th Ordnance Battalion 608th Ordnance Battalion USA Support Command, Da Nang Military Traffic Management Command 302nd Signal Battalion 279th Signal Battalion 249th Signal Battalion navy ship NAVY SHIP USS ARNEB AKA-56 National Latino Officers Association 22nd Signal Brigade 12th Signal Group 7th SIGNAL BRIGADE 3rd Signal Brigade 67th Signal Battalion 64th Signal Battalion 62nd Signal Battalion 1st Signal Group 1st Signal Brigade Phu Lam Signal Battalion Da Nang Signal Battalion 3362nd Signal Battalion 3186th Signal Battalion 1109th Signal Battalion 1104th Signal Battalion 972nd Signal Battalion 928th Signal Battalion 848th Signal Training Battalion 846th Signal Battalion 845th Signal Battalion 711th Signal Battalion 523rd Signal Battalion 58th Signal Battalion 54th Signal Battalion 53rd Signal Battalion 52nd Signal Battalion 50th Signal Battalion 43rd Signal Battalion 41st Signal Battalion 39th Signal Battalion 37th Signal Battalion 36th Signal Battalion 34th Signal Battalion 32nd Signal Battalion 30th Signal Battalion 28th Signal Battalion 27th Signal Battalion 26th Signal Battalion 24th Signal Battalion 17th Signal Battalion 509th Signal Battalion 501st Signal Battalion 460th Signal Battalion 459th Signal Battalion 13th Signal Battalion 10th Signal Battalion 9th Signal Battalion 8th Signal Battalion 442th Signal Battalion 437th Signal Battalion 426th Signal Battalion 417th Signal Battalion 379th Signal Battalion 369th Signal Battalion 361st Signal Battalion 359th Signal Battalion 327th Signal Battalion 322nd Signal Battalion 321st Signal Battalion 319th Signal Battalion 317th Signal Battalion 314th Signal Battalion 307TH SIGNAL BATTALION 304th Signal Battalion 303rd Signal Battalion New Mexico 7th BN 804th Maintenance Company (HAWK) 4th Signal Battalion 2nd Signal Battalion Deep water Piers Danang Viet Nam 581st Signal Company, Soegel NAVSCHEOD, Indian Head 242nd Signal Battalion 234th Signal Battalion 230th Signal Battalion 212th Signal Battalion 204th Signal Battalion 198th Signal Battalion 187th Signal Battalion 181st Signal Battalion 179th Signal Battalion 163rd Signal Battalion 151st Signal Battalion 146th Signal Battalion 144th Signal Battalion 142nd Signal Battalion 141st Signal Battalion 140th Signal Battalion 137th Signal Battalion 135th Signal Battalion 132nd Signal Battalion 130th Signal Battalion 129th Signal Battalion 1108th Signal Brigade 359th Signal Group 335th Signal Group 228th Signal Brigade 160th Signal Brigade/Group 93rd Signal Brigade 35th Signal Brigade (Airborne) 29th Signal Group 127th Signal Battalion 125th Signal Battalion 123rd Signal Battalion 121st Signal Battalion 115th Signal Battalion 111th Signal Battalion 109th Signal Battalion 105th Signal Battalion 101st Signal Battalion 98th Signal Battalion 96th Signal Battalion 93rd Signal Battalion 92nd Signal Battalion 83rd Signal Battalion 78th Signal Battalion 73rd Signal Battalion 69th Signal Battalion 68th Signal Battalion Navywife06 Naval Hospital Long Beach FAIRBORN AFJROTC 126th Finance Command 175th Finance Command 266th Finance Command 2d Finance Center 3d Finance Center 8th Finance Center 11th Finance Center 14th Finance Center 18th Finance Center 27th Finance Center 33d Finance Center 45th Finance Center 56th Finance Center 63d Finance Center 105th Finance Center 147th Finance Center 175th Finance Center 215th Finance Center 266th Finance Center 366th Finance Center 501st Finance Center 3d Finance Group 7th Finance Group 13th Finance Group 326th Finance Group 398th Finance Group 469th Finance Group 1st Finance Battalion 5th Finance Battalion 7th Finance Battalion 15th Finance Battalion 24th Finance Battalion MACV Team 67, Song Be Vietnam 28th Finance Battalion 30th Finance Battalion 33d Finance Battalion 39th Finance Battalion 49th Finance Battalion 50th Finance Battalion 101st Finance Battalion 106th Finance Battalion 126th Finance Battalion 130th Finance Battalion 138th Finance Battalion 153rd Finance Battalion 177th Finance Battalion 208th Finance Battalion 215th Finance Battalion 267th Finance Battalion 338th Finance Battalion 342d Finance Battalion 368th Finance Battalion 374th Finance Battalion 395th Finance Battalion 501st Finance Battalion USS Jonas Ingram - DD 938 558th Signal Company 353 Maintenance Squadron "We Do It In the Dark!!" 22nd Maintenance Squadron 5760th EUSA Signal Co. 91st Organizational Missile Maintenance Squadron OMMS Minot AFB NAF Naples Italy USS Edwin A. Howard - DE 346 USS Okinawa - LPH 3 USS Guadalcanal - LPH 7 USS Washtenaw County - MSS 2 QUAD,S & DUSTER PERSONAL,RVN Naval Aviation airforce and navy USS Montana - BB 51/BB67 USS Saginaw - LST 1188 Entertainment & Music(Personal) Indiana Guard Reserve-SGT. K. Green men of Vietnam Montana Land USS Mclanahan - DD 615 Nas Jacksonville, CBQ USS Knapp - DD 653 USS Leonard F. Mason - DD 852 USS Donald Cook - DDG 75 USS San Bernardino - LST 1189 USS Coronado - AGF 11 dannael weekes USS Ethan Allen - SSN 608 Gulf Regional Fisheries Training Center USS Mcnair - DD 679 Naval Base: Los Angeles/Long Beach, Calif. Naval Base: Presque Island, Pa. Naval Base: San Diego, Calif. USS Gordon - AKR 296 USS Nassau LHA 4 USS Gunason - DE 795 US Army Major Branch Schools - Officer (Signal Corps) US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1998 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 2000 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 2001 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 2003 US Navy Chaplain Corps - (Jewish) US Navy Chaplain Corps - (Muslim) US Navy Chaplain Corps - (Buddhist) US Navy Finance Units US Navy Civil Engineer Units US Navy Supply Corps Units Naval Base: Charleston, S.C. USS Aldebaran - AF 10 USS Asterion - AF 63 USS Saturn - AFS 10 Perrin AFB, Texas Sunil Nambiar's Home Page For the Vietnam Veterans Naval Mine Warfare Training Center, Ingleside, Texas USS Louisiana - BB 19/BB71 USS Putnam - DD 757 USS Tornado - PC 14 USS Nashville - LPD 13 USS Dominant - MSO 431 USS Shenandoah - AD 44 USS Great Sitkin - AE 17 USS Mauna Kea - AE 22 USS San Antonio - LPD 17 U.S. Navy USS Arizona - BB 39 43rd BMW Andersen AFB GUAM SAC Men and Women of the armed forces Guantanamo Marines Naval Air Station: Cubi Point, Philippines USS Navarro - LPA 215 USS Buchanan - DDG 14 USS Jacana - MSC 193 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southern District: Charleston, S.C. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Chelsea, Mass. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Oakland, Calif. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: St. Albans, N.Y. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Widow Island, Me. Naval Mine Warfare School: Charleston, S.C. Naval Mine Warfare School: Yorktown, Va. USS Annapolis - AGMR 1 USS Arlington - AGMR 2 USS Thomas Washington - AGOR 10 USS Chain - AGOR 17 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1951 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1952 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1954 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1956 USS Pfc E. A. Obregon - AK 3006 USS Sgt W. R. Button - AK 3012 USS Cape Ann - AK 5009 NAVCOMMSTA Keflavik Iceland Naval Air Station: Los Alamitos, Calif. Naval Air Station: Memphis, Tenn. Naval Air Station: Minneapolis/Twin Cities Naval Air Station: Moffett Field, Calif. Naval Air Station: New York, N.Y. Naval Air Station: Norman, Okla. Naval Air Station: Oceana, Va. USS Tonawanda - ANL 89 USS Chukawan - AO 100 USS Navasota - AO 106 USS Misn Buenaventura - AO 111 118th Ordnance Detachment Naval Operating Base: Dutch Harbor, Alaska Naval Operating Base: Sitka, Alaska Naval Section Base: Charleston, S.C. Naval Section Base: Juneau, Alaska Naval Section Base: Ketchikan, Alaska Naval Shipyard: Portsmouth, N.H. Naval Station: Charleston, S.C. USS Gen Walter H. Gordon - AP 117 USS Moana Wave - AGOR 22 USS Eltanin - AGOR 8 USS Keywadin - ATA 213 USS Scan - AK 5018 USS Nautilus - SSN 571 USS Cimarron - AO 177 USS Gen Alex M. Patch - AP 122 USS Louisiana - SSBN 743 USS Salinan - ATF 161 USS Utina - ATF 163 USS Narragansett - ATF 167 USS Helena - SSN 725 Signal Regimental NCO Academy US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1958 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1959 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1961 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1963 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1965 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1967 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1969 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1970 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1971 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1973 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1975 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1977 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1979 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1981 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1982 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1983 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1985 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1987 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1989 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1991 Naval Air Station: Ottumwa, Ia. Naval Air Station: Pasco, Wash. Naval Air Station: Pensacola, Fla. Naval Air Station: Richmond, Fla. Naval Air Station: St. Simons Island, Ga. Naval Air Station: San Pedro, Calif. Naval Air Station: Sand Point, Seattle, Wash. Naval Air Station: Santa Ana, Calif. Naval Air Station: South Weymouth, Mass. Naval Advance Base: Darwin, Australia Naval Advance Base: Emirau, New Ireland, New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Freetown, Sierra Leone Naval Advance Base: Funafuti, Ellice Islands Naval Advance Base: Green Island, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Mackay, Australia Naval Advance Base: Merauke, Dutch New Guinea USS Titan - AGOS 15 USS Tenacious - AGOS 17 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1993 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1994 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1996 USS Cape John - AK 5022 USS Cape Breton - AK 5056 USS Cape Bon - AK 5059 USS Cape Mohican - AK 5065 USS Cape Johnson - AK 5075 USS Sp5 Eric G. Gibson - AK 5091 Just starting NAVY SEAL Snipers Naval Air Station: Terminal Island, Calif. Naval Air Station: Vero Beach, Fla. Naval Air Station: Weeksville, Elizabeth City, N.C. Naval Air Station: Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Wash. Naval Air Base: Westmorland, Calif., Salton Sea Naval Air Engineering Center: Lakehurst, N.J. Naval Air Facility: Andrews Air Force Base, District of Columbia USS John Ericsson - AO 194 USS Kanawha - AO 196 USS Big Horn - AO 198 USS Yukon - AO 202 Naval Advance Base: Nanomea, Ellice Islands Naval Advance Base: New Georgia, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Palm Island, Australia Naval Advance Base: Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia Naval Advance Base: Russell Islands, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Sansapor, Dutch New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Surabaya, Java USS Vulcan - AR 5 USS Jason - AR 8 USS Navajo - ATF 169 USS Severn - AO 61 USS Pasadena - SSN 752 USS Annapolis - SSN 760 pattermaker us navy USS Sarpedon - ARB 7 Naval Operating Base: Oran, Algeria , Naval Operating Base: Rosneath, Scotland Naval Operating Base: Salerno, Italy Naval Operating Base: Trinidad, British West Indies Naval Support Activity: An Thoi, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Danang, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Dong Tam, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Ilue-Tan Phu Bai, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: My Tho, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Qui Nhon, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Sa Huynh, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Vung Tau, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Base: Ben Luc, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Office: La Maddalena, Sardinia VQ-4 : Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Four 4407th Reconnaissance Squadron Naval Missile Center: Point Mugu, Calif. Naval Observatory: District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. Naval Ordnance Test Station: Inyokern/China Lake, Calif. Navy Public Works Center: San Francisco Bay, Calif. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Otter Cliffs, Mount Desert Island, Me. Naval Radio And Communications Facility: Winter Harbor, Me. Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station: Keyport, Wash. Naval Amphibious Base: Solomons Island, Md. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Annette, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Harvey Point, N.C. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Inyokern/China Lake, Calif. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Kiska, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Port Althorp, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Sand Point, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Seward, Alaska US Navy Special Boat Squadron 1 Naval Special Warfare Group 1 USS Wyman - AGS 34 USS Bruce C. Heezen - AGS 64 USS Raton - AGSS 270 Naval Advance Base: Aitape, New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Biak, Dutch New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Buna, New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Chorrera, Republic of Panama USS Tolovana - AO 64 USS Camden - AOE 2 Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Shenya, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Tanaga, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Crows Landing, Calif. Naval Auxiliary Air Station: Green Cove Springs, Fla. Naval Auxiliary Air Station: Oceana, Va. Naval Avionics Center: Indianapolis, Ind. Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Center: Charleston, S.C. USS Krishna - ARL 38 USS Dolphin - AGSS 555 USS Consolation - AH 15 USS Abatan - AW 4 USS Watson - AKR 310 USS Gurnard - SSN 662 USS Chewaucan - AOG 50 USS Namakagon - AOG 53 USS Elkhorn - AOG 7 Naval Special Warfare Development Group US Navy Construction Battalion 1 US Navy Construction Battalion 3 US Navy Construction Battalion 5 US Naval Academy Class of 1951 US Naval Academy Class of 1953 US Naval Academy Class of 1955 Master Jet Air Base: Oceana, Va. Naval Air Station: Albany, Ga. Naval Air Station: Atlanta, Marietta, Ga. Naval Air Station: Atlantic City, N.J. Naval Air Station: Banana River, Fla. Naval Air Station: Beaufort, SC Naval Air Station: Birmingham, Ala. Naval Air Station: Bunker Hill, Ind. Naval Air Station: Cape May, N.J. Naval Air Facility: Annapolis, Md. Naval Air Facility: Cold Bay, Alaska Naval Air Facility: Detroit, Mich. Naval Air Facility: Inyokern/China Lake, Calif. Naval Air Facility: Litchfield Park, Ariz. Naval Air Facility: Otter Point, Alaska Naval Air Facility: Yakutat, Alaska Naval Air Technical Training Center: Norman, Okla. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Bangor, Wash. Naval Station: Parris Island, S.C. Naval Station: San Francisco Bay, Calif., Treasure Island Navy Supply Center: Stockton, Calif. Naval Surface Warfare Center: Dahlgren, Va. Naval Torpedo Station: Keyport, Wash. Naval Training Station: Charleston, S.C. Naval Training Station: Farragut, Idaho Naval Training Station: Great Lakes, Ill. Naval Training Station: Sampson, N.Y. US Naval Academy Class of 1957 US Naval Academy Class of 1959 US Naval Academy Class of 1961 US Naval Academy Class of 1963 US Naval Academy Class of 1964 US Naval Academy Class of 1966 US Naval Academy Class of 1968 USS Sgt. Archer T. Gammon - AK 243 USS Col. William J. Obrien - AK 246 Naval Air Station: Cecil Field, Fla. Naval Air Station: Clinton, Okla. Naval Air Station: Dallas, Tex. Naval Air Station: Denver, Colo., Buckley Field Naval Air Station: District of Columbia, Anacostia, Andrews Air Force Base Naval Air Station: Eagle Mountain Lake, Fort Worth, Tex. Naval Air Station: Fallon, Nev. USS Cape Decision - AKR 5054 USS Cape Hudson - AKR 5066 USS Cape Horn - AKR 5068 USS Cape Inscription - AKR 5076 Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Crane, Ind. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Earle, N.J. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Fort Lafayette, N.Y. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Iona Island, N.Y. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Amphibious Base: Coronado, Calif. Naval Amphibious Base: Little Creek, Va. USS Alatna - AOG 81 USS Savannah - AOR 4 USS Mission Buenaventura - AOT 1012 USS Ex-Yukon - AOT 152 Naval Training Station: San Francisco Bay, Calif., Yerba Buena Island Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility: Albuquerque, N.M., Kirtland Air Force Base Naval Weapons Station: Concord, Calif. Advanced Base Depot/Naval Construction Battalion Center: Davisville, RI Advanced Base Depot/Naval Construction Battalion Center: Port Hueneme, CA USS Fulton - AS 11 USS Griffin - AS 13 USS Pvt. Leonard Brostrom - AK 255 USS James E. Robinson - AK 274 USS Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton - AK 276 USS Cape Washington - AKR 9961 USS Glenard P. Lipscomb - SSN 685 USS Sealift China Sea - AOT 170 USS Sealift Caribbean - AOT 174 USS Hudson - AOT 184 USS Nathan Hale - SSBN 623 USS Stallion - ATA 193 USS Grenadier - SS 525 USS Cincinnati - SSN 693 Navelsg Juliet USS Nathanael Greene - SSBN 636 2nd Btn. 23rd Marines 4th Marine Div. San Bernadino Ca. Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center US Navy Force Squadron, Test Center Atlantic US Navy Rotary Wing Squadron, Test Center Atlantic US Naval Academy Class of 1970 US Naval Academy Class of 1971 US Naval Academy Class of 1973 US Naval Academy Class of 1975 US Naval Academy Class of 1977 US Naval Academy Class of 1978 US Naval Academy Class of 1980 US Naval Academy Class of 1982 US Naval Academy Class of 1984 US Naval Academy Class of 1985 US Naval Academy Class of 1987 US Naval Academy Class of 1989 US Naval Academy Class of 1991 US Naval Academy Class of 1992 US Naval Academy Class of 1994 US Naval Academy Class of 1996 US Naval Academy Class of 1998 US Naval Academy Class of 1999 US Naval Academy Class of 2001 US Naval Academy Class of 2003 Naval Air Station: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Naval Air Station: Glynco, Ga. Naval Air Station: Grosse Ile, Mich. Naval Air Station: Hutchinson, Kans. Naval Air Station: Imperial Beach, Calif., Ream Field Naval Air Station: Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Air Station: Lake City, Fla. Naval Air Station: Lakehurst, N.J. Naval Air Station: Lincoln, Neb. Naval Advance Base: Tjilatjap, Netherlands East Indies Naval Advance Base: Townsville, Australia Naval Advance Base: Tuli, Papua Naval Advance Base: Tulagi, Florida Island, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Wellington, New Zealand Naval Advanced Air Base: Nukufetau, Ellice Islands Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Hicp Hoa, Republic of Vietnam Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Moc Hoa, Republic of Vietnam Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Phuoc Xuyen, Republic of Vietnam Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Tan An, Republic of Vietnam Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Tra Cu, Republic of Vietnam Naval Air Base: Antarctica Naval Air Base: Camocin, Brazil Naval Air Base: Iwo Jima Naval Base: Malta Naval Base: Nagasaki, Japan Naval Base: North Africa Naval Base: Paramaribo, Surinam, Dutch Guiana Naval Base: Port Hamilton, Korea Naval Base: Port Lloyd, Bonin Islands Naval Base: Puerto Castillo, Honduras Naval Base: Recife, Brazil Naval Base: Rota, Spain Naval Base: Shanghai, China Naval Base: Singapore, Malaya Naval Base: Tinian, Mariana Islands Naval Base: Villefranche, France Naval Combat And Logistic Base: Cat Lo, Republic of Vietnam Naval Facility: Bluie East I , Torgilsbu, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie East 2, Ikateq, Greenland Naval Logistic Installation: Cho Moi, Republic of Vietnam Naval Mobile Facility: Nam Can, Republic of Vietnam Naval Operating Facility: Bahia, Brazil Naval Operating Station: Nha Trang, Republic of Vietnam Naval Riverine Operational Base: Colon, Panama Canal Zone Naval River Patrol Base: Tan Chau, Republic of Vietnam Naval Section Base: Dakar, French Morocco Naval Section Base: Fedala, French Morocco Naval Section Base: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Naval Station: Azores Naval Station: Bora Bora, Society Islands Naval Station: Guam, Mariana Islands Naval Station: Keflavik, Iceland Naval Station: San Juan, Puerto Rico Naval Station: Tongatabu Island US Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet US Coast Guard Station Cape Cod Canal US Coast Guard Station Sturgeon Bay Canal USCGC Nantucket (WPB 1316) CAMP COOKE CA 1951 CO A 317 SIGNAL CONST BN Naval Underwater Systems Center: Tudor Hill Laboratory, Bermuda PSU Manasquan (USCG) Finance Center (USCG) Intelligence Coordination Center (ICC) (USCG) International Training Division Portsmouth (USCG) Maintenance & Logistics Command Atlantic (USCG) Marianas Section (USCG) National Motor Lifeboat School (USCG) Co A 317 Signal Const Bn Camp Cooke Ca 1951 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Naval Facility: Bluie East 3, Gurreholm, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie East 5, Eskimonaes, Greenland Naval Air Base: Kwajelein, Marshall Islands Naval Air Base: Saipan, Mariana Islands Naval Air Facility: Atsugi, Japan Naval Air Facility: Bahia, Brazil Naval Air Facility: Belem, Brazil Naval Air Facility: Dunkeswell, England Naval Air Facility: Fonseca, Nicaragua Naval Air Facility: French Frigate Shoals Naval Air Facility: Galeao, Brazil Naval Air Facility: Igarape Assu, Brazil Naval Air Facility: Lajes, Azores Islands, Portugal Naval Air Facility: Majuro, Marshall Islands Naval Air Facility: Misawa, Japan Naval Air Facility: Natal, Brazil Naval Air Facility: San Julian, Cuba Naval Facility: Bluie West 2, Kipisaka, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West 4, Faeringhavn, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West 5, Godhavn, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West 6, Thule, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West 8, Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland Naval Operating Base: Auckland, New Zealand Naval Operating Base: Bermuda Naval Operating Base: Brisbane, Australia Naval Operating Base: Casablanca, French Morocco Naval Operating Base: Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides Islands Naval Operating Base: Kwajalein, Marshall Islands Naval Operating Base: Londonderry, Ireland Naval Operating Base: Noumea, New Caledonia Patrol Boat Base: Hoi An, Republic of Vietnam (US Navy) River Forces Operating Base: Long Binh, Vietnam (US Navy) Submarine Base : Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone Joint Analysis Center 1099th MED.BT. CO. VIETNAM U. S Army 71st Ordnance, Hanau Germany 72nd Ordnance Battalion The Men and Women of America A Co.44th Signal Battalion MSD Massena (USCG) MSD Unalaska (USCG) ESD Oxnard (USCG) 2nd Bn, 94th Arty, Vietnam 435th Security Police Squadron Rhein Main AB, Germany 1636 THE NATIONS FIRST 2000 7th Finance Company Naval Air Facility: South Seymour, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Naval Air Station: Antarctica Naval Air Station: Apamama Atoll Naval Air Station: Arcachon, France Naval Air Station: Berehaven, Ireland Naval Air Station: Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone Naval Air Station: Georgetown, British Guiana Naval Air Station: Gujan, France Naval Air Station: Ile Tudy, France Naval Air Station: L'Aber Vrach, France Naval Air Station: La Trinite, France (LTA) Naval Air Station: Lough Foyle, Ireland Naval Air Station: Midway Islands Naval Air Station: Moutchic-Lacanau, France Naval Air Station: Palmyra Island Naval Air Station: Porto Corsini, Italy 5/87th Infantry (L) Panama 11th Pathfinder Co. 1st Cavalry Div. Viet Nam US Coast Guard Station Panama City MSO Savannah (USCG) ESDD Port Canaveral (USCG) 5th Reconnaissance Squadron 99th Reconnaissance Squadron Naval Air Station: Rochefort, France Naval Air Station: St. Trojan, France Naval Air Station: Sigonella, Catania, Sicily Naval Air Station: Tinian, Mariana Islands Naval Air Station: Whiddy Island, Ireland Naval Base: Azores Islands, Portugal Naval Base: Bassens, France Naval Base: Bermuda Naval Base: Brest, France Naval Base: Cardiff, Wales Naval Base: Chefoo, Korea Naval Base: Corfu, Greece Naval Base: Diego Garcia Island, Indian Ocean Naval Base: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Naval Base: Lisbon, Portugal Naval Base: Macao, China Naval Base: Majuro, Marshall Islands Advanced Fleet Anchorage: Long Xuyen, Republic of Vietnam Headquarters, Commander Naval Forces: Naples, Italy Naval Activity: Inchon, Korea Naval Activity: Sasebo, Japan Naval Air Transportation Service Base: Aitutaki, South Cook Islands Naval Amphibious Base: Vicarage Barracks, Plymouth, Devon, England Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Almirante, Panama Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Corinto, Nicaragua Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Puerto Castillo, Honduras Naval Auxiliary Air Station: Almirante, Panama Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Canacao, Manila, Philippine Islands US Coast Guard Station Saginaw River US Coast Guard CGAS Savannah US Coast Guard Station Annapolis US Coast Guard Station Atlantic City USCGC Gasconade (WLR 75401) USCGC Kanawha (WLR 75407) USCGC Madrona (WLB 302) Naval Intermediate Support Base: Cat Lai, Republic of Vietnam Naval Intermediate Support Base: Rach Soi, Republic of Vietnam ANT Escanaba (USCG) LORSTA Nantucket (USCG) Naval Advance Base: Sydney, Australia Annapolis Class of 1972 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1973 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1975 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1977 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1978 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1982 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1987 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1992 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1993 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1994 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1996 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1998 (USMC Cadets) Air Force Chaplains - Other Deominations 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 947th Medical Company (Clearing) Colroado Army National Guard West Virginia Army National Gaurds 254th Trans, Unit USMC Vietnam Vets USMC Vietnam Vets Comlog Westpac Det 610 Naval Resverve Center, San Antonio Texas NAS Alameda Forever 121st Signal Battalion-Desert Storm 36th (Eastern) Signal Regiment Navy SEALs international society of the 173d airborne brigade Battleship USS North Carolina NAVYSEALS U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard B Co, 511th Signal Battalion, Airborne U.S.S. DONALD B.BEARY (FF/FFT-1085) Naval reserve center benton harbor, michigan Naval Page of LCdr Ian Wood Signal Group 22, STRATCOM-EUR Alpha battery 1Bn 13th Marines Vietnam US Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 18 NAS Sigonella Military Working Dogs Viet Nam 1968-1969 1st Signal Brigade, 304th Sig. Battalion, HQ Co. D-1-1 Vietnam 69-70 Wiesbaden Airbase 3d Signal Brigade Honor Guard Signal Officer Basic Course (Class 04-98) 374th Ordnance Battalion 372d Ordnance Battalion 370th Ordnance Battalion 367th Ordnance Battalion 365th Ordnance Battalion 363d Ordnance Battalion 360th Ordnance Battalion 358th Ordnance Battalion 356th Ordnance Battalion 353d Ordnance Battalion 351st Ordnance Battalion 349th Ordnance Battalion 346th Ordnance Battalion 344th Ordnance Battalion 342d Ordnance Battalion 1/5 in Viet Nam JESSE L Brown Alumni LST 1110 (USS San Bernardino County) 17th Airborne Division Association NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 87th Maintenance Battallion Task Force McDonald Or Brown 568th Ordnance H.M. Company McCampbell's Aces Squadron, # 62, Association of Naval Aviation Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Group Naval Air Ferry Command VRF-1,2,3,4, VRS-1 (1943-45) & Aircraft Delivery Units (1941-43) 339th Ordnance Battalion USS Grenadier SS-525 ( 2 ) Detachment II, 44th Signal Battalion Naval Weapons Test Squadron, Point Mugu Go Army National Guard!! Hooah!!!! COMNAVAIRPAC 40th Infantry Division Association Navy Combat Stevedores 49th MP BDE "Sentinals" OICC Vietnam Lost in Ft. Loenard Wood Service in Vietnam USS Zeal Association AM-131 USCG Recruiting Office Nashville Tn USNA Tarpon Military Radar Unit at NAS Key West, FL The International Society of the 173D Airborne Brigade Spetsnaz V SEALs Naval Submarine Base Bangor, WA USMC Recruiting Station San Antonio A and B Company143rd Signal Battalion GATOR NAVY LA RESERVE NAVALE DU CANADA Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) The Dreadnaughts-2nd Bn, 34th Armor L Z Uplift Viet Nam 1968 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company hell in a helmet USS Randolph Reunion Association Navy Army Security Agency in Viet Nam Civilian Personnel Flight -- Kadena AB, Okinawa, JA VIETNAM MSD Nashville Navy Veterans of the United States of America ( NAVSTA Philadelphia Naval Facility Cape Hatteras, North Carolina Naval Communications Station Honolulu Team Menace Madigan Army Medical Center Public Works NAVSTA Charleston 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron Marine Barracks - Guantanamo Bay 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) Military & Veterans Christian Association Annapolis Class of 1942 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1947 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1952 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1953 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1955 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1957 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1958 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1962 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1967 (USMC Cadets) Nathan Isler's Army National Guard Website Chennai Brigadiers Lieutenant Bowen's CAV Home Page Univ of California, Berkeley Navy ROTC Co B 2 Bn "Battlin' Boa", 10th Inf Reg, Fort Davis, Panama Canal Zone, Republic of Panama 1st Base Post Office / 1st Military Mail Terminal, Inchon, Korea 1st Infantry Div in Vietnam Jonathan Y. Klint Wes in the Navy 2nd Bn 27th Marines in Viet Nam 205th Ord Plt (Ammo) Vietnam NAVCOMMSTA, ADAK ALASKA 9th Signal Buddy Finder New Jersey Army National Guard Officer Candidate School Class 44 NAS GROSSE ILE Commander Naval Air Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet (COMNAVAIRPAC) Naval Station Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Mare Island, Vallejo, CA U S S STEINAKER DDR 863 USNS Corpus Christi Bay - First and Finest 1st TC Bn - ARVH-1 5th Maintenance Company 876th Maintenance Battalion 808th ORDNANCE BATTALION 803d Ordnance Battalion 800th Ordnance Battalion 796th Ordnance Battalion 409th Ordnance Battalion 407th Ordnance Battalion 405th Ordnance Battalion 402d Ordnance Battalion 400th Ordnance Battalion 248th Ordnance Battalion 246th Ordnance Battalion 244th Ordnance Battalion 9th Logistics/Support/Materials Management Center 4th Support (Materials Management) Center 75th Ordnance Battalion 73d Ordnance Battalion 71st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 791st Ordnance Battalion 787th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 782d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 779th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 776th Ordnance Battalion 773d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 770th Ordnance Battalion 751st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 748th Ordnance Battalion 746th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 39th Ordnance Group Explosive Ordnance Disposal Detachments 398th Ordnance Battalion 395th Ordnance Battalion 393d Ordnance Battalion 391st Ordnance Battalion 388th Ordnance Battalion 386th Ordnance Battalion 384th Ordnance Battalion 381st Ordnance Battalion 379th Ordnance Battalion 377th Ordnance Battalion 241st Ordnance Battalion 236th Ordnance Battalion 234th Ordnance Battalion 231st Ordnance Battalion 229th Ordnance Battalion 227th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 215th Ordnance Battalion 213th Ordnance Battalion 211th Ordnance Battalion 208th Ordnance Battalion 206th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 204th Ordnance Battalion 68th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 66th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 64th Ordnance Battalion 62d Maintenance Battalion 60th Ordnance Battalion 54th Ordnance Battalion 51st Maintenance Battalion 50th Ordnance Battalion 48th Ordnance Battalion 45th Ordnance Battalion 43d Ordnance Battalion 42d Ordnance Battalion 35th Avionics Maintenance Sq Colorado Army National Guard 742d Ordnance Battalion 740th Ordnance Battalion 738th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 735th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 733d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 201th Ordnance Battalion 199th Ordnance Battalion 197th Ordnance Battalion 39th Ordnance Battalion 37th Ordnance Battalion 32d Ordnance Battalion 29th Ordnance Battalion 731st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 728th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 726th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 723d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 709th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 707th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 705th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 702d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 700th Ordnance Battalion 695th Maintenance Battalion 194th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 192d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 190th Ordnance Battalion 187th Ordnance Battalion 185th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 183d Ordnance Battalion 180th Ordnance Battalion 178th Ordnance Battalion 176th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 173d Ordnance Battalion 171st Ordnance Battalion 170th Aircraft Maintenance Battalion 26th Ordnance Battalion 24th Ordnance Battalion 21st Ordnance Battalion 19th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 17th Ordnance Battalion 14th Ordnance Battalion 12th Ordnance Battalion 10th Ordnance Battalion 7th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 5th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 3d Ordnance Battalion Naval Support Activity Detachment, Chu Lai 692d Maintenance Battalion 633d Ordnance Battalion 624th Ordnance Battalion 618th Ordnance Battalion 616th Ordnance Battalion 200th Support (Materials Management) Center 167th Ordnance Battalion 165th Ordnance Battalion 163d Ordnance Battalion 802d Ordnance Group 367th Ordnance Group 361st Ordnance Group 326th Ordnance Group 614th Ordnance Battalion 611th Ordnance Battalion 609th Ordnance Battalion 607th Ordnance Battalion 604th Ordnance Battalion 602d Ordnance Battalion 599th Ordnance Battalion 596th Ordnance Battalion 594th Ordnance Battalion 592d Ordnance Battalion 337th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 335th Ordnance Battalion 332d Ordnance Battalion 330th Ordnance Battalion 328th Ordnance Battalion 323d Ordnance Battalion 321st Ordnance Battalion 319th Ordnance Battalion 316th Ordnance Battalion 314th Ordnance Battalion 312th Ordnance Battalion 309th Ordnance Battalion 307th Ordnance Battalion 305th Ordnance Battalion 160th Ordnance Battalion 157th Ordnance Battalion 155th Ordnance Battalion 152d Ordnance Battalion 150th Ordnance Battalion 143d Ordnance Battalion 140th Ordnance Battalion 138th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 136th Ordnance Battalion 133d Ordnance Battalion 131st Ordnance Battalion 129th Ordnance Battalion 324th Ordnance Group 314th Ordnance Group 310th Ordnance Group 308th Ordnance Group 306th Ordnance Group 303d Ordnance Group 301st Ordnance Group 269th Ordnance Group 233d Ordnance Group 232d Ordnance Group 230th Ordnance Base Group Atlantic Transportation Terminal Command 561st Maintenance Battalion 541st Maintenance Battalion 522d Maintenance Battalion 519th Maintenance Battalion 517th Maintenance Battalion 302d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 300th Ordnance Battalion 55th Support (Materials Management) Center 126th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 124th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 122d Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 2109th Ordnance Battalion Det 2, 170th Maintenance Company (GS) 2107th Ordnance Battalion 986th Maintenance Battalion 227th Ordnance Group 225th Ordnance Base Group 111th Ordnance Group 79th Ordnance Group 7th Signal Group 513th Maintenance Battalion 440th Ordnance Battalion 428th Ordnance Battalion 426th Ordnance Battalion 423d Ordnance Battalion 421st Ordnance Battalion 419th Ordnance Battalion 416th Ordnance Battalion 414th Ordnance Battalion 412th Ordnance Battalion 297th Maintenance Battalion 276th Ordnance Battalion 274th Ordnance Battalion 272d Maintenance Battalion 269th Ordnance Battalion 267th Ordnance Battalion 265th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 262d Ordnance Battalion 260th Ordnance Battalion 258th Ordnance Battalion 255th Ordnance Battalion 253d Ordnance Battalion 251st Ordnance Battalion 110th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 108th Maintenance Battalion 106th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 102d Ordnance Battalion 100th Ordnance Battalion 98th Ordnance Battalion 89th Ordnance Battalion 87th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 85th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion 82d Ordnance Battalion 80th Ordnance Battalion 78th Ordnance Battalion 77th Ordnance Base Group 74th Ordnance Base Group 71st Ordnance Group 69th Ordnance Group 63d Ordnance Group 60th Ordnance Group 58th Ordnance Base Group 56th Ordnance Base Group 53d Ordnance Group 51st Ordnance Group 47th Ordnance Group B trp. 1/1 acr vietnam 63rd Signal Battalion 61st Signal Battalion 57th Signal Battalion 51st Signal Battalion 44th Signal Battalion 42nd Signal Battalion 40th Signal Battalion 35TH SIGNAL BATTALION 33rd Signal Battalion 31st Signal Battalion 29th Signal Battalion INDIANA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD-PLYMOUTH 25th Signal Battalion 23rd Signal Battalion 16th Signal Battalion 11th Signal Battalion 5th Signal Battalion 3rd Signal Battalion 1st Signal Battalion 333 Signal Bn. U.S. Naval Hospital: Okinawa, JA 1107th Signal Brigade 261st Signal Brigade 187th Signal Group 142nd Signal Brigade 53rd Signal Group 21st Signal Group 11th Signal Brigade 4th Signal Group 2nd Signal Brigade/Group Nha Trang Signal Battalion 275th Signal Company 1106th Signal Battalion 1101st Signal Battalion 937th Signal Battalion 850th Signal Battalion 769th Signal Battalion 560th Signal Battalion 511th Signal Battalion (Airborne) 19th Signal Company, 504th Signal Battalion Motivated Signal Corps Soldiers 504th Signal Battalion 447th Signal Battalion 440th Signal Battalion 432nd Signal Construction Battalion 422nd Signal Battalion 366th Signal Battalion 360th Signal Battalion 335th Signal Battalion 325th Signal Battalion 318th Signal Battalion 315th Signal Battalion MACV Team 94 Song Be Vietnam 313th Signal Battalion 305th Signal Battalion 280th Signal Battalion 250th Signal Battalion 248th Signal Battalion 240th Signal Battalion 207th Signal Battalion 202nd Signal Battalion 190th Signal Battalion 185th Signal Battalion NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION FOURTEEN MYPERSONAL HOMEPAGE Leutenant Daru HSL-31:Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron (Light) 31, NAS NORTH ISLAND Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach 156th Signal Battalion 147th Signal Battalion 145th Signal Battalion 143rd Signal Battalion 138th Signal Battalion 136th Signal Battalion 133rd Signal Battalion 131st Signal Battalion 126th Signal Battalion 124th Signal Battalion 122nd Signal Battalion 25th Operational Weather Squadron 863rd trans co viet nam 1966-67 400th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (theater) 118th Signal Battalion 108th Signal Battalion 103rd Signal Battalion 99th Signal Battalion 97th Signal Battalion 86th signal battalion 82nd Signal Battalion 77th Signal Battalion 72nd Signal Battalion 66th Signal Battalion Battlefield Collection Authentic Military Sportswear NAS Agana Guam Search & Rescue C Company 123rd Maintenance Bn. Alaska District Veterinary Command, Ft Richardson Branch Navy Recruiting Claremore, Ok Naval Station Norfolk Brig/CCU 84th CAVALRY RECONNAISSANCE TROOP, 84th INFANTRY DIVISION LCM, LCU, And YFU "Brown Water Navy" Homepage Naval Damage Control Training Center Philadelphia Navy Correspondence Course Center Naval Reserve Civil Law Support Activity 206 USS Napa - LPA 157 HQ, STARC Wa Army Natl Gd NNPTC Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (Nuke) 2nd Maintenance Battalion (USMC) US Navy Yeoman INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES Annapolis Class of 1971 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1980 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1984 (USMC Cadets) Naval Reserve Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific DET 120 Annapolis Class of 1941 (USMC Cadets) 105th Finance Battalion 125th Finance Battalion 176th Finance Battalion 210th Finance Battalion 230th Finance Battalion 325th Finance Battalion 376th Finance Battalion 453d Finance Battalion 726th Finance Battalion Annapolis Class of 1964 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1965 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1969 (USMC Cadets) US Army Major Branch Schools - Officer (Ordnance) US Army Major Branch Schools - Officer (Finance Corps) US Army Major Branch Schools - Enlisted (Signal Corps) US Army Major Branch Schools - Enlisted (Ordnance) US Army Major Branch Schools - Enlisted (Finance Corps) 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) USS South Carolina - BB 26 USS Ronald Reagan - CVN 76 USCGC Escanaba(WHEC-64) BAY AREA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD NAVCOMTELSTA, Cantana, Sigonelle, Sicily 4th MI Detachment, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam USS Ordronaux - DD 617 Annapolis Class of 1949 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1951 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1960 (USMC Cadets) NTCC ANNAPOLIS MD USS Paricutin - AE 18 Annapolis Class of 1940 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1944 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1945 (USMC Cadets) USS Mauna Loa - AE 8 USS Procyon - AF 61 1975 JacksonvilleNavalBase USS Indiana - BB 50/BB58 VIETNAMESE AMERICAN ARMED FORCES ASSOCIATION USS North Carolina - BB 52/BB55 Vietnam "Dogs of War" Naval Reserve Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific DET 120 B Company Vietnam USS Narwhal - SSN 671 USS Yarnall - DD 541 USS Helena - CA 75 419th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron NAVAL AIR GUNNERY SCHOOL YELLOWWATER FLORIDA Navy Recruiting District - St. Louis US Navy Flying Rifles USS Carronade - IFS 1 Annapolis Class of 1979 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1997 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1999 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 2000 (USMC Cadets) USS South Carolina - CGN 37 Annapolis Class of 1968 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1970 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1976 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1943 (USMC Cadets) 64th Finance Command 366th Finance Command 7th Finance Center 10th Finance Center 13th Finance Center 17th Finance Center 39th Finance Center 59th Finance Center 78th Finance Center Annapolis Class of 1985 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1989 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1991 (USMC Cadets) Naval Reserve Center Asheville, North Carolina 106th Finance Center 152d Finance Center 342d Finance Center 503d Finance Center 5th Finance Group 9th Finance Group 18th Finance Group 4th Finance Battalion 9th Finance Battalion 21st Finance Battalion 27th Finance Battalion 40th Finance Battalion 82d Finance Battalion 1st Maintenance Battalion (USMC) 3rd Maintenance Battalion (USMC) PSC Thomas F. McDonagh Memorial USS Nassau - LHA 4 AAFSE Naples, Italy Navy Recruiting Area FIVE USS Belknap - CG 26 233rd SEABEE Battalion - US Naval Sea Cadet Corps CNAATRA HQ; Corpus Christi, TX Annapolis Class of 1948 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1950 (USMC Cadets) Ordnance Hamsters, H&HS 13 Naval Air System Command - Patuxent River USFK Navy Element Junior Enlisted Association USS Tattnall - DDG 19 USS Shakamayon - AN 88 USS Mispillion - AO 105 USS Shenandoah - AD 26 USS Bryce Canyon - AD 36 USS Henson - AGS 63 USS Ethan Allen - SSBN 608 USS John Adams - SSBN 620 VIETNAMESE AMERICAN ARMED FORCES ASSOCIATION-VAAFA USS Leroy Grumman - AO 195 USS Bellerophon - ARL 31 USS Endymion - ARL 9 USS Orion - AS 18 RVAH-7 : Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 7 Naval Special Warfare Group 2 VQ-3 : Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Three Naval Special Warfare Center US Navy Construction Battalion 2 US Navy Construction Battalion 4 US Naval Academy Class of 1950 US Naval Academy Class of 1952 US Naval Academy Class of 1954 US Naval Academy Class of 1956 US Naval Academy Class of 1958 USS John A. Bole - DD 755 USS Sgt. Morris E. Crain - AK 244 USS Nantahala - AO 60 NAS Whidbey Island Search & Rescue (H-3) USS Furman - AK 280 USS 1St Lt A. Bonnyman - AK 3003 USS Soubarissen - AO 93 USS Rincon - AOG 77 USS Dixon - AS 37 Naval Air Station: Tillamook, Ore. Naval Air Station: Willow Grove, Pa. Naval Air Development Center: Warminster, Pa. Naval Air Facility: Amchitka, Alaska Naval Air Facility: Chincoteague Island, Va. Naval Air Facility: Columbus, Ohio Naval Air Facility: El Centro, Calif. Naval Air Facility: Lemoore, Calif. Naval Air Propulsion Center: Trenton, N. J. Naval Air Test Center: Patuxent River, Md. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Charleston, S.C. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Hingham, Mass. Naval Ammunition Depot And Magazine: Lake Denmark, N.J. Naval Amphibious Base: Camp Lejeune, N.C. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Afognak, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Beeville, Tex., Chase Field 2865th Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency 2/3 Pioneer Battalion A.I.F. 1940-45 LORSTA Carolina Beach (USCG) LORSTA Dana (USCG) US Navy Special Boat Squadron 2 Metro West Surplus Army/Navy USS John A. Moore - FFG 19 Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, Fallbrook Annex 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, FMFPac Naval Advisory Group Viet Nam 1110th Signal Battalion 390th Signal Company Avn USS Steinaker - DD 863 USS Cape Gibson - AK 5051 1112th Signal Battalion USS Cardinal - MHC 60 USS Dynamic - MSO 432 USS Watertown - AGM 6 USS Indianapolis - SSN 697 USS American Merlin - AK 9302 USS Adm. W. M. Callaghan - AKR 1001 USS Sealift Indian Ocean - AOT 171 USS Sealift Mediteranean - AOT 173 USS Susquehanna - AOT 185 USS Mount Washington - AOT 5076 USS Powhatan - ATF 166 USS Lipan - ATF 85 USS Abnaki - ATF 96 USS Edenton - ATS 1 USS Becuna - SS 319 142 FABDE Arkansas National Guard USS Donald B. Beary - FFT 1085 US Navy Strike Squadron, Test Center Atlantic US Navy Test Pilot School USS Melvin R. Nawman - DE 416 USS Thomas G. Thompson - AGOR 23 USS Soderman - AKR 299 USS Brittin - AKR 305 USS Pinnacle - MSO 462 NAS Whidbey Island Search & Rescue (H-46) USS Charlton - AKR 314 USS Strong Virginian - AKR 9205 USS Breton - AKV 42 USS Colleton - APB 36 USS Kingman - APB 47 USS Amphion - AR 13 USS Grand Canyon - AR 28 USS Telamon - ARB 8 USS Hanna - DE 449 227th Maintenance Battalion PSD NAVSECSTA Washington, DC NAVRESREDCOM1 SIMA Newport, RI Naval Reserve Readiness Center, Kearny, NJ Naval Reserve Personnel Center, New Orleans, LA U. S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, Newport, RI Naval Air Facility: Maceio, Brazil US Naval Academy Class of 1960 US Naval Academy Class of 1962 US Naval Academy Class of 1965 US Naval Academy Class of 1967 US Naval Academy Class of 1969 US Naval Academy Class of 1972 US Naval Academy Class of 1974 US Naval Academy Class of 1976 US Naval Academy Class of 1979 US Naval Academy Class of 1981 US Naval Academy Class of 1983 US Naval Academy Class of 1986 US Naval Academy Class of 1988 US Naval Academy Class of 1990 US Naval Academy Class of 1993 US Naval Academy Class of 1995 US Naval Academy Class of 1997 US Naval Academy Class of 2000 US Naval Academy Class of 2002 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1950 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1953 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1955 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1957 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1960 Barbers Point Naval Air Station, Dispensary Naval Air Station: Klamath Falls, Ore. Naval Air Station: Lemoore, Calif. Naval Air Station: Livermore, Calif. Naval Air Station: Melbourne, Fla. Naval Air Station: Miami, Fla. Naval Air Station: Mojave, Calif. Naval Air Station: Norfolk, Va. United States Army Signal Activity - MDW Delta-3-1, OSUT Fort Gordon Signal H Troop 10th Air Cavalry (Viet Nam) Naval Communication Station Asmara Ethiopia Naval Air Station: Oakland, Calif. Naval Air Station: Olathe, Kans. Naval Air Station: Patuxent River, Md. Naval Section Base: Cordova, Alaska Naval Section Base: Kahululi Harbor, Maui, Hawaii Naval Shipyard: San Francisco Bay, Vallejo, Calif. Naval Station: Mayport, Fla. Naval Station: San Diego, Calif. Naval Torpedo Factory: Alexandria, Va. Naval Training Station: Bainbridge, Md. Hawiian Armed Service Police -HASPNaval Training Station: Coasters Harbor Island, Newport, R.I. Naval Training Station: San Diego, Calif. Naval. Weapons Annex/Polaris Missile Facility Atlantic: Charleston, S.C. Naval Weapons Station: Charleston, S.C. Naval Air Facility: Mildenhall, Suffolk, England Naval Air Facility: Salinas, Ecuador Naval Air Facility: Santa Fe, Isle of Pines, Cuba Naval Air Station: Almirante, Panama Naval Air Station: Antigua, British West Indies Naval Air Station: Argentia, Newfoundland Naval Air Station: Bermuda Naval Air Station: Fromentine, France Naval Air Station: Guipavas, France Naval Air Station: Killingholme, England Naval Air Station: La Pallice, France (LTA) Naval Air Station: Le Croisic, France Naval Air Station: Mandinga, Republic of Panama (LTA) Naval Air Station: Paimboeuf, France Naval Air Station: Port Lyautey, French Morocco USCGC Naushon (WPB 1311) Naval Operating Base: Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands Naval Operating Base: Guam, Mariana Islands Naval Operating Base: Manus, Admiralty Islands Naval Operating Base: Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands Naval Operating Base: Palermo, Sicily Naval Operating Base: Saipan, Mariana Islands Naval Support Activity: Can Tho-Bin Thuy, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Cua Viet, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Dong Ha, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Nha Be, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Sa Dec, Republic of Vietnam Naval Support Activity: Saigon, Republic of Vietnam 2011 NavyBound Tattooed and Pierced Navy Beauties US Coast Guard Station St. Ignace US Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay MSD Kenai (USCG) MSD Nashville (USCG) ESD Panama City (USCG) NAVAL CONSTRUCTION REGIMENT TWENTY TWO NCR-22 US Navy WWII Armed Guard Army Medics Vietnam 4th Div 2/8 Infantry "Mechanized Panthers" in Vietnam Maintenance Schedulers 9th Air Expeditionary Group HQ Naval Air Station: Quonset Point, R.I. Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region NINE, Memphis, TN Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region ONE, Newport, RI Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region SIX, Washington, DC US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1962 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1964 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1966 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1968 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1972 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1974 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1976 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1978 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1980 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1984 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1986 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1988 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1990 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1992 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1995 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1997 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 1999 US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 2002 US Navy Chaplain Corps - (Christian) US Navy Chaplain Corps - (Other Denomination) US Navy JAG Units U.S. Naval Communications Station Sicily Naval Air Station: St. Louis, Mo. Naval Air Station: San Diego, Calif. Naval Air Station: Sanford, Fla. Naval Air Station: Shawnee, Okla. Naval Air Station: Squantum, Mass. Frontier Base/Naval Minecraft Base: Charleston, S.C. Naval Mobile Technical Training Unit: Charleston, S.C. Naval Ordnance Test Station: Chincoteague, Va. Naval Postgraduate School: Monterey, Calif. Naval Regional Dental Center: San Diego, Calif. Naval War College, Newport RI Naval Advance Base: Balikpapan, Dutch Borneo Naval Advance Base: Brunei Bay, British North Borneo Naval Advance Base: Cairns, Australia Naval Air Station: Queenstown, Ireland Naval Air Station: St. Lucia, British West Indies Naval Air Station: Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands Naval Air Station: Wexford, Ireland Naval Base: Algiers, Algeria Naval Base: Bantry Bay, Ireland Naval Base: Bordeaux, France Naval Base: Cam Ranh Bay, Republic of Vietnam Naval Base: Casablanca, French Morocco Naval Base: Constantinople, Turkey Naval Base: Gibraltar Naval Base: Hong Kong, China Naval Activity: Ic Shima, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands Naval Activity: Pusan, Korea Naval Air Transportation Service Base: Tongareva, Northern Cook Islands Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Atsugi, Japan Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Lajes, Azores Islands, Portugal Naval Fleet Activity: Sasebo, Japan Naval Intermediate Support Base: Long Phu, Republic of Vietnam Naval Intermediate Support Base: Thuon An, Republic of Vietnam Naval Operating Facility: Florianopolis, Brazil Naval Communications Facility: Balboa, Panama Canal Zone Naval Riverine Operational Base: Song Ong Doc, Republic of Vietnam Naval Section Base: Exmouth Gulf, Australia Naval Section Base: Safi, French Morocco Naval Security Group: Edzell, Scotland Naval Station: Balboa, Panama Canal Zone Naval Station: Sangley Point, Luzon, Philippine Islands US Army Recruiting Menasha Station USCGC Anacapa (WPB-1335) USCGC Chena (WLR 75409) 2011 Navy USCGC Saginaw (WLIC 803) USCGC Sitkinak (WPB 1329) Marine Corps Det Ft Leonard Wood MO Marines In Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice 9TH ORDNANCE COMPANY 1st Mar Div First Force Service Regiment/Force Logistics Command, (Viet Nam) 1st Reconnaissance Squadron Ogden Air Logistics Center San Antonio Air Logistics Center U. S. Navy Beach Jumpers Beaverton AirSoft Command FIRST MARINE AIRCRAFT WING - VIETNAM SERVICE Harry S Truman Squadron, US Naval Sea Cadets 2nd Finance Company 7th Finance Support Unit Naval Advance Base: Finchhafen, New Guinea Western Air Defense Sector HQ Naval Base: Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Base: Sackett's Harbor, N.Y. . Naval Base: Whitehall, N.Y. Naval Air Station: Alameda, Calif. Naval Air Station: Astoria, Ore. Mexican Expeditionary Air Force 201st Fighter Squadron USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) ordnance death from above I.Y.A.O.Y.A.S. A-1-8 Vietnam Navy Bowhunter Naval Advance Base: Fremantle- Perth, Australia Naval Advance Base: Go Dau Ha, Republic of Vietnam Naval Advance Base: Kiriwina Island, New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Madang-Alexishafen, Dutch New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Milne Bay, Dutch New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Port Moresby, New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Recife, Brazil Naval Advance Base: Saidor, New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Thursday Island, Australia Naval Advance Base: Torokina, Bougainville, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Treasury Islands, Solomon Islands Naval Advance Base: Wakde, Dutch New Guinea Naval Advance Base: Woodlark Island, Papua Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Ben Keo, Republic of Vietnam Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Phu Cuong, Republic of Vietnam Ronald E Vaughn Naval Base: Lorient, France Naval Base: Madisonville, Massachusetts Bay, Marquesas Islands Naval Base: Manila, Philippine Islands Naval Base: Naha, Okinawa Naval Base: Oran, Algeria Naval Base: Pisa, Italy Naval Base: Port Mahon, Minorca, Spain Naval Base: Queenstown, Ireland NAVY Delayed Entry Program Naval Base: Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico Naval Base: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Naval Station: Taboga Island, Panama Canal Zone Naval Station: Tutuila, Samoa River Forces Operating Base: Kien An, Vietnam (US Navy) River Patrol Boat Staging Area : Ha Tien, Vietnam (US Navy) US Navy Tenant Port: Monrovia, Liberia USCGC Escanaba (WMEC 907) PSU Cape Cod Canal (USCG) 9th Reconnaissance Wing HQ 800th Signal Training Regiment Military Fanatics PFC Ignacio P. Rubio Jr el matanas Destroyer Escort, (Originally) mcm rotational crew charlie Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base: Thuyen Nhon, Republic of Vietnam RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES F16 Fighting Falcon Fanatics Naval Air Station: Attu, Alaska Naval Air Station: Barbers Point, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Air Station: Beeville, Tex., Chase Field Naval Air Station: Brunswick, Me. Naval Air Station: Charleston, S.C. Naval Air Station: Corpus Christi, Tex. Naval Air Station: Daytona Beach, Fla. Naval Air Station: Ewa, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Air Station: Ford Island, Oahu, Hawaii Naval Air Station: Glenview, III. Naval Air Station: Houma, La. Naval Air Station: Iberia, La. US Navy Parachute Riggers Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Otter Cliffs, Mount Desert Island, Me. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Port Armstrong, Alaska Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Sand Point, Seattle, Wash. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Charlestown, R.I. Naval Auxiliary Air Station: Franklin, Va. Naval Auxiliary Air Facility: Harvey Point, N.C. Naval Aviation Ordnance Test Station: Chincoteague Island, Va. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Charleston, S.C. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Newport, R.I. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: San Diego, Calif. Naval Mine Warfare And Fleet Training Center: Charleston, S.C. Naval Operating Base: Adak, Alaska Naval Operating Base: San Pedro, Calif. Naval Reserve Air Base: Niagara Falls, N.Y. Naval Air Base: Amapa, Brazil Naval Air Base: Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands Naval Air Base: Jamaica, British West Indies Naval Air Base: Pauillac, France Naval Air Base: Wake Island Naval Air Facility: Barranquilla, Colombia Naval Air Facility: Caravellas, Brazil A Tribute to Vietnam Combat Veterans Naval Air Facility: Essequibo, British Guiana Naval Air Facility: Fortaleza, Brazil Naval Air Facility: Georgetown, British Guiana Naval Air Facility: La Fe, Cuba Naval Base: Spezia, Italy Naval Base: Veracruz, Mexico National High School Drill Team Championships Naval Base: Yokosuka, Japan Naval Combat Base: Chau Doc, Republic of Vietnam Naval Facility: Bluie East 4, Ella Island, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West I, Narssarssuay, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West 3, Simiutak, Island, Greenland Naval Facility: Bluie West 7, Gronnedal, Greenland Naval Facility: Vinh Long, Republic of Vietnam Naval Operating Base: Balboa, Panama Canal Zone Naval Operating Base: Curacao/Aruba, Netherlands West Indies US Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral US Coast Guard AUXOP Station Alpena US Coast Guard CGAD Guantanamo Bay US Coast Guard Station Alexandria Bay USCGC Mackinaw (WAGB 83) ANT Panama City (USCG) International Ice Patrol Groton (USCG) Maintenance & Logistics Command Pacific (USCG) National Maritime Center (USCG) National Strike Force CC (USCG) NRS SAN BERNARDINO Comm Co, Vietnam NAVAIRTERM NORFOLK 207 Naval Air Station: Jacksonville, Fla. Inter-American Air Forces Academy Barberton OH NAVY Recruiting Station 2153rd Finance Detachment Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, The Naval Services in Vietnam U. S. Navy Photographic Squadron 4 DISABLED VIETNAM VET Loran-C Station Adak, Alaska 708th Maintenance Battalion HLM Company Navy Air / Flight Deck 1965 Vietnam on435 endurance USS Coronado LPD-11 Construction mechanic China Beach. Transportation 67/70 FFG 50's Namesake Virginia Army National Guard Naval Hospital Great Lakes Dedication and Service Naval Air Reserves Point Mugu CA 225th Maintenance Company Sp4EdnaJSmith Sultana High School AFJROTC CA-952 426 Signal 724TH MAINTENANCE BATTALION 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Naval Communications Station Kodiak Naval Communications Station, Finegayan, Guam, Marianas Islands 86th Blackhawk Division Association, Inc E Company, 67th Signal Battalion 1st Armored Division Association 1st FSSG, 1st Maintenance Battalion, MTM Company 16th Air Expeditionary Wing HQ Alpha Company 1st Bn. 26th Marines 3rd Marine Division FMFPAC Vietnam 1968-1969 Glenn Charles Ludban (EO3 Navy) F Company, 724th Maintenance Battalion 516th Personnel Svcs Co, DaNang Spt Cmd 25th Infantry in Vietnam 190th Maintenance Company, Fort Hood National Dusters, Quads & Searchligts Association HUTCH'S NAVY PAGE NAVRADTRANSFAC ANNAPOLIS MD 1st Recon & 1st Force in Nam Royal Australian Armoured Corps Association (Vic Branch) USS PASADENA CL-65 navy USS MAHAN ASSOCIATION, INC. Marmion Academy JROTC Battalion Naval Reserve Center Saginaw, Michigan National Guard and NJROTC ECHO COMPANY, 3/7/199th Infantry Brigade. Vietnam 66/67 Annapolis Class of 1946 (USMC Cadets) WELCOME NAVY DEP'ers Virginia Army National Guard Recruiting Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center, Great Lakes 501st Finance Company Annapolis Class of 1954 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1956 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1959 (USMC Cadets) Canadian Forces Sp4EdnaJSmith my13months in Seoul,Korea Signal Battalion Davis-Monthan AFB 355 Medical Group Family Support Group Co C 2-108 IN Army National Guard 489th Maintenance Co (GS/DS) 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan 70th Regional Support Command Marine Barracks, Charleston Naval Base Echo Company 23rd Engineers Hanau germany 80s 456TH QUARTERMASTER SUPPLY CO (DS) FORT BUCHANAN, PUERTO RICO Naval Station Kodiak U.S. NAVY SEARCH AND RESCUE NAVY RECRUITING STATION, BARBERTON OHIO A Btry 2/17 Field Artillary and Viet-Nam USMC Vietnam Tankers Northern Europe Veterinary Detachment my vietnam67-70 22nd Replacement Battalion, Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam 1st Military Intelligence Detachment - Vietnam Western ARNG Avaition Training Site (WAATS) B and D 1st Bn 3rd marines 1965-66 Vietnam 1st of the 5th in Vietnam 517th Maintenance Company 1st FSR/FLC Vietnam NAVCOMMSTA Phillipines Kunsan AB - Wolfpack Vets Annapolis Class of 1961 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1963 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1966 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1974 (USMC Cadets) Navy Recruiting District New York NAS Brunswick, ME Atlantic Fleet Camera Party, U.S. Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay Cuba Men and Women of the Marine Corps 187th. Signal Repair Company HHB 25th Infantry Division Artillery 135th Signal BN Annapolis Class of 1981 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1983 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1986 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1988 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1990 (USMC Cadets) Annapolis Class of 1995 (USMC Cadets) U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Buffalo Naval and Marine Corp Reserve/Readiness Center FARAMA - FLOATING AIRCRAFT REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE ASSOCIATION 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) The 82nd At Nijmegen and After (WW II) 127th MP Company (Vietnam) United Air Force Canadian-Forces Personnel Exchange Program 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 362nd Signal Company Bom Me Thout Detachment Vetnam 1969-71 Camp LeJeune Contaminated Vets 59th Signal Company A Co,121st Signal Company "Wired Up" 307TH SIGNAL BATTALION 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing - Udorn, Thailand Landclearing Engineers - Vietnam 1967-71 Idaho Army National Guard 40th Ordnance Company Ammo DS/GS USS MAUNA LOA MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE 1970 NavComStaItaly 2nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company 1st Signal / STRATCOM YFU56LighterageDivNSADaNangRVN MY Navy Days airterminal LP84 Naval Control of Shipping Organization US Navy spouses, significant others, etc. Navcommsta Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico MWCS-1 - 1st MAW DaNang Ammo troops-Pleiku,Viet Nam Co.C 1/12th Infantry 4th Division Vietnam Nam NAVSEA LEPS HQ Lima 3/3, Nam, 68-69 301st Signal Company Co. A, 102nd Signal Battalion Navy SEAL Snipers NAS KEY WEST, FL. USS GRAND CANYON AR-28 142nd Ordnance Maintenance Battalion 380th Field Maintenance Squadron Plattsburg A.F.B. 82nd Field Maintenance Squadron USAF Officer Training School Class OTS 69-03 (AUG-NOV 68, Medina Base, Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX) 5-52 507th Maintenance Company Ol Nam Trooper NAVY WEATHER The Legionnaires 38th Reconnaissance Squadron 45th Reconnaissance Squadron Welcome to the VFA-87 Golden Warriors page. Home of the past, present and future of Naval Aviation 95th Reconnaissance Squadron 573rd Engineer Co Vietnam PSYOP DISSEMINATION BATTALION Omega Force (Vietnam) Bridge Ramp Da Nang 523 Signal Batt Chu Lai 303rd Signal Operation Battalion 89th Brigade of East-Central Indiana (Last line of Defense) 8th Maintenance Battalion (USMC) Marine Corps Financiers 4402nd Reconnaissance Squadron U.S. Navy "Seabees" Co. A, 102nd Signal Battalion, Army Danang AFB Photos '67 H&HS PMO MCAS(H) Santa Ana navy seal snipers 606th ordnance battalion Navy Scuttlebutt Operation Acid Gambit Rene' D. Schnautz My Dad in Vietnam U. S. Navy Mobile Riverine Force, Vietnam TF-116 Naval and Marine Corp Reserve Center El Paso 25 th divison vietnam 459th Signal Battalion (Combat Area) 52nd Signal Battalion in vietnam 50th SPS - Hahn AB, FRG Humenansky Ammo Company (USMC) CLR-35, 3d MLG, Camp Schwab, Okinawa National Pathfinder Association Submarine School Naval Submarine Base New London CT. HQ III MAF, Okinawa, Japan The Cleveland During Vietnam 77th SIGNAL COMPANY, 77th INFANTRY DIVISION NAVAL AIR STATION KINGSVILLE, TEXAS 318th Maintenance (GS) Company Navy Eagles Navy Rules!!! TO THE ARMY VETS OF VIET NAM. 268th Signal Company Naval Reserve Office of Naval Intelligence Two One Zero Nine" Lighters From Vietnam Mountaineer NAVY MACV Battalion Advisor Association CHARLESTON AIR FORCE BASE NAS/NAF Adak, AK WE ARE PROFESSIONAL !!! 60th Air Mobility in the Berlin Airlift COMBAT TRACKER TEAMS OF THE VIET NAM WAR Military Assistance Command Vietnam J2 IDHS Naval Technical Training Center - Corry Station - Pensacola, Fl FILIPINO U.S. NAVY MY DAD'S CAREER WITH THE U.S.NAVY III RECONNAISSANCE COMMAND, USAAF NavComTraCen Pensacola, FL NavCommSta Naples, Italy NavCommSta, Morocco 369th Signal Battalion UNEF II in SINAI DESERT T-34C NFO/NAVIGATOR TRAINING Navy Rhoades Navy Divers Yana's Homepage anna Russian Air Force (MIG-23) 5th Signal Command (Europe) World's Finest Navy Navy Buddies 4 life Ft. Riley to Bearcat, VietNam HAWAIIAN AIR DEPOT, HICKAM FIELD 9TH ORDINANCE 366 Maintenance Squadron Naval Station New York Osan AB Survivors NAS Whidbey Id. AIMD SeaOpDet Neo Revolutionary Forces zakladna Nasa zakladna Anastasia. North Carolina Army National Guard Field Artillery Russian partizanan My_Natalia Indiana Guard Reserve Ordnance Marines US ARMY AIR FORCE NAVIGATION SCHOOL Finance Center, Philippine Army Detachment 1, 3650th Maintenance Company Montana Army National Guard Naval Radio Transmitting Facility, Capas Tarlac ComNavForJapan CINCSOUTH, Naples, Italy Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 27 Charlie Battery 8/6th in Vietnam 1st Plt, 25th MP Co, Vietnam USN-Canada Personnel Exchange Program vietnam Alienated Military Unit navy all the way indiana guard reserve,SDF Corpsman Bethesda Naval Hospital Naval Station: Pascagoula, MS Naval Air Maintenance Training Detachment 1003 & 1014; NAS Oceana VA. 362nd Signal Company Indian Air Forces 81st SIGNAL COMPANY, 81st INFANTRY DIVISION 85th CAVALRY RECONNAISSANCE TROOP, 85th INFANTRY DIVISION go navy Pararescue / PJ's in Vietnam U.S. NAVAL SEA CADET CORPS ANNAPOLIS DIVISION 052 HHC 249TH SIGNAL BATTALION GRATIS-Pagina Air Force Accounting & Finance Center Atlantic Fleet Camera Party, U. S. Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia Canadian Naval Reservists Glennas World Naval Airship Association 88th Regional Readiness Command DINA_KZ_IREX shawnas place Naval Junior Officers Training Corps 11th Regional Cadet Unit (Australian Army Cadet Corp) Regional Training Site - Maintenance, Salina, Kansas HAWAIIAN AIR FORCE US ARMY STRATEGHIC AIR FORCES IN EUROPE (originally Eight Air Force) Art personal Arizona US Naval Sea Cadet Corps 552nd Signal Battalion Louisiana Army National Guard OCS Class 41 Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center.Portsmouth,Va. US ARMY EIGHTH AIR FORCE (originally VIII Bomber Command) Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 202 (CBMU-202) Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 202 , CBMU-202 SeaBee's CBU 406, NAS Lemoore, Ca 995th Maintenance Company 579th Eng, Co. E, Napa, Ca. JOTC - Ft. Sherman: Panama Canal Zone Detachment 1 170th Maintenance Company Naval Brig Seattle Mercenaries 264th Service Company Col. & Clas. Salinas, P.R. Navy Birthday Celebration U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, Blue Angels NAVCAMS MED MUNSON ARMY HOSPITAL MUNSON ARMY HOSPITAL Nagoya Operation Sea Signal Naval Station, Norfolk Jason in the Navy 11th ARMORED DIVISION ARTILLERY USS MARATHON - APA 200 U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Keflavik Iceland Wolverine Signals NAVAIRTERM NORFOLK 107 Naval Air Reserve-Pt Mugu VP65 NAVY SEALS 720th MP Battalion Alumni U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Ingraham Division !!!!Anti Darren Association!!!! 63rd ordnance company Navy Master at Arms Training Detachment LAFB TX 472nd Signal Company 94th Ordnance Detachment (EOD) NAS North Island, California 154th Maintenance Mgt. Det. Fort Hood, TX Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center, Orlando Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 3rd Surgical Hospital -- Vietnam ANCHORS AWAY for CORONADO Rachael's Navy Page Northeast USA Vietnam Vets Campout / Reunion 2002 2951st-652d Combat Logistics Support Squadron Alumni Moroccan Reunion Association USS CIMMARON AO-22 99th Reconnaissance Sqadron Navy Doc's Sickbay 51st Transportation Detachment Quihnon , VietNam 92nd Avaition Company of Quihnon , VietNam B CO 638th DIVISION AVIATION SUPPORT BATTALION 17th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Naval Facility Antigua British West Indies Navy Recruiting District Dallas, Texas Aircraft Maintenance Officers Course Link To American Chris' International Friendship Page U. S. NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, SECURITY DETACHMENT GUAM Port of Houston Authority Canadian Forces Cooks Vetnam Dog Handlers NAVACTS, London, England Naval Medical Information Management Center, Bethesda, MD NavRadRecFac Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 151st ARMORED SIGNAL COMPANY 7th FIELD SIGNAL BATTALION THE NAVY NAS Jacksonville, Florida Naval Hospital: New Orleans, LA 480 TFS "The Great Warhawk Nation" US Naval Disciplinary Command; Portsmouth, NH Probna stranica Irinasam Lithuanian NAVY Paris National Guard C46th Co. NatBat page USA MEDDAC - Martin Army Community Hospital proud child of the nation 209th Signal Company 21/2SP/VNNavy Officers' Association CAPITAL AVIATION BATTALION (VIETNAM) COBRA GUNSHIP PILOTS (VIETNAM WAR) 184th Ordnance Battalion 1969 1st romanian ak-47 1st romanian ak-74 Hamilton AF Base Yatsina homepage 30th TROOP COMMAND TNARNG US Army General Ordnance Depot, Nancy, France NAWS just an army NASK ENRIQUE SALINAS New York National Guard Corps of Cadets 981st MP Co. Nato 35 DELTA COMMAND AVIATION COMPANY (VIETNAM) 447 Signal Bn MILITARY ASSISTANCE COMMAND VIETNAM (FLIGHT DETACHMENT) UNITED STATES ARMY VIETNAM FLIGHT DETACHMENT NAF Kadena, Okinawa Clark AB, PI, Vietnam Years Naval Air Special Weapons Facility, Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM Redstone Arsenal Alabama "AIT" All about the Navy NAVAL RESERVE Funeral Honors Duty Hanay's website Naval Gunfire Vietnam vetran "The Destroyers" Chapter of the Second Marine Division Association 55th Medical Company, Indianapolis, Ind USS Coronado LCS 4 63rd Finance Section 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment USS Monadnock (1863) Navy Branch Hospital, Adak 15th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery 115th Signal Bn A CO Nas Argentia New Foundland 5th Finance Unit Mannheim Gy 30TH ORDNANCE COMPANY GM(GS) Navy SEAL's Pleven AirForce Anand Bosnia and Herzegovina phillip e. knauss 2361st Signal Center Detachment Akron, OH Bravo 159th Aviation ASHB SOCEUR Signal Detatchment JOHNATHAN ALFONZO METCALFE Life in the Navy Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center 353 Maintenance Squadron "We Do It In the Dark!! Signal Support Company 28th Indiana Infantry (Colored)/28th Regiment United States Colored Troops Naval Communication Station Puget Sound, Silverdale Washington Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 93rd Signal Brigade NAVCHAPGRU Texas Army National Guard 449th Chemical Co. NAS OCEANA AIMD Westpac 84 Album USS MAUNA KEA AE 22 Mabuhay ang Pilipinas my_navy_page 534th SIGNAL COMPANY SIDEWINDERS! 31st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 144th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Those who died in Afghan Russian Air Forses : Not a menace but afriend. Navy Chief of Information TO THOSE IN VIETNAM Green Berets : The Unconventional Warfare tools of the United States Army. Navy seals Stealth Assasins The Tenth Field Signal Battalion inWorld War I Navy Seals Tribute USCG MLC Naval Engineering CPO Natural Work Group 146th Alumni Association, Van Nuys Air National Guard Base, California Defense Information School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana Navy vs. Notre Dame NavyMoms 3664th Maintenance Company (NDDS) Point Pleasant, West Virginia 43d MECHANIZED CAVALRTY RECONNAISSANCE TROOP 1969-1970 QuangTri Vietnam World War II U.S. Navy Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry TributeName Fun With Web-Site Building The Navy Way AFJROTC CA-781 Pasadena, CA. Panna's Place Virtual representative of the Federal Analitical Agency. (FAA) 824th Security Police Bandits, Kadena AFB, Okinawa U. S. Naval Cargo Handling Battalion One 58th Signal Company 3rd Finance Detachment Canadian Veterans of US military. Financial Planning for Military Personnel Donald Johnson Army National Guard 103rd Field Artillary pagina lui cosmin 188th Ordnance Company UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS FALLEN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN AGENTS Richard Norman Anderson "Andy" Navy WAVES at Barber's Pt. HI 141st Signal Battalion Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center - Grand Rapids, MI Welcome all Navy members Go Navy http:/ 423rd Signal Battalion J. L. Parker Navy Days 513 Maintenance Squadron Naval Station Annapolis, Maryland 440th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron A Co 577th Eng Viet Nam Sepulveda Air National Guard Station LA-96L VIETNAM WAR VETERANS Lab Manager - Target signatures Tan My, Vietnam Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 25 Naghshe Jahan Naval Reserve Center, Fall River, MA navy friends forever friends of navy 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion Canadian Army Trophy ( CAT ) OKINAWA CLUB 118/129 1237 (North Hykeham) Squdron Air Training Corps Navy Air Traffic Controllers Reserva N aval,Uruguay US ARMY FIELD STATION OKINAWA TORII STATION dream navy 235th Signal Company 708th Maintenance Battalion C Company The Military in Okinawa Torrejon AB, Spain NARS-B1 Squadron 459th Maintenance Squadron Special Agent Enrique S. Camarena From Proud Navy Brat army national guard A personal thank you to my husband Prayer, the mighty Weapon and Armor 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing TAC SIMA Charleston, South Carolina Naval Hospital Newport RI 656th Signal Company Canada USS Arizona PRT Kunar 416th field maintenance squadron My Tribute to Graig Sultana Nato-ADA anarki junaid_candy Naval Medical Logistics Command Combat Camera (US Navy) B Co., 17th ignal Bn. 4th RECONNAISSANCE GROUP 101 airborne 82 nd signal battation uss nimitz WWII, Korea & Vietnam Vets US Navy Pharmacist 1911-41 7th Maintenance Battalion, CEGE -Vietnam Veteran Page60th Ordnance Company (WOLF PACK) In the navy... A co 1st bn 7cav vietnam Sathya Narayana B N Anand Here.... ARMY-NAVY 183rd Maintenance Company 'THE OLD NAVY' 324th Signal Company Nathan B. Bruckenthal VR53 Ombudsman and FRG Support Page 3/5 airborne inf, motengators, fort kobbe panama 32nd Indiana Infantry Regiment // 1st German Regiment 62nd Maintenance Battalion Vietnam First Lieutenant Cory Field, Fl. ; A & C - CTR School Navy/Marines Elianna's Page Naval Air Reserve North Island US Army Southeast Regional Dental Command, Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5660 MWSS 374 Motor Transport Maintenance 95th Maintenance Company (TMDE) reyna's site USS Savannah AOR-4 SONAM THENDUP WRITES Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Hohenfels, Germany Naval Security Group Support Detachment Winter Harbor, Maine Irina AFROTC Det. 157 ERAU Daytona Virginia Army National Guard - Co B 1-116th INF 29 ID (L) SRILANKAN AIRLINES IN the Navy indiana guard reserve Military Police ,Support command Cadre to 38INF-76(SIB) US Navy SEAL Team TWO DMBV USA/CA Washington D.C. & HQ AAFCE Security Police, Ramstein Airbase VFW POST 2366 HUNTINGBURG, INDIANA Syzran and Michigan Divison setted cyberSOLDIER In Action NATO AGGRESSION ON YUGOSLAVIA Navy Friends and Family NAS Corpus Christi, TX - Air Operations John Andrew McConnell United States Navy SEALs Tim Kicklers Journal " Life in the Army " Naval Station Annapolis U.S.S. TARAWA AND U.S. NAVY C 2-159th AVN ATK 17th Louisiana Infantry Regiment (CSA) 26th Chemical Reconnaisance Detachment (CRD) 553 Reconnaissance Wing 147th Maintenance Company Vietnam Veterans In Recovery navneeth'shomepage FORT BRAGG Fayetteville, North Carolina Det1 152d Maintenance Company (GS) USS MERCER APB39 - THE GREEN SHIP - VIETNAM 1968 & 1969 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade 518th Signal HonTre Island Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada Unit #12 28th Munitions Maintenance Squadron Naval Ammunition Facility Viequez Island U.S. Navy Recruiting District San Diego 6135th ABS Naha Okinawa Japan Kaunas Airborne Division (former USSR) 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command brina Company L, Marine Support Battalion (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) A Co, 32d Signal Battalion Homepage Naval War College Reserve Naval Construction Battalion - 26 NAVY 2000 THE MEN AND WOMEN Data Analysts Unite! 208 Signal Company 91st ARMORED CAVALRY RECONNAISSANCE BATTALION NESEP: Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program Members & Friends of 107th Air National Guard USAG, NA, Pirmasens, Germany 1-138th ADA (Indiana National Guard) Marine Corps and Navy U.S.S. LUZON ARG-2 Naval Training Systems Center 3rd Regional Personal Center US NAVY Navy Unit Chanute AFB B-1B Maintenance Minas, Armadilhas, Truques e al??es spandhna kumar go navy Finance & Accounting Office,US Army Okinawa A Co., 5th Signal Battalion My Personal Tribute tinas 141 Signal Bn. Home Page all are Welcome. Allah Ghayatuna - Muhammad Qudwatuna - Al Quran Dusturuna - Jihad Sabiluna - Syahid Asma'amanina American Legion Auxiliary Unit 290 King, NC US NAVY INDONESIAN AIRFORCE BASE Anand's visualisation for the entry support for batallions 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 1st Armd Division Artillery Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility TASK FORCE ARIZONA, USV 1st Medical Battlion, 1st Marine Division, Vietnam NAS Saufley Diana's Page 147th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight nachtschade United States Military Electronic Communication and Cryptographers EIELSON AFB ALASKA 5010 Combat Support Group Nazaroff homepage 520th Engineers (Field Maintenance) The Navy - career and home CNRSW Criminal Investigation Division (CNRSW CID) Fort Huachuca, Arizona INSHORE UNDERSEA WARFARE GROUP ONE UNITS 1-5 Vietnam NAVYSEALSNET 524th Maintenance Company (TMDE) 2nd Maintenance Company (TMDE) Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center El Paso, Texas 126th Mainenance Company The Australian and British SAS international wars Navy Forever Camp Foster, MCB S.D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan Optiknerve's Military Wannabes navy beats army Marine Barracks, Naples, Italy Srinath's Home Page Navy Pharmacy Page Lorsta Sitkinak Island, AK Big Navy Dream Mehul Nandani Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps-MIT PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN SOLDIER 1st CAVALRY DIVISION AIR SECTION Knapp 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Hurlburt Field and Eglin AFB wives Vietnamese P.O.W. Navy Expeditionary Guard Battalion, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Vietnam Vets Here Comes 'Canada" 804th Signal Company (Command Operations) USS NASSAU CRASH & SALVAGE RESCUE TEAM The Ordinary Seaman Page Nagykanizsai Vadorzok GOOD MORNING VIETNAM 127th Maintenance Squadron AOCS - NAVAVSCOLSCOM the best times on a great carrier/ for corpsman and supply depts. kompana Lisa's Personal Page MP Plt, HHC,1st Bde, 5th ID(Mech) Vietnam James Connally AF Base The Colours Association and Armed Forces Federation 55th Ordnance Company (EOD) Naval School of Health Sciences, Portsmouth, VA Mar Bar NAS Alameda nathan's page natasha To All The Men And Women Of The Militarys Past USS Nassau Web Page Washington National Guard Marksmanship Team Viet Nam 65-68 With 1st Bde. 101st Abn. Div. Hello! You are in Audra's Page! Matthew's RAGING CANADIAN GEESE army-paintball page 86th SPS Ramstein Air Base, Germany ++Navy++ Dedication is The Name of the Game O ELLHNARAS Eldin Aim High Camp Pendleton Correctional Facility Okinawa Joint Forces Correctional Facility US Navy Steel Band The Nautilus and her Crew NATO STRIKES ON YUGOSLAVIA NAVSTA Subic Bay, Philippines NATTC Millington TN 130th AVIATION BATTALION (Tennessee National Guard) dragonabbate 21st Reconnaissance Airplane Company 18th Avionics Maintenance Sq. F Battery, 2/11, 1st Mar. Div., Vietnam TET 1968 NAVSHIPREPFAC Subic Bay, RP COMNAVBASE San Francisco Navy Information Operations Command - Suitland Uzbekman Navy US Navy 78-83 Naval Intelligence Professionals Great Lakes Chapter Navy Recruting Station Puerto Rico 5 th Force Reconnaissance Co. Screaming Egles Vietnam Vets Williams AFB, Arizona 437th Maintenace Squadron USS MAUNA KEA AE-22 Bundeswehr - German Army 951st Maintenance Company RECON ATTACK SQUADRON NINE (RVAH-9) Personel who served at NAS Agana Guam from July 1980 through July 1981.. Navy League of Canada NAVCAMS WESTPAC, GUAM, M.I. Canadian Army, yes it exists! United Nations Command Security Battalion - Joint Security Area Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14 183rd Maintenance Company 2nd Reconnaissance Company, 2nd ID 74th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment 30th Louisiana Infantry (CSA) Military Police of the Vietnam War Redeye - Stinger Platoon, 193rd INF BDE, Panama buddies-navy Naval Reserve Center Albany, NY 45th Signal Platoon, 700th Support Battalion, 45th Infantry Brigade, OKARNG anarchy77th 8th TFS, Holloman AFB, NM 8th Division Airborne School "C" Detachment, 27th Maintenance Battalion, 1st Calvary Division USS Arizona Memorial Tour Boats- Water Transportation Div- Pearl Harbor, HI Portsmouth Naval Hospital 601 395th Ordnance Company nashville sea cadets/williamdriverdvs 375 SECURITY POLICE SQUADRON AND HQ MAC ELITE GUARD 560th Signal Bn Company A 725th Ordnance Company (EOD) Chapter 37 Vietnam Veterans of America 82ND ABN A CO 3/325 INF 89th Maintenance Squadron Hasan Asyari Online Nationale Reserve USCG Base Terminal Island THE NAPBD Navy Journalists 94th Regional Readiness Command tornadoe MEN AND WOMEN OF WAR TORN MILITERY UNITS Commo Dawgs (278th Signal Company) COMUSNAVPHIL, Subic Bay, Philippines Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Pentagon 1-94 AR BN, Minnesota Army National Guard 3rd Force Service Support Group Information Systems Management Officer (3rd FSSG ISMO) Navy OCS, Honor Class 26-00 9th Signal Bn MN R & R Hall of Fame - SGM Tony Nathe (U.S.A. - Retired) In appreciation for all your capable efforts: H&MS-20 ORDANACE 09/72-11/72 STATION WEAPONS BEAUFORT, S.CAROLINA 11/72-11/73 Air Operations/ATC - NAS Rota, Spain GEMD - NAS Cecil Field, FL AVIATION ORDNANCE 9th Infantry Division Artillery u. s. naval hospital, guantanamo bay, cuba NAVY OCCUPATIONAL TASK ANALYSIS PROGRAM (NOTAP) US Naval Regional Medical Center Naples, Italy 735th tank bn association Harbor Patrol Boats of Vietnam IUWG-1 SUBIC BAY NAVAL BASE PHILIPPINES (GALLEY) The Fallen Angles NAVAL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER PHILADELPHIA 1983-1984 Maintenance Platoon 5TH SIGNAL CORPS/FT.GORDON GEORGIA NavCamsMed CONFEDERATE STATES LOUISIANA 8th ARMY Naval Reserve SEAL Teams 1/3/5 Cannon Air Force Base Naval Air Facility, Cam Ranh Bay, RVN North Carolina National Guard Aviation Naval Reserve Air Systems Program Naval Security Group Activity : Misawa, Japan NAS Sigonella Public Works Department-(1972-1974) Military Working Dog (MWD) Kona B090 US National Movement Team 456th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Future BUD/s Candidate for Navy SEALs Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Twenty-Two. AIMD, Miramar NAS nam68blackhorse,co,c,44th,sigbnand Xuan Loc B co. 1/325 A.I.R. 3rd plt. "NASTY BOYZ" (Gulf War Era) 3rd MP Bn Danang RVN VIETNAMS STAFF SGT AGENT ORANGE STUDY Servron 5 - The Salvage Navy Serving the Pacific Oklahoma Army National Guard 16th Armored Reconnaissance Company, 1st Cavalry Division Cu Chi Sauna Bath Pakitan Navy 334th Ordnance Company 1199th. Signal Battalion Dana's weird page For All Who Served in Vietnam Naval Hospital Bremerton Mi Papa... SGT Ivan Maldonado 1st BN (ABN) 12th Cav, lst Cav Div (Viet Nam) 1175th MILITARY POLICE CO REUNION ASSOCIATION Navy Food Management Team - Pearl Harbor, HI me&namgyal namgyal's dummy page 9th PROVISIONAL ANTITANK BATTALION (9th Infantry Division) NAVFAC Brawdy NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads Harbor Security 1ST MARINE AIR WING VIETNAM SPEARHEAD RPC GISSEN ARMY DEPOT GTMO/Guantanamo Bay, Cuba/Leeward/ Navy 5th Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment (Light) Panama Andersen AFB AMMO Country!! Naval Air Station, Meridian, MS ORANGE COUNTY, Navy League of the United States 525th Ordnance Company NATO Role 3 Multi-National Medical Unit Task Force Medical South Welcome to Invest in America's Veterans Foundation 252nd Signal Company Canadian Airborne Regiment 738th SIGNAL AIR WARNING COMPANY 563d SIGNAL AIR WARNING COMPANY 563d SIGNAL AIR WARNING BATTALION 555th SIGNAL AIR WARNING BATTALION Anaesthesiology 52-3 Civil Air Patrol Marion INDIANA Cadet Squdron Naval Hospital, Millington, Tenn. Naval Hospital Camp Lejune The 54th Signal Battalion (Corps) Navy Recruiting Area Four, Columbus, Oh Naval Support Unit, State Department Russian SpezNaz I Love The Navy 525th Qm co. (petrol) Da Nang 7th Signal Command, Fort Richie MD 5072nd Air Base Group Galena, Alaska Canadian Forces Dimkina Stranitsa 547th Engineer Battalion Association US NAVAL SEA CADET CORPS - F.D. Roosevelt Squadron Kungliga Karlskrona Kustartilleri Regemente Regimental Materiel Management Center International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, Kabul. 1979 CULINARY ARTS TEAM American Legion Arkansas Foundation mike dinardo COMNAVFORKOREA (Det. Pohang) or (SEOUL) Donald Irvin Warner USS MAUNA LOA AE8 1970 MED CRUISE 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat)(Vietnam) The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada stephen arpins page 669th Maintenance Company C 228th Aviation Battalion ASHB Naval Security Group Command 27th Ordnance Company 99th Regional Support Command Naval Medical Research Unit #3 The Christian Air Force Retirees 5th Transportation Battalion (Aircraft Maintenance) Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 Concordia Kansas National Guard 8 TFS, Holloman AFB, NM CASU54/NAAS FALLON 8th TFS, Holloman AFB, NM RVAH-12 NAVAL AIR SQUADRON NavCommStaWashD.C. 22nd Maintenance Company Origional Class of 13M Crewmembers Once upon a Navy Wife Lt. Leonard Sweet U.S. Army VETCOM, Operational Ration Division Bonnabel LA-81st AFJROTC Viet Nam Vets USMC Navy Stories Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Twenty-Four Cadet Hoffman -- Army ROTC Naval Communication Center Vietnam NAVCOMSTA Summit, Panama Canal Zone NAVFAC Nantucket Marine Corps Security Force NAS Alameda 12th Ordnance Bn (Sp Wpns Depot) 7261 MUNSS - 605 MUNSS Memmingen AB Germany Navy Special Service US Navy Land Survival School Instructors 580th SIGNAL AIRCRAFT WARNING BATTALION 581st SIGNAL AIRCRAFT WARNING BATTALION 481st ORDNANCE COMPANY (AVIATION) 482d ORDNANCE COMPANY (AVIATION) 65th Ordnance Company, 83rd Ordnance Battalion Viet Nam Fighter Pilots Tribute 1st Provisional Demilitarized Zone Police Company, Korea 1953 Marine Tactical Reconnaisance Squadrons: VMCJ & VMFP V-2 DIVISION AIR DEPARTMENT 1118th USA Signal Battalion Fort Carson Army Hospital In Memory Ronald Hofelich Fallen Comrades in Arms Vazdusne Snage NAS Valkenburg, The Netherlands whisenant Connection 413th Signal Company, Special Troop Command, 2d Army, Ft George G. Meade, Maryland 534th Signal Company 134th Signal Battalion U.S. Naval Academy Band 59th Ordinance Bde, 5th USAAG, C-Team, 51st USAAD, Edewecht - Westerscheps FRG USAF Veterinary Services Navigational Aids Support Unit 330th RRC Vietnam 1967-1969 4th Ordnance Company, Miesau, Germany MACV Tm. 111 DaNang 62nd Engineering Battalion Construction America's Hero's HenryHSCheng's Personal Page Grunts/2/327th. Vietnam 1971-72 861st Radar Squadron Aiken AFS SC FLORIDA NATIONAL GUARD Navy Trick Coast Guard Air Station Savannah U.S. Army Signal Corps OCS-Class 0967 My last Unit 124th Signal BN 146th Ordnance Detachment (EOD) Vietnam Service 71-72 9th INFANTRY DIVISION ARTILLERY AVIATION SECTION SERE NAS North Island/Warner Springs NavFac Adak 252nd Combined Arms Battalion, Fayetteville, North Carolina 544th Engineer Co - Vietnam (Banana Farm) 388th munitions maintenance squadron 380th Field Maintenance Squadron Naval Nuclear Power School 13th SIGNAL "Arc "LIGHT" Strikes To THE MEXICAN SURFER(RUDY ACUNA) Naval Intelligence Command USS NAVY naiper B Company, 25th Signal Battalion (Const) 3rd Ordnance Battalion (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) 45th transportion avim 546th Maintenance Company vietnam cruise Construction mechanic China Beach. Transportation 67/70 Manpower Management 238th REGIMENT, Kentucky Army National Guard Naval Facility, Keflavik, Iceland 7th comm battallion/okinawa 127th signal Kansas National Guard Advisor Group 229th Ordnance Base Depot my personal information Maintenance Battalion, 1st Force Service Regiment VMCJ-1, MAG-11, 1st MAW ,DaNang, VN USS Indianapolis (SSN 697) - final crew NAS CUBI POINT, PHILIPPINES Benavidez-Patterson Chapter 82nd ABN Assn.ElPaso,Texas Friends of the 16th Signal 1970-71 CLINTON-SHERMAN AFB 272nd MP Co. Viet Nam 65-72 35TH GP 20TH ENGR BDE VIETNAM naval costal system center panama city/naval surface warfare center NAVAL CONSOLIDATED BRIG MIRAMAR CA First Marine combat unit in Vietnam 1965 US Army Vietnam - Dusters, Quads, Searchlights, Vulcans, HAWKs NAVSCOLEOD Indian Head MD SSgt Glenn A. Cazenave Welcome to Service Craft, NavSta San Diego South Camp Fugi to Okinawa. USCGC YACONA Naval Air Traffic Controlers 11th Dental Company Vietnam THE CHILDREN OF THE VIETNAM VET'S national guard and reserve tankers MCAS FUTENMA OKINAWA,CRASH CREW U.S. Navy Seabees To the Men and Woman who served in the United States Armed Forces Naval Medical Clinic, Port Hueneme, CA NAS MIRAMAR AIMD AVIONICS (90-92) 258th Personal Services Company - Okinawa Naval Security Station, Washington, DC 182nd Communication Electronics Maintenance Squadron 82nd ABN Division Artillery, HHB , FIST ( DIVARTY ) NAS Medical Dispensary Basic Training Co. A-1-3, Ft. Leonard Wood MO Motor Transport Op AIT, Ft. Leonard Wood MO 63rd Ordnance Co, Ft. Lewis WA (1975-90) Naval Hospital Orlando FL (HQ Co, A Co,B Co, C Co, D Co) 40th Signal Bn, 11th Sinal Bde MIA...Missing In America Com7thFlt Monkey Mountain, Vietnam USCG Radio Station Adak, AK 240th SIGNAL Bn. 299th INFANTRY REGIMENT (Hawaiian Army National Guard) SOMS - MCAS YUMA - Station Operations and Maintenance Squadron v561navy 298 Signal Company Damai National Cadet Corps(Land) 71st Signal Service Btn. 193rd Support Bn. Ft. Clayton, Republic of Panama U.S.Navy Sea Cadets Corps Puerto Rico 317th Maintenance Company suliman al ghorayedh Delta Raiders of Vietnam 176th SIGNAL REPAIR COMPANY 144th Ordnance Company NSA Station Hospital, DaNang, Vietnam navy seals Welcome to Guangzhou, China! 74th Medical Group(Provisional) 2011 MPRF Centennial of Naval Aviation 50th ENGINEER REGIMENT (Redesignated: 50fth Engineer Battalion) USA MEDDAC, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 410th Munitions Maintenance Squadron 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company U.S. Naval Sea Cadets at Moffett Field international competition in arms. Puuloa Range, Hi. NCAPS Det A NAVCENT 552nd Component Maintenance Squadron USS Chosin Signalman 164th M.P. Co, 72nd Ordinance Bn, 59th Ordinance Group Navy Recruiting District New England Ops Co, USACC-J (Okinawa) 917th AC&W Squadron PineTreeLine BC Canada 3650th USAF Hospital, Sampson AFB, New York National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland USS SHENADOAH AD-43 Arizona Army Security Agency Association Shaw AFB Hopsital Squadron - Vietnam Era 142nd Signal Battalion 2AD 271st Aviation ASHC 425th PSC Reunion Group Indianapolis, Indiana Naval Brig Great Lakes Ronald T. Lechowicz 92nd Finance 322nd Maintenance Company 78th Air Police Sqdn., Hamilton AFB, CA D Company, 82nd Signal Bn navy_sweethearts Home Page Naval Air Rework Facility, Cherry Point, N.C. UNITED STATES NAVAL SEA CADET CORPS 19th Aviation Assault Support Group 648th Radar Squadron, Benton AFS, Benton, PA Kristian Naugle at a glance Naval Hospital Beaufort,SC. ABDUL RAZZAQ (US Frogman) Ex-Pak Navy USS Natrona APA #214 Photographer's Mate A School, NATTU, Pensacola, FL - Class 509 Naval Station Sangley Point, RP Detachment 3 Ahlhorn AB Germany 21 FLT NSWSQN AIRTC 51st SPS, Osan AB To Becoming An Army Of One Co B 448th En Bn, Fort Buchanan, PR 6th Marine Amphibious/Expeditionary Brigade Gen. Karen Lynn Hall UN Army War College 1982 56th CES Nakhon Phanom, Thailand 999th Signal Company (Spt) naval support actiity siagon 57th Ordinance Brigade US Army "Criminal Investigation Division Agents Association, Inc." 32nd Signal Battalion (Old School) VIET-NAM TOUR OF DUTY 1st Force Reconnaissance - USMC Panama MP Co Co C 67th Signal Battalion 362 Maintenance (MX) Squadron 178th Maintenance Company, DMZ 27th Ordnance Company, 570th USAAG, 59th Ordnance Brigade 133rd Ordnance Company, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. 39th Ordnance Company (Airborne) 503rd Maintenance Company (Airborne) Search 557th Light Maintance Co. Cam Rahn Bay,Vietnam Oct.67-Oct.68 SIMA Guantanamo Bay Naval Aviation Cadet Class 32-59/36-59 U.S. NAVY IN WW II 1874th ENGINEER AVIATION BATTALION (Redesignated 68th ENGINEER AVIATION BATTALION) 516th M.P. Company Savanna IL Regional Signal Group SHAPE Mildenhall Passenger Terminal 1st. M.P, 1st. M.P. Battilion, 1st. F.L.C. Danang, Vietnam Alpha company, 1st. M.P., 1st. M.P. Bn., 1st. F.L.C., Danang, Vietnam Bravo company, 1st. M.P. 1st. M.P. 1st. F.L.C., Danang. Vietnam., Air Force Finance Home page of Charlie Company, 1st. M.P.,1st. M.P. Bn., ,1st. F.L.C. .Danang, Vietnam 52nd Avionics Maintenance Squadron H &S company, 1st. M.P. 1st. M.P. Bn., 1st. F.L.C., Danang, VietnamBn. COMNAVSURFLANT NR NORFOLK Navy Recruiting Station, Bellingham, WA HOMEPAGE FOR YN1 MCDONALD Delta Company, 1st. M.P., 1st. M.P. Bn., 1st. F.L.C., Da Nang, VIETNAM Naval Station Kodiak, Alaska 1072 nd Maintenance Company Direct Support Unit, Sturgis, Michigan US NAVY CONSTRUCTION BATTALION 40 SEABEES 543 Heavy Equipment Maintenance Hanou Germany USS MAUNA KEA Artilery Pertahanan Udara Sedang HHC 101st Aviation Assault Group United States Army Security Agency Field Station San Antonio Marine Barracks Bouknadel, Morocco 112th Signal Battalion, Ft Bragg NC Louisiana Veterans: Bunkie, Avoyelles, Louisiana 400Th MMS Kadena AFB Okinawa Japan. United States Naval Air Station Kenitra, Morocco / N.A.S. Morocco 50th signal c company Janani Janma Bhumishcha Sworgadapi Gari Yesi FOURTH MARINE DIVISION ASSOCIATION New Hampshire Chapter #38 (Lt. Ben Toland) Canadian Intelligence Regiment TERMINAL NAVY POST OFFICE YOKOHAMA JAPAN Explosive Ordnance Disposal 166 Ordinance Co. GMDS Naval Reserve Center, Cape Girardeau, MO NAF Naples, Italy Headquarters, Multi-National Forces Iraq. Citizen Army Traning "SPIS" On-Site Inspection Agency - Field Office Europe L/Cpl. Thomas P. Noonan, USMC HHD - 41st Signal Battalion Maryland National Guard 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group Ronald Reagan Division USNSCC NAVCOMTELSTRATCOMMU Det Fairfield, CA NJROTC Ebbert Educational Center's Unit Website. Naval Support Activity La Maddalena, La Maddalena, Italy Automatic Battalion in Action Orlando Naval Hospital U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division (USACIDC) Coast Guard Omega Navigation Station Hawaii 535th Ordnance Company NTCC AGNANO ITALY First Coastal Zone Viet Nam Junk Force Advisors 8th Maintenance Group 72nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion MALS-13 Ordnance Gurkhas Mercenary Units sahena Navy Musicians Sound Off 2d FSSG, 2d Maintenance Battallion, MTM Company NAS Ellyson Field Batty B 2dBn 56th ADA - 1957 to 1983 - Camp Thomas Nast Navy Nuclear Weapons Association IN HONOR OF YOUNGEST AMERICAN KILLED IN VIETNAM 480 TFS Danang VietNam USS AMPHION AR-13 322nd Maintenance Co 1/1 SFG(A) "First in Asia" Stf. Sgt. John Nappi Sr. - Our HERO MALS-31 Ordnance- 21's, 31's, 41's............... Letterman Army Medical Center 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) NavSecGruAct Key West 6th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 111th Reconnaissance Battalion 109th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) 118th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) Howard AB, Panama Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe 2d ORDNANCE SERVICE COMPANY 22nd USAFAD,570th USAAG59th Ordnance Bde.Sennelager,Germany Indiana Guard Reserves 210 th Eng Det New Hampshire National Guard 302 Navy Det 57th Equipment Maintenance Squadron 242nd Aviation ASHC 833d Ordnance Company US Naval Element SHAPE Mons 696 Ordnance Company Uijombu, Korea American Legion China Post 1 - Soldiers of Fortune Worldwide 7th finance Disbursing Section PANAMA RATS RVN ABN BDE/DIV ADV DET TM 162 NaTriX 82nd Airborne Division Association Fort Kobbe Chapter Louisiana [and] Mississippi A co 642 ASB (Olean and Dunkirk) Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 23 759th MILITARY POLICE Bn ASSOCIATION 366th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, Mountain Home AFB 96th ORDNANCE COMPANY (Main-Railway Artillery) Kevin andFrank's Surplus Post Navy Nurse Corps 128th Signal Company, SHAPE '89-'93 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION ARTILLERY, HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS BATTERY A Vietnam Veteran Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit Twelve 181st Signal Co/ 302nd Signal Battalion, Heidelberg Germany - 1991 - 1992 101st AIRBORNE SIGNAL COMPANY, 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION 49th Avionics Maintenance Squadron 18th Avionics Maintenance Squadron 38th Signal Battalion Regional Special Forces Brigade Naval School of Health Sciences - SanDiego CA (NSHS) USAG , Panama AIT Ft Ben Harrison, Indiana ::: US Navy Sea Cadets Corps ::: 323rd Maintenance Company Division Artillery (DIVARTY), 1st Armored Division Naval Security Group 352nd Maintenance BN. navy corpmen 305th Signal Company Navy SEALs Marine Barracks, Annapolis Md jimmy6mcclure usnavy retired Bullock, Dan - A true Marine and American Hero!!! NAS Sigonella Weapons Department NAVAL MAGAZINE GUAM MI Fleet Sonar School, Key West 28th Operational Weather Squadron 609th Ordnance Company Eglin AFB 1966-1970 Aerospace Ground Equipment (Field #3 and Holley Field) 435th OMS Enroute Maintenance Section Petty Officer Ronald L. Bond, RANR AMERICAN AND DUTCH AIRBORNE RESEARCH GROUP 34th Infantry Division Artillery (DIVARTY) 35th Regiment Indiana Infantry // First Irish USS Shenandoah (AD-26) Special Reaction Team (Okinawa) Naval Air Special Weapons Facility- Albuquerque, NM Navy Recruiting District Portland OR 663rd Ordnance Company 5th Reconnaissance Sqaudron NAVMARCORESCEN, Milwaukee PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN Operation America General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH) 120th engineer henryetta, OK natl. guard DELTA DEVILS - McNAIR KASERNE Navairesaswtracen 4925th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Nurenberg Equipment Maintenance Center 49th Maintenance Squadron 40th Signal Battalion, 2nd Signal Group 36th Signal Battalion, HHC and HQS. RVN 60th Ordnance Company Torrejon AFB - Zaragoza-AFB National Guard Armor Oregon Army National Guard 1174th Transportation Terminal Battalion MCAS Mirarmar Finance 96-00 USACC FIELD STATION AUGSBURG Gatornavy Naval Ordnance Test Unit Packard's Navy: A Family Tradition Navy SeaHawk nas beq Bryan Adams JROTC 9th Finance Bn. My Navy Page 143rd Signal Battalion, 3AD Nomad Troop 4th Squadron 278th ACR TNARNG 4th. Inf. Div. Pleiku,Vietnam 1966 & 67 Alaskan Air Command Charlie Company 78th Engr Bn AMF 951st Engineer Company (Sapper), Wisconsin Army National Guard Missouri National Guard Agri-Business Development Team IV Signalmen of the USS Hepburn USS MAUNA LOA AE 8 McClellan AFB SWAT AFELM NATO/HQ LANDSOUTH..."WESTAR"....Verona, Italy 147th Aviation ASHC 352nd Missile Security Squadron, Whiteman AFB NAS/NAWS PT MUGU 65th Regional Readiness Command Naval Air Maintenance Training Detachment 1038, Lemoore California U.S. Army Engineer Command Vietnam Command, Naval Forces Vietnam (COMNAVFORV) 463rd Field Maintenance Sq (MAC) Army National Guard-You CAN!!! 49th Aircraft Maintenance Unit canadian s in korea 7th SIGNAL BATTALION "SHAPE HQ." ACALA Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity: Small Arms and M120/M121 Mortar The Original USS Randall APA-224 Assn. 243rd Aviation ASHC 737th Ordnance Company (EOD) Individual Mobilization Augmentees (I M A) 1st MAINTENANCE COMPANY 2d MAINTENANCE COMPANY NavSecGru Matshop GAGNE, DALE F. SP4 - VIETNAM VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA CHAPTER 849 55th Maintenance Battalion (Pershing) Tribute To Our Vietnam Vets Naval & Marine Corp. Reserve Center , Ebensburgh Pa. 629th Medical Detachment (Renal) 23RD ORDNANCE COMPANY 62nd Tactical Airlift Sq.-Sewart AFB, Smyrna, Tennessee 807 Signal Co Cable Const ,Puerto Rico Tribute to the Brave Indian Army K044 Company, Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center, Orlando, FL Naval Hospital Corpus Christi (MIL-Med ) UNITED STATES NAVY Rick's Army Life in 'Nam 154th Signal Battalion National Capitol Region Chapter 4th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Multi National Security Transition Command 552d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Naval Shipyard: Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii 2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry (The Old Guard) Vietnam Cleveland Junior Naval Academy TSgt Norman A. Erichsen - My Hero, My Friend, My Dad 441st A&E Maintenance Squadron 37th Signal Det. Catanach's page Career Resource Management Center Naval Aerospace Recovery Facility, El Centro CA NAVFAC ELEUTHERA Naval Security Group Support Detachment Seven USS Pigeon ASR 21 191st EN Co (DT), Maintenance 414th Signal Company 165th Signal Co. 170th MAINTENANCE COMPANY FOX 2/4 3RD MARINE DIV. QKINAWA 1974/1975 The Nation's Dedicated CAROLINAS LST CHAPTER NAVHOSPORTSMOUTH The Navy Seals USCG LORAN STATION ADAK Naval Support Activity Sandpoint Navy Life FORT POLK, LOUISIANA (Vietnam era) 'TIGERLAND' - North Fort Polk, Louisiana Proudly Served this Great Nation Camp Enari 66-67 Kansas Army National Guard Advisor Group 310th Bomb/Nav Smoky Hill AFB Latvian National Defence Academy trans. co. 1st. usa support batallion/sinai, egypt Navy Band Southwest Pisgah High Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Rdioman and sparky's Naval Magazine Pearl Harbor Online 4th Battalion,118th Infantry Union, South Carolina NAWS China Lake, CA 259th Ordnance Detachment (EOD) 167th Signal Company For the Troops who fought in any war norton air force base, san bernardino california 2509 RCACC Signals Great Lakes Naval Training Station USS Saginaw HomePage Best Skipper ever. Captain "Snake" Morris Navy SEAL Team 8 (Airsoft) Wealth Management USS Helena-CL50/CA75 Battalion Maintenance 8/40 Armor (USAR) 91st. Ord.Det. Finthen Army Airfield,Mainz,Germany HHC 101st Ordnance Life after the NAVY NYNCLI: The New York Naval Cadet Leadership Institute 147th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 305th Signal Company (Tobyhanna Army Depot) Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Crete,Greece Bravo Company 327th Signal Bn (Cable Dogs) 503rd Finance Support Unit The "Flamming I" Vietnam, 1968 Co B 240th Signal Bn Christian A. Robinson (Ranger) 21st Signal Group Vietnam Veterans Association navy and marine corps US Navy K9 Jack Nolan Chapter Louisiana ,Mississippi Incorporated Fort Kobbe Death From Above Red Devils Chapter Louisiana ,Mississippi Incorporated Stump's Tenacious Shipmates NAVY AND MARINE CORPS RESERVE CENTER SALT LAKE CITY UTAH 271st Maintenance Company (DET) Battalion Aide Station, H &S, company, 1st. M.P, 1st. M.P. Battilion, F.L.C. Danang, Vietnam 3rd Tank Battalion(USMC) vietnam 1st Tank Battalion(USMC) vietnam FMAG NAS Alameda COMNAVSURFLANT WWII Vets of 164 ENG Bn, when there was an ARMY US Navy Medical Service Corps 5th Cav 1st BN D Company 1st Cav Viet Nam 56th Signal Training Brigade, SOUTH AFRICA Navy Boot Camp 1956 company 336 85th ORDNANCE BATTALION Naval Hospital Millington Naval Weapons Test Squadron China Lake 269th Signal Company 84th Division (Institutional Training) 812 th Signal Company US ARMY OPERATIONAL GROUP (MI) Hahn Air Force Base Kadena AB, Japan U-M Navy ROTC Page 1st Infantry Division Artillery Marine Aviation Ordnance Vietnam 1969 NAS Kingsville TX 125 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Review Activity (NAVARA/NAMARA), Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC C Co 142nd Signal Battalion 54th Signal Company 587th Signal Company 551st Signal Battalion This is my personal page! AW's...(Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operators) Naval Air Station Bermuda NAS Norfolk AIMD Forever Navy MCB 3 Hue, Viet Nam Punjab Regiment, Pakistan Army National Guard Cadet Program 9899 Black Knights WICAT VX-3 Atlantic City, NJ & Oceana, VA 235th Signal Detachment 96th SIGNAL BATTALION, 96th INFANTRY DIVISION Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms Signal Group 60 STRATCOM-EUR 5th comm Bn- Viet Nam- Feb. 1967-Oct. 1968 33rd Signal Construction Battalion 4th Light Armored Reconaissance Battalion Navy recrute Security Forces, Cecil Field NAS NSA Naples Italy (AIR OPS.) beach jumper unit one ,usnab,coronado,california 11th Engineer Bn. 3rd Marine Division Vietnam 3rd Engineer Bn. 3rd Marine Division-Vietnam The best damn navy ship, period NACC Groton NAVSECDET NNSY PORTSMOUTH,VA 337th COMMUNICATION RECONNAISSANCE COMPANY Pfc. Fernando C. Alatorre U.S. Army in a 13 year olds eyes Redstone Arsenal Training ASP Company A, 13th Signal Battalion, 1st Air Cav Divi 261st Signal Company Bravo Company, 1st Battallion, 156th Armor, 256th Infantry Brigade, Louisiana Army National Guard 1-501st IN ABN COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Namtragrudet 1008 Deanna's Page 331st Signal Company LEONARD E. BAKER V2 Division Arresting Gear The Signal Times CosCom's 416Th Signal Company 320 SIGNAL BATTALION 515th SIGNAL AIRCRAFT WARNING REGIMENT naval communication stations 810th SIGNAL BATTALION A tribute to my dad, a Vietnam Veteran Naval Investigative Support Group guad squad/range maintenance Jesus Salinas 1/27 Infantry "Wolfhounds" , Vietnam 3650th Maintenance Company 278TH CALVARY NATIONAL GUARD Det 1, 77th Maintenance Co., 85th Maintenance Battalion 130th Finance BN louisiana veterans HercNav Naval Technical Training Center Detachment, Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas Nazus Page 1st Lieutenant Maurice W.Colbert-U.S.A.A.F. Namtra Oceana Supporting Our Brave Men and Woman Of Red White And Blue! International Rescue and Extraction Naval Construction Forces BLOND IN THE NAVY 314th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Donald L. Lukehart Finance 121st Signal Battalion (Unofficial Site) PERSONAL INFORMATION INC. Juan A. Hurtado II Search 557 Lt Maintance co Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam Navy Recruiting Command (CRUITCOM) US Navy Corpsman Naval Support Activity: Naples, Italy Naval Construction Battalion Center, Davisville, R.I. 1981and later USS VULCAN AR5 Iron Angels VF 14, VF 141, VF 53 USS Manatee AO-58 Vietnam Veteran Combat Wounded Naval Hospital Corpsmen of NAS Jax 7th SIGNAL BRIGADE Chaplain Assistants Naval Dosimetry Center Naval Hospital Corps 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron (USAFE) 9th Avn Bn Vietnam Vets Army,Army National Guard,Airforce,Airforce Reserve USS BRONSTEIN Alumni Page 504TH SIGNAL DET. 167th Signal Company-RVN 38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Naval Recruiting Station Salem Oregon Vietnam 1965 - 1966 USS KRISHNA (ARL-38) Education Advisor 3/18 Artillery Then and Now COMNAVSEASYSCOM WASH DC Allen C. Sheline (6-68/7-68 Binh Thuy, S. Vietnam) USS WANAMASSA YTB-820 101st Airborne Viet Nam '66-'67 Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist U.S. Naval Facility, Eleuthera, Bahamas NAS Key West Canadian Navy Flying Chinooks in Vietnam 138th Avn Co (RR) Vietnam The 40th Light Signal Battalion in World War Two USS OKINAWA (LPH-3) Group 6, North Carolina, CAP Chaparral High School Navy JROTC 20 Component Maintenance Squadron NAVFAC Centerville Beach 1st Cavalry/229th AHB Vietnam 1966-1967 157th Air Refueling Wing Maintenance Squadron 1043rd Maint. Co.Rhode Island Army National Guard 54th Signal Batttalion 9th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Ronald Sieminski Fitzgerald Division US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Albuquerque New Mexico A place for namvets China Dragons Navy Photographers Mates C.Company 124th signal bn Pleiky Kokua Ohana Wannabe's RTo's of Vietnam. 201st. Signal Company US Naval Academy Staff Members Drill Sgt's Then and Now Families in Support of 802nd Ordnance Company- Operation Enduring Freedom 76th Aircraft Maintenance Unit STD Commando Special Mission Service Vietnam Navy EOD 123rd Signal Bn Newsletter CWO3 STEVEN A. HARRELL B Company 138th Signal Battalion CIDG Finance Office, 5th Special Forces Group MALS-24 Ordnance navy friends 67th engineers vietnam 1st inf div B btry 5th bn 32n arty Bahala Na or "Come What May" Navy Master at Arms Training Detachment Lackland AFB T Naval Hospital Camp Schwab, Okinawa 716th Maintenance Sqdn. Naval Amphibious School, Amphibious Base, Coronado Viet Nam Vet's 65-66 376th Expeditionary Wing Group CE Squadron 315th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 128th Chemical Company Army National Guard Naval Air Technical Training Center Memphis Shanaka NAS Kingsville Branch Clinic 1st Military Intelligence Bn , Vietnam Cpl Javier Molina 3/1 1967-68 3rd Reconnaissance Company NAS Sanford Fla. Romanian Navy - My Unit - U.M.02159 Constanta "DOC" Jim Donadio, HM1, USN 535signal company graffenwoher detachment Bn Ammo Plt, HHSB 3-84 FA navy/ww2 1141st Signal Battalion 941st FA Btn - Codename "Vineyard" D Co.44th Signal Battalion 505th Signal Company 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Maritime Expeditionary security group 2 Provisional BARC Company 12th Tactical Reconnaisance Squadron Seminar Fore - Army War College Class of 2002 The USS Arizona B-39 Navy Pictures The Official Wannabe Page SGT Ronald Moody Navy Medical Clinic Lakehurst N.J. Dirt Dart to Dope on a Rope AFNORTH (AFCENT) INTERNATIONAL MILILTARY POLICE Louisiana Hero's 7/159 Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Battalion Signal Bridge REL?> 325th Glider Inf. 82nd Abn. Div. Benard Fitzpatrick 385th Signal Company Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Il. 26th S & S Company 85th Maintenance Bn USAREUR Det 1, 191st Maintenace Co Welcome To The China Page Navcommsta Thurso UK TCC Donald (Don) McClain Home Page My Personal Tribute to "The Military" US Naval Police (MAA) War Criminals D TRP, 3/4 CAV. 25TH INF,VEITNAM 114th Range Operations Squadron, Florida Air National Guard MSG Detachment Ottawa Canada 95th Fighter Squadron activated 1942 3/504th 88-91 Panama/ Persian Gulf TO THE 58,202 NAMES ON THE WALL AIMD NAS Whidbey Island Maryland Army National Guard Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility Yorktown 743rd AC&W/Ground Control Intercept, Campion AFS Alaska NANCY Troopers of the 116th ACR US Army Vietnam Air Traffic Controllers 136th Mxs Texas Air National Guard MAAG-China Master At Arms The Navy Police Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. navy flying tigers 889 US VETERINARY FOOD INSPECTION 1951-1954 MY VIETNAM VET Naval Tradition CSSD 17 (Direct Support Team For Panama Invasion -- Operation Just Cause) FLC Vietnam 70-71 Gunnery HomePage (C.F.) CANADA A Tribute to the Vietnam Vets Naoroz's USMC Page Alpha Co. 2/162 ORNG JOTC in Panama Naval Hospital/Memphis US Naval Hospital, Millington, TN "My Little Brother, US NAVY CORPSMAN" NAVSECGRU Activity - Kamiseya, Japan NAVY RECRUITING STATION DECATUR, AL Navy Buddies United States Naval Academy Class of 2007 Co B 25th Med Bn (Vietnam) NAS ATLANTA AIMD The 69th Signal 2632 Transportation Company of the California Army National Guard My Personal Page MCSFCo. NAS Patuxent River, Md Recondos, 2 Bn. 502nd Inf., 101st Airborne Div., Vietnam Nam U.S. Navy SEABEES-all eras NSGA Hanza Okinawa Japan Dan Stillwell Viet Nam Vet COMARAIRMED NAPLES IT 106th SIGNAL BTN 1139th National Guard Military Police Company - Harrisonville, MO NAVAL SPECWAR TEAM 3 303rd maintenance battalion Patuxent Naval Air Test Center Alpha Co, 1/3 Vietnam "64-"65 Native Military Men Naval Reserve SDVT-1 123rd Ordnance Detactment (EOD) RTC San Diego, Company 172, Jun-Aug 1990 10th INFANTRY, NEW YORK NATIONAL GUARD Fort Jackson South Carolina 1st Amtrac Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Viet Nam 1965-69 Joe M. Law, Master Chief Journalist Dixon's Navy 504th Signal Battalion in Germany Nas Cubi Point Transient Line Sgt.(Ret.) Jim Kerr,Royal Highland Fusiliers(Assoc) of Canada my page for the navy FISC/ Naval Supply Center OAKLAND hatch teams deep water piers danang Naval Reserve Center (San Diego) Grenada and Beirut Vet. Donna Michelle Elisha Kerruish U.S. Military Vehicle Maintenance Secret Viet-Nam, 1966-67-68 385 Signal Company "Vietnam War Hero" 173d Finance Company Lance Battalion of Hanau Germany (1/32 FA) 4-123 AV BN , Maintenance Platoon NAVY AIRMAN WILLIAM W BLUE 74th Medical Group, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH Carl John Rosingana Vietnam 1971 Texas-Vietnam-Germany 120th Ordnance Detachment (Hawk) 162nd Ordnance Company 212 Ordnance shop 63rd Military Airlift Wing, Norton A.F.B. FRIENDS OF THE 52nd SIGNAL BN. Marianas Division USNSCC BSSG-6 2nd Panama Detachment (Before Operation Just Cause) Navy Pride! Echo Company 2nd Battalion 7th Marines Vietnam Veterans Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association Welcome To Massabesic High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes,ILL 287th Ordnance Detachment (EOD) Navy Reserve Logistics Task Force Atlantic 106 NAS Adak,Ak Win a home for $200!!! 50th Ordnance Company 725th Maintenance Bn 25th Inf Div INDIANA ARMY NATIONAL GUARDS Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Eight For Jonathan to all the service men and women Its not really the 101st its the NAVY SEALs navy rules Rambling `The Nam` Rambling Hell In A Helmet church of the nazarene and our military South Carolina State Guard 2nd. Bde.: Public Information; Recruiting and Retention NADC Johnsville/Warminster Meskauskas Antanas (atminimui) From Ordinary Man to Airman: A Chronicle of Joaquin Castro Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Division Arillery (DIVARTY), 1st ID 760th Ordnance Company (EOD) 7th Squadron, 1st Air Cavalry (Vietnam) 581st Signal Company, Bremerhaven CO B- 434th MSB MNANG 237th Maintenance Company (Non-Div)(DS) Delta Co. 65th Engr Bn. 25th Infantry Div (3rd Bgde Task Force) at Pleiku, South Vietnam Naval Service with Pride 126 SIG BN ASSOC Florida Air National Guard AIMD ~ NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads, PR C 159th Aviation ASHB the Vietnam War Navy Seabee Veterans Of America, Inc. HQ Company LEA, Panama An Army MP's Page ALL MY FELLOW VIETNAM VETERANS AND MAST VETERANS NAVTESTWINGLANT, Patuxent River, MD 45TH ORDNANCE COMPANY

SHERIDAN AREA RETIREE AFFAIRS OFFICE NAS ROTA, SPAIN navy parachute rigger Naval Technical Training Center Detachment, Lackland AFB TX A TRIBUTE TO ALL THE MAN AND WOMAN IN THE MILITARY USMC Force Recon And Snipers USS Cimarron AO 177 51st Indiana Volunteer Infantry 59th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment 100th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment NAS Meridian, MS-Training Department OFT Navy Corpsman Naval Hospital, Guam SIGNAL ALL THE WAY Micheal Christopher MacDonald 1913-1974 Viet-Nam Unit Buddies 516th SIGNAL COMPANY District Intelligence Office, 15th Naval District Marine Barracks - Mare Island Naval Shipyard SETAF REUNION ASSN 51st Signal Battalion Alumni Asso HHC, 504th Field Depot, Cam Ranh, Vietnam, APO 96312 HHC, 504th Field Depot, Cam Ranh, Vietnam, APO 96312, 1967-1968 Navy Kids Who Lived on Yerba Buena Island 23rd Medical Service Battalion of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1/50 (M) INFANTRY IN VIETNAM NAVFAC Midway Island the true men and women of all wars POL - Perverts, Oddballs, & Lunatics US Navy Master-At-Arms USAF Auxiliary/CAP North Carolina Wing Navy Seal Team 6 to the soldiers of the 3rd of the 22nd 25th infantry division Dau Tieng Viet Nam 595 Maintenance Company USCGC Yocona (WMEC-168) WELCOME VIETNAM VETERANS 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Mar Div, Vietnam 67-68 82nd Signal BN Charlie Co. Welcome to the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One's Homepage PMO, U.S. ARMY CONARC Naval Recruit Training Command, Company C139, Orlando, Florida, May 21, 1982 thru July 15, 1982 Personal 1966 through 1968 NAVINFOSE Erick Hernandez NAS Whiting field Operation Sea Signal-Joint Task Force 160 Navy Vietnam Veteran 94th Signal Company 18th North Carolina Infantry (CSA) c co. 50th signal bn. 703rd Maintenance Battalion - Echo Company Maritime Expeditionary Boat Detachment 113 1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company Nnamdi My Own Personal Hero 598th U.S. Army Transportation Terminal Group Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Pacific (EWTGPAC) 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 159TH DS/HAWK ORDNANCE DET FASU DANANG RVN Patrol Coastal Maintenance Support Team 6 1st CMS - 1st Component Maintenenace Squadron Coastal Division 11 (Vietnam) DCMA (Defense Contract Management Command) United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps An Khe Vietnam Vets 101 Airmobile Vietnam NAVFAC WHIDBEY ISLAND Co. B(-) 156th Signal Battalion NSGA Sabana Seca NAS Fallon Weapons USS Lenawee (APA-195) Wisconsin Air National Guard MSG Alfonso V. Cadena Adams Class Naval Ship Museum 372nd Maintenance Company Marvin Maurice Leonard Electronics Platoon Maintenance Company NAVCAD Class 18-59 MERCENARY CONGO Luis Enrique Gutierrez Hernandez Coast Guard Drug Interdiction Assist Team Mess Management Specialist To Honor Donald B. Mooney 19 Munitions Maintenance Squadron 804th ORDNANCE BATTALION Arizona Army National Guard US Naval Hospital Beaufort, SC 5th Tank Battalion A Company (USMC) DENNIS M. SLIBY / NAVY CROSS William Watson at Fort Riley, KS 504th Maint. Co Muna Bamberg Germany 25t.h. M.P. Vietnam-1971-1972 595TH Maintenance CO. K-16 Airbase, Korea Aeronautical Systems Center 18th Supply Squadron-313th AD-PACAF-Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan US Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton USS Elokomin AO 55 11 finance service unit Naval Security Group Activity, Adak Alaska 101st AirBorme Div.VietNam.1970 to 71 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance 104th CAVALRY RECONNAISSANCE TROOP (Mech) B/1-14 4th Inf. Div (Golden Dragons) Viet Nam Viet Nam-The Blunder Years Navsta Midway Island III MAF Band - Vietnam U.S. Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet/Shark River NAS Rota Spain NSGA Naples Italy Naval Recruiting District Richmond US Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Sullivans Division 178TH ASHC CHU LAI S.VIETNAM 5th Infantry Division Artillery RAMONA NEWTON Nanci's Page OPNAV - Pentagon 780th Radar Squadron, Fortuna AFS, ND Vietnam Memories... TO A VIETNAM SOLDIER A Battery 6/27th Artillery Quan Loi, Vietnam U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Days In The Sixty Ninth Signal 999th Signal Company (Spt.) Army Personal HEADQUARTERS AND MAINTENANCE SQUADRON 31 ( H&MS-31 ) USS Chuckawan AO 100 TERMINATORS!! USS ORION AS.18 11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment CRAZY HORSE RC-12 MI Bn LI GUARDRAIL JTF-B Honduras Panama 470th 513th 224th 138th ASA AV MI 98 FL Army Institute for Professional Development 179th Aviation Co. Plelku, Vietnam NAVSEASYSCOM FP/LEPS DET 4 NAS OCEANA/RICKENBACKER, OHIO US Naval Hospital NAS Jax 23rd MP Company Vietnam 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Marine Aviation Maintenance Analyst/Adminstration Community FMF Okinawa NAVAL OPTHALMIC SUPPORT AND TRAINING ACTIVITY 11th Armored Cavalry (Veitnam) 1968-1973 E Co 5-10 Basic Training Ft Leonard Wood, MO 13th Signal Battalion 1CD 13th Signal Battalion 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance/Infantry/Vehicle Battalion "Iron Horse Marines" 20th Navy Seabees World War II SOUTH DAKOTA NATIONAL GUARD illegal names Natalya Gabbert 62nd Maintenance Battalion 83rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center New Haven First Class Petty Officers Association USAISC-Panama NSA DaNang Air Operations NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force E-3A Component Navy Babe Gator Navy 60th FMS: 60th Field Maintenance Squadron Views of Ettligen and Karlsrhue fighting seabees,all navy Navy Reserve Retirees 102nd Signal Bn. 2ND INFANTRY DIVISION - FINANCE Navy & All Explosive Ordnance Disposal Navy Recruiting District Pittsburgh GATOR NAVY NAVY MAN 3rd Indiana Cavalry Regiment / 45th Indiana Infantry Regiment Jandarmeria Romana USS ANTRIM: Destination Persian Gulf U.S. Navy Retired: No Ocean Here! TuyHoa Vietnam Naval Hospital Philadelphia 2/10 NAVALGUNFIRE Loin's 67/68 Li-Kie NAM /Phuoc Vinh/Quan Loi /An Loc Bosnia-Herzegovina NATO Support Activity, Military Police Detachment DFAS-Indianapolis The Uss Shenandoah AD-44 friends NAS LEMOORE SAR ANGELS Discharged with personailty disorders 2nd Indiana Volunteer Cavalry Regiment // 41st Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment NAVY runs in the Blood 1109th Aviation Classification and Repair Depot (AVCRAD) 396 Signal company Naval Reserve Center Whitestone, NY Naval Hospital, NAS Whidbey Island Naval school of health sciences, NRMC Oakland, ca. Sgt. Evan Ashcraft 1979-2003 Naval Hospital Philadelphia Navs navy recruiting station monroe USS Ogden - A Way of Life The Original Viet Nam Veteran in Bulgaria 400th Munitions Maintenance Squardon 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing 95th Evacuation Hospital Viet-Nam 68-73 M/Sgt. DONALD A. WILLIAMS 3207 Munitions Maintenance Squardon 41st Munitions Maintenance Squadron rakkasans vietnam Chief of Naval Technical Training US Navy 1969 -1973 naval hospital subic bay naval hospital quantico, va. Co D 1st of the 8th 4th infantry Vietnam 1969 to 1970 258th Signal Company DaNang Vietnam vietnam buddies 1835 EIS Norton AFB Vietnam 1966-1967 Fernando Central Jersey Chapter 82nd Airborne Division Association Intelligence School, National GeoSpatial Mystic Star Maintenance and Operators Navy Air Logistics Office (NALO) 111th Army Security Agency Okinawa 583rd Ordnance Compay deanna Marines 201th Signal Company.Korea Concordia National Guard 2-130th FA 472nd. Signal Company Basketball Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselors School, San Diego Naval Air Station Santa Clara 69-72 US Army Light Maintenance Company De webpagina van dhr. Boone Ken Truck Company, 1st FSR/FLC (Camp Books, Vietnam) 95th Evacuation Hospital VIet Nam 2nd Battalion 116 brigade Idaho army National Guard HMLA-773 (NAS Atlanta) 42 MUNITIONS MAINTENANCE SQUADRON 292nd Finance Section-MACV Pentagon Army Technical Control Center 524th Maintenance Company KOC NAS MIRIMAR naval school Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 11 DELTA !/& MARINES VIETNAM Naval Branch Clinic K-Bay Shawna's Military Page My Naval Career San Francisco California National Guard Organizational Maintenance Shop #3, AKARNG 664th Ordnance Company, Ft Hood TX 7784 Orleans Signal Service Co. TOWER LP-1 NAS NORVA The United State Naval Sea Cadets Corps Pittsburgh Battalion Charleston Air Force Station, Me. 377 Civil Engineer Sq Ramstein Air Base NAVSEA 950 197th Fires Brigade, New Hampshire Army National Guard Middletown AFJROTC Unit DE-801 USS WASHTENAW COUNTY (LST-1166) Fort Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis Indiana 101st Airborne Division Association Jack Nolan Chapter Louisiana and Mississippi, Incorporated, Phildelphia Naval Shipyard New York Army National Guard Naval Amphibious Base NAS Keflavik Iceland AIMD Co. B, USAD LB, Vietnam NAS Patuxent River Air Ops National Pollution Funds Center (USCG) Congressional Affairs (USCG) Naval Support Activity, New Orleans, Louisiana 14 Air Maintenance Squadron Vietnam Veterans of Marine Corps Third Marines Area of Operations Air National Guard 148th FW 140th Maintenance Squadron 226th Maintenance Company NSGA Medina Navcomsta Balboa 224th Ordanance Det. (HAWK) DS 1st Infantry Division - Big Red One Chaplain Assistants KINGS BAY NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE 1988-Present 649th Regional Support Group, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 589TH SIGNAL COMPANY 2 City Of Dundee Signal Squadron 3rd MP Battalion (Provisional) U.S.Naval Communications Unit,Christchurch,New Zealand Aviation Ordnance Sta. Weps MCAS Yuma, AZ Oakland Bay Bridge & Yerba Buena Island Yerba Buena Lighthouse Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center, Rochester, NY US NAVY COMBAT SAR 88th Maintenance Company, 8th Mt. Battallion, Hanau, Germany 1120th Signal Battalion Naval Air Facility Atsugi B 228th Aviation Battalion ASHB 304th SIGNAL BATTALION USMC Military Police Detachment LAFB San Antonio Texas Navy Lakehurst USS Nimitz / Navy Photographers Mate Hahn Air Base JESSE EMERY-AN ARMY OF ONE-197TH ARTILLERY BRIGADE AN ARMY OF ONE U.S. ARMY Navy Convair Assn (C-131) Corporal Donald J. Pavlinsky 2d Maintenance Battalion, 2d FSSG Det. 1 Co. B 115th Signal HHC 304th Signal Bn 1st MAW, MAG 16 DaNang, RVN Naval Torpedo Station Keyport USNA Class of 2006 267th Signal Co. Naval Base Philadelphia PA Naval Air Station Sigonella Security USS Nathanael Greene SSBN 636 808th ORDNANCE BATTALION USMC Crash Crew 60`s & 70`s Viet Nam 545th Ordnance Company 369th Signal Detachment (S & I) MISSILE MAINTENANCE SUPPORT 1stAmTrac Bn, 3rd MarDiv (Vietnam Jun65-???) Fort Jackson, South Carolina Delta 2-39 Bloodhounds 2001 Naval Security Group Activity Norfolk, VA We lived on Yerba Buena Island Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command, Washington, DC Latin American Infantryman virgina's marines 182nd Secuirty Forces Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard Michigan Army National Guard 472nd. Signal Company Radioman A School, Great Lakes 1998-1999 485 GEEIA Squadron Vietnam 30th Finance Section Navy Supply Corps School North Dakota Army National Guard United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps: CADETS Golden Anchor PDT HEADQUARTERS AND MAINTENANCE SQUADRON 15 ( H&MS-15 ) 79th Ordnance Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas Alvey's Vietnam Page BAD Kreuznach, Germany Nav Ord Test Unit NAMTD North Island 1136th MP Company Missouri Army National Guard NARCEN Barbers Point H & S 111 MAB South Vitetnam Nav Cat 7 Dong Tam National Military Family Association -- Connecticut 127th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Gebhart Navy C Troop 1st/9th Cavalry, Phouc Vinh, Vietnam NAV School, Underwater Swimmers, Key West Fl. Navy Wives 28th Infantry Division Association Delta 2/12 Viet-Nam 1966-67-68 USN at Bainbridge, Maryland US NAVY BLUE ANGELS TEAM 226th Signal Company, 4th Missle Command Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity (NOSTRA) 327th Signal Company 3320th Correction and Rehabilitation Squadron USDV Canadian Osprey and the USS Simon Lake DSV Widgeon and USS Hunley 23rd Ordnance Co, 101st Ord Bn 701st MAINTENANCE BATTALION Naval Air Station Meridian MS 343rd Transportation Squadron Eielson AFB AK 3205 Transportation Squadron Eglin AFB Florida 7th Psyop Bn. DaNang Vietnam 16th Signal Battalion Association Pipe Band Okinawa's Grunts of the Wing 104th Cavalry Reconnaissnce Troop (MECZ) My Navy Travels USNA Co. Marine Barracks Annapolis, MD 576th SIGNAL AIRCRAFT WARNING BATTALION Jenae's Homebase U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Joining the Military USSFREDERICK FUNSTON APA89 251st Finance Detachment field maintenance 2D Dental Battalion / Naval Dental Center (USN) AVIATION ORDNANCE Basic Training, c-2-10, Ft Leonardwood, mo 224th Maintenance Company United States Navy Veterans Association Pvt. Christina M. Sabourin DEDICATED TO OUR MEN AND WOMAN IN THE ARMED FORCES 4th Naval District Schools, Phila., Pa. Marine Barracks Naval Submarine Base Bangor HHC 1ST SIGNAL BGE USS PEGUIN ASR-12 Indiana State Area Command (STARC) USS TOLOVANA FOUNDATION 3/3 Nam Pics from Navy days 76-82 41st Infantry Division and 41st SIB (E) NAS LEMOORE USS Talbot FFG 4 - US NAVY 305 LRS Fuels Management Flight NCTAMS MED NAPLES ITALY Naval Construction Battalion Unit 405 NAVY YTB 765 392nd Signal Co 533rd Ordnance Co Delta Company (Panama), 2D LAI BN 656 Signal Company 56th Stryker Brigade Fort Kobbe Canal Zone Co B Maintenance, 186th FSB Navy AC's 176th Signal Company, Fort Lewis, Wa NCOA Signal Regiment ANCOC/BNCOC The Best of Two Communities---Airman to Seaman--Brown Shoes to Black Shoes--Regular Navy to Reserves 71ST Ordnance Co./8TH Maintenance Bn 1st Bn M 5th Infantry Class of 1966 Cu Chi Vietnam Navy Recruiting District (Albuquerque) Vietnam Vet searching for other Vietnam Vets 14 th Field maint sqdn, Nha Trang USA Ordanace Corps. USS MOUNT BAKER AE- 34 Assist USS BELKNAPP AND USS BORDELON AFTER CRASHES WITH USS KENNEDY Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Twenty-Six 3104th Signal Service Battalion 699mnt Company, Hanau Germany US Army National Training Center Msgt Leonard Szeszycki (Zeke) 1st reconnainsence Bn HQ Co. USAG, Ft. Richardson AK Royal Canadian Dragoons Homepage of the 324th Signal Company RR PATWING ONE DET KADENA Naval Facility Pacific Beach, WA Naval Communications Station Phillipines North Carolina Army National Guard Co. A, 2-120th Mech Infantry Ft. Leonard Wood Range Support Company Naval Security Group Activity: Naples, Italy HQ COMPANY 193RD INFANTRY FT CLAYTON PANAMA CPO Joel C. McDonald 77th Regional Readiness Command Navy OP-2E Neptune aircraft Welcome to Trista's U.S. Navy Homepage 164th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 65th Ordnance Company (Camp Page) natoson Hell in a Helmet 2/9 Golf Co. (Mayaguez Recovery) 11TH AD SIGNAL BN 699th Maintenance Company usn atlantic seabee band Captain Donald Nathan Aldrich USMCR, The 5th Ace Crash Crew,NAS Sigonella B Co, 17th Signal Battalion Fraternal Order of Eagles Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan USCG Station Ashtabula 560th light, Viet Nam Naval Reserve Recruiting Command DET 4, AREA SOUTH EAST US Naval Hospital Guam Marianas 712th Maintenance Company (GS) 4th Infantry Div - 4th Avn Bn - A Co 3/3/3 Marines Dong Ha S.Vietnam 68-69 Washington Artillery Veterans Association 664th Ordnance Company 25th MP Co, Vietnam 145th Surface Maintenance Company III Marine Expeditionary Force NAMTD 1019 Dash Training Unit 141 Marianas Division Greenville's National Guard Unit Host Nation Support 40 KNATRES Brooklyn Navy Yard 47th Transportation Company - Vietnam Marine Signal Detachment 87th engineer battalion/vietnam/1966-1968 Naval Media Center Broadcast Detatchment, Lisbon Portugal D Company LEA Activity Forts McPherson and Gillem Headquarters Company 9th Marine Regiment 3rd Marine Division Viet Nam 66 67 Vietnam-site Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP) United States Army Signal School Detachment 504th Signal Company Sacramento Signal Depot 1955-1958 "ACo" 1/7 1st MarDiv , Hill 55 VEITNAM personal NAVAL SHIP YARD: PUGET SOUND,WA. NMCRC NAVHOS CAMP LEGUENE 437th Avionics Maintenance Squadron 237th Med Det., Vietnam '72-'73 The Original Desert Stormers Navy Men!!! Navy Recruiting District Jacksonville, FL 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Ohio Army National Guard United States Navy Public Affairs Alumni Assn 6th Signal Battalion Naval Air Facility El Centro Airman 1st Class John A. Baker 445TH AMXS (AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE SQUADRON) H&HS NADEP Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, Washington, (NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND) Co. B, 304th Signal Bn. AOCS 1673 US Navy Naval Station Hospital: Danang, South Vietnam Sasebo Ordnance FLIGHT 833 SAMPSON AFB,SEP 51 NAAS, Fallon, Nevada; Dispensary Staff USAF HOSPITAL, TORREJON AIR BASE, SPAIN Naval Hospital, Roosevelt Roads, P.R. Naval Aviation Engineering Service Unit (NAESU) Naval Aviation Maintenance Training (NAMTRA) 1025 STARSPANGLED SNACK SHACK Tim's Veteran's Group For All Veteran"s 3664 th Maintenance Company 310th Field Maintenance Squadron 483 Transportation sqdn, veh maint,Cam Rahn Bay vietnam HHC 4/20th infantry Panama Canal zone NAS JRB Willow Grove - Non Prior Service Training Unit 9393 B Company 523rd Signal Bn Urban Alliance 444 Transportation Company Vietnam 369SIGNALBATTALION 9th Maintenance Squadron 59th signal support group Linkou Navy Taiwan 596th Signal Company 602 nd Maintenance Company Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft History 2nd LAR bn A. Co. Trois Fontaine Ordnance Depot Navy Seabee Veterans of America 518th Engineer Company, Ft. Kobbe, Rep. of Panama SFC Joanna H Rydzewski Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center, San Bernardino Ca. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division, Indian Head Md Naval Hospital Bremerton, Det D USS OKANOGAN APA220 Air Force NATO Aviano Italy 1980-1982 325th Maintenance Group Weapons and Field Training Battalion, Range Company, Parris Island South Carolina 6th Marine Division Association 3/A 11th Engineer Battalion 3rd Marine Division, Vietnam Pasadena High School USMCJROTC A Company 110th Engineers Combat Battalion Missouri Army National Guard your name here 2nd Plt, 25th MP Co, Vietnam Okinawa, 3rd Medical Bn. Nathanael Field Skills Training Company, FST (Provisional) Golden Arrow/Pathfinders 1073rd National Guard Maintenance Company Navy Recruiting District NJ B Company, 121st Signal Bn B-Company 724th Maintenance Battalion Fort Stewart, Georgia A 159th Aviation ASHB NAVCOMMSTA, San Miguel, Philippines 33d Flight Test Squadron Alumni Association naval hospital patuxent river, md Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland NAV. EODFAC. Indian Head MD. 1st. Cavalry Vietnam 2nd Bn. 8th. Cavalry 631st ordinance company Navy Recruiting District Nashville VENUINDIANARMY.COM Couldn't Come Up With A Name that Wasn't Already Taken 510th Ordnance Company Navy Recruiting District Washington DC 4th engineer combat engineer battion any one who served in plkieu or ankhe south vietnam A CO 1-10th INF Fort Leonardwood 512th Maintenance Company Naval Station Adak 1968 Regina Powell Naval Facilities 596th Signal Co., 63rd. Signal Bn. 56th Signal Company BROWN WATER NAVY ( VIET-NAM ) AFDL-23 DaNang Vietnam 16 Helicopter Maintenance Squadron H&S Company 111 MAF South Vietnam HHC, 1st Signal Brigade, Long Binh, RVN Memory in Afghanistan NAS South Weymouth, MASS Life Support, Cannon AFB 26th signal battalion 23rd MEDICAL BATTALION, VIET-NAM Join the Army National Guard Marine Barracks - San Francisco Naval Shipyard Marine Barracks, Long Beach, Long Beach Naval Station, Naval Ship Yard RP3NO MMF NAS New Orleans WWII Naval Aviators Navy Boot San Deigo My Brothers and Sisters in Arms 442nd SIGNAL BATTILION NAS Rota Spain (AIMD) I was on a B team dammit!!! NAVAL MARKSMANSHIP TEAM Naval Western Oceanography Center (NWOC) 638th Ordnance 754th Ordnance Company (EOD) C Battery - Bratenahl NAS Brunswick ME - ATC 1969-1971 Naval Medical Research Unit - 5 Company K021, Naval Training Center Orlando Indiana Joint Forces Command 20TH Naval Construction Regiment, Gulfport, Mississippi 211th Maintenance Company U. S. Naval Facility, Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada Naval Construction Training Center, Gulfport, Mississippi Fort Jackson AIT USCGC Point Arena (WPB-82347) Naval Dental Center Great Lakes ILL. Navy Recruiting District - Denver, Colorado Naval Strike Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) Coast Guard Recruiting Greensboro, North Carolina A co. Terminators 79th Ordnance Company 578th Lt. EQuip. Maint. Co. Nha Trang, Vietnam National Security Agency, Ft Meade Md. Beach & Terminal Operations Co. HQ 1st Region ARADCOM Bravo 1/11 Vietnam Comm-Elect Office MCB Camp Butler Okinawa Japan 293rd Signal Battion 13th SEABEE Battalion Alumni Directory Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 106th Signal Brigade 63rd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion 731st Ordnance Company (EOD) NAS, Glynco, Ga. MWSS 171 Motor Transport Maintenance Stationed Osan AFB HQ 101st Regiment Regional Training Institute Marine Detachment, Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX 20th Ordnance Company To the "Quiet Professionals" 812th Signal Company 408th Signal Company Ft. Wainwright AK E co. 228th Avn, Corozal, Panama NAS - Naha, Okinawa 324th Signal Company RR Landstuhl Regional Medical Center SEVEN ANGELS - SCOUTS OUT Capodichino, Naples Italy 3rd Blt 6th MARINES VIET NAM 65 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Sqaudron B Troop 1/9 1st cav division airmobil united states naval ship general stuart heintzelman (t-ap 159) central finance east long binh post vietnam Virginia National Guard 1st Cav. 15 TC Red Beach, Viet Nam NAS JRB New Orleans, RAIMD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Branch, Iwakuni, Japan DET 1 322nd Maintenance Company Naval Submarine Base New London Brig 123rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Kentucky Air National Guard A Company 169th Engineer BN Vietnam Navy Telecommunications Systems Command Cheltenham MD Ft. Leonard Wood B/1/2 3625th Maintenance Company, Illinois National Guard public works naf sigonella sicilt 1977-1979 elmaco 1st maintenance bn 112th Signal Battaion 331st Signal Company 504th Maintenance Company Naval Reserves Unit SSB2 Fuels Co. G Recruiting & Retention Area IV PR DFAS Defense Financing and Accounting Service, Kansas City United States Navy Apprentice Boys 1974-76 with the 440th Signal Battalion NAVCOMMDET Okinawa (Awase NRTF) A place to go for an ArmyWife Bravo's Professionals 8th Finance, Landstuhl, Germany 62nd ARMORED FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION ASSOCIATION NARDAC, Norfolk 410th Avionics Maintenance Squadron VIETNAM VET CHICO The Professionals AIMD NAS NORTH ISLAND Always And Forever Will Be NavyMen Sonar Gang Navy Reserve Non-Prior Service Training Unit 0163 Naval Security Group Sugar Grove, WV Naval Technical Training Center, Corry Station, Pensacola, FL 89th ordnance US Army Signal Okinawa AFPD, San Antonio, Tx. 39th Signal-SHAPE Navy221 208th Signal Co. Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center: Camp Lejeune N.C. NR NCAPS NAVCENT DET D 3rd Signal Company 298th signal company, bk det. Korea 7 Inf. Div. Signal Corp. Korea 7Th. Inf. Div. Signal Corp. US Navy Construction Battalion 133 LOVE IN ACTION NATTC AE "A" School Charlie Co 440th Signal Battalion 749th Ordnance Company (EOD) Headquarters, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward), Camp Lejeune, N.C. 127 th MP Co. (post-vietnam) C Company 169th Engineers Vietnam 190th Maintenance Company viet nam veterans Vietnam Photo page 69th Ordnance Company Amphibian Assault Vehicle Part of the 3d Amphibian Tractor Battalion, 1st MarDiv The Signal Spouse 1153d Finance Detachment Edgewood Arsenal MP Co My 86th Signal Battalion 1/2 Black Scarves_1968_Vietnam A NAVY HONOR Naval Reserve Readiness Command South East Det 1, 694th Maintenance Company ORDNANCE SHOP D Co.122d Maintenance on the Rock NAS Meridian, Misssissippi NavRadTransFac Annapolis, Md. 514th Signal Company (LRE) Pine Bluff Arsenal HHT. Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center: Orlando, FL. FAETULANT, NAS Norkfork, Va. 720th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company Counterparts/THDNA Signalman B School, San Diego, CA NAVELSG FWD INDIA Customs and Cargo Handlers NATO Combined Military Police-Heidelberg, Germany 91st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Virigina Military Spouse Club Time in Viet-nam Caribbean Regional Operations Center 206TH SIGNAL COMPANY NAF Supply,Cam Rahn Bay,RVN Naval Air Facility,Cam Rahn Bay,RVN Go 82nd Signal Battalion N.C. National Guard 4th and the 113th Field Artillery 2nd Division Artillery NAVAL HOSPITAL, USNRMC OKINAWA Raise that antenna! 529th Ordnance Company Navy Flight Training Class 24-62 naval construction battalion unit 401 M Division and G-Gang 1972-1976 377TH AVIONICS MAINTENANCE SQUADRON) Navy girlfriends NAS Meridian, MS 86th Transportation co. "ROADMASTERS" Viet Nam NAVCOMMU KEY WEST, FL Naval Communications Unit, GTMO RPC- Bad Kreuznach 65th Ordnance Company (Camp Page, Korea) Walson Army Hospital, Ft. Dix, NJ 202nd Signal Company 9th Infantry Division Finance Co Naval Station Long Beach CA. Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Baton Rouge, La. Navy Convair Assn "C131" Naval Clinic Iwakuni Japan Division of Military & Naval Affairs USCG STATION ANNPOLIS US Defense Attache Office Accra, Ghana 504th Military Police Battalion Association, INC. 123rd Signal Bn - Hindenburg Kasern CAP Alpha 6/9, Republic of Vietnam 527th Engn Bn Louisiana nat. guard Navigation Department Chief Naval Education and Training Marine Corps Air Station (H) Santa Ana, CA The Original D Troop (D 1/10th Cav) Naval Hospital Portsmouth, NH CNATRA Strike Det, NAF El Centro Bethesda Naval Hospital 13th Blackcats Reenactment/OPFOR Naval Hospital Bremerton May 2003 - February 2005 CFAO AIMD AND TARGETS DIV OKINAWA 20th Component Maintenance Squadron 50th Ordnance Detactment (EOD) 723 AMS Maintenance Flight U.S.S. LCI National Association 171st ARW-PENNSYLVANIA AIR NATIONAL GUARD HHD, 191st Ordnance Battalion NAS Norfolk- SWULANT SIMA (Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity) Little Creek Amphibious Base H&HS Military Police MCAS Yuma, Arizona B Btry 6th bn 32d FA Vietnam 70-71 71st Transportation Battalion In Vietnam Co D 1/12th Cav Vietnam 72nd Signal Battalion (Expeditionary) the great china USS Constellation Association Naval Air Rework Facility, North Island 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron The U.S. Navy Army Signal Command NAME CVN78 USS AMERICA! Clay High School NJROTC "BLUE DEVIL NAVY!" Naval Ship R&D Center (DTMB) NAS Keflavik, Iceland Naval Hospital, Patuxent River, MD 53rd Signal Brigade 31st Transportation H-34 Company & 138th Maintenance Det HHD, 9th Finance Battalion USS LST 537 WW II From Normandy to China 517th Engineer CO LE, namvets 23rd SEABEE Battalion Alumni Directory Marine Corps Security Force Comapnay, Guantanamo Bay NAAS Whiting Field MCSF Co.-PANAMA Asesinos De La Noche II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) MAY GOD BLESS ALL THE VIETNAM VETERANS Big Bad Navy 1043d Maintenance Company 229 Signal Company (Support) USCGC MARCUS HANNA WLM 554 George Gilltrap /China 1945 20th Bomb Squadron APG Bravo Company 2/14th Infantry Vietnam 62nd Maintenance Squadron 374th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 374th Maintenance Operations Squadron 220th Finance Group Lester Oran Robson, Vietnam USMC 362signal co. "the Duce" US NAVAL HOSPITAL, Long Beach, CA 72nd Ordnance Company Naval Reserve Center Meridian Commander Naval Beach Group Two Naval Dental Center, Pensacola Fl 518th Engineer Co. Fort Koby Panama C.Z. HQ Co LEA (Atlantic), Panama Jacob Verville, linguist/analyst, Camp Red Cloud, ROK SEAOPDET NAS Oceana 184th Ordnance Company (PSP 4J), Muenster Depot, Germany 820th signal company 128th Signal Company (Depot) 1087th TC Louisiana National Guard 422nd ESB HHC SIGNAL CORPS Naval Photography School, NAS Pensacola, FL SSgt Jhonathan Knuth NAS Oceana- Fuels Div 10th Military Police Battalion (Provisional) HHC USAG Fort Polk, Louisiana 536th Signal Battalion 510 th Ordnance company 513th Maintenance Company (Ft. Bliss, Tx) Tribute to jonathan UNITED STATES ARMY FINANCE SCHOOL Triple Nickel Maintenance Estate Planning - Constitutional Contract Trusts MATSS-1 NAS MERIDIAN, MS NAS Whidbey Island USS Midway 41, US Navy's Number One Carrier NA Sheets Naval Air Facility Mildenhall England CINUSNAVEUR SPINTCOMM Naples, IT Office of Naval Intelligence, Suitland, MD USCG NAVCEN McDonald's Restaurant Mystery Shopping NAS Lemoore 2nd provisional 155 Howitzer Battery, 1stBn 12th Marines U.S. ARMY SIGNAL CORP C CO MAINT BN , USA MAINT OPS DIR , MACHINATO, OKINAWA 32 Signal Battalion (Old School) 4. 2 Forward, Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico 833rd Ordinance Company 42nd Maintenance Battalion 2/21 FA BATTALION MAINTENANCE Naval Reserve Center, Baltimore, MD Naval Reserve Center, Adelphi, MD Naval Reserve Center, Youngstown, OH Naval Reserve Center, Providence, RI Naval Reserve Center, Alexandria, VA Naval Reserve Center, Washington, DC 763rd Maintenance Squadron Alaska National Guard Family Programs CNATT Unit North Island 5761st EUSA Signal Co. 581 Signal Bn Naval Reserve Center, Las Vegas, NV radioman a school san diego Joint Command South (JCS) Verona, Italy DaNang Vietnam Writer's Journal 744th Trans. Co. NH National Guard Fox Hound Reconnaissance 14th SEABEE Battalion Alumni Directory 100th Field Maintenance Squadron (SAC) 319th Field Maintenance Squadron (SAC) Naval Antarctic Support Unit Christchurch NZ men and women in iraq 602d Organizational Maintenance Squadron, Travis AFB, CA 433rd Aerospace Maintenance Squadron SSgt Jonathan T. Marshall Commander US Naval Forces Japan Navyman18's Page 835th AVIATION ARMY AIR CORPS ENGINEERS WWII 2-152 Indiana National Guard Cav.Scouts TO THE MEN AND WOMAN OF THE ARMED FORCES IRWIN ARMY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, FT RILEY, KANSAS COMLOGFORNAVCENT Point Mugu Naval Air Weapons Station Navcams Lant Norfolk VA Officer Indoctrination School (OIS), Officer Training Command Newport RI Foxtrot Company Vietnam 195th Ordnance Depot Company NAS Jacksonville Detachment Astor, Florida 229th Signal Company 15th Ordnance Co. Fulda, Ger. 267 SIGNAL COMPANY Maintenace Platoon SUBIC NAVSTA PORTOPS USS CHUKAWAN AO100 California Army National Guard Recruiting AALC/NCSL Panama City-FL red patchers "okinawa" NABSU 0174 Test & Evaluation Command, Tropical Test Center, Panama 30th Artillery Brigade Okinawa Nona South Carolina State Guard, G-2 Army vietnam 68-69 50th Secuity Police Hahn Air Force Base Germany 122nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron China Lake Alumni Photo Lab, NAS, Rota, Spain 89th Reconaissance NAS Sigonella OMD 384th Field Maintenance Squadron (SAC) 28th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Navy Drug Rehabilitation Center (NDRC) GuardianAngelsSupportingOurTroops In Loving Memory of SSgt. Jason A. Lehto Shayna's page 9th Mto, Dong Ha, Vietnam NAS Meridian SAR Unit aircraft maintenance dept. , atsugi, japan 2874th GEEIA Sq Ramstein AB USS NASSAU WIVES Naval Investigative Service Office Philippines Naval Training Center, San Diego My husband, A Vietnam Vet 63rd Signal BN Electronic Maintenance Facility Naval Reserve Recruiting Command Detachment Seven NAVELSF Forward Bravo 48th Regional Medical Center RAF Lakenheath 2nd Field Force, Vietnam Naval Air Station Dallas Once Upon a Time Jason and the Argonauts Regional Training Site-Maintenance Fort Devens Naval Ordance System Support Office PAC 704th Maintenance Battalion Leonard Provance WRAIR Vietnam Usnavy Growing up on Yerba Buena Island in the U.S.Navy 307th Engineer Battalion Airborne 833rd SPS, Holloman AFB, NM Romanian Army Staff 650th Regional Support Group 563rd Ordnance Company 101st Airborne Division Vietnam Vweterans organization My Navy Travels 2 NAVRADSTA(R) SUGAR GROVE WV Vietnam Remembered 293rd Signal Company EODMU 12 (Explosive Ordinates Disposal Mobile Unit Twelve ) 61st aerial port squadron (reserves) Norton Air Force Base MALS 14 Ordnance 106th Medical (Veterinary) HAVE HONOR, COURAGE AND COMMITMENT GO NAVY!!!! USS Guardian AGR-1 NAVFAC Pacific Beach, WA NAS Miramar Air Traffic Control 3rd USASA Fld Sta.(8603) Sobe Okinawa Im gonna make it! Vietnam Veterans of Echo Company 2nd Bn 3rd Marines April 1965 to October 1969 VIETNAM VETERANS GO NAVY! B Co. 156th Signal Battalion 46th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT RESPONCE Headquarters and Service Battalion, Marine Corps Base, Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan VMA 322 So Weymouth NAS V-2 division Abraham lincoln cvn-72 1988-1992 Navy Club SMO PCH 1 75th Aircraft Maintenance Unit HHC 1/70 AR BN and 1/40AR BN Naval Hospital Pensacola Europe Regional Dental Command ITR Camp Geiger, North Carolina 534thmpdet.quarryheightscanalzone Multi-National Force-Iraq National Support Element Headquarters, NSE, Taszar Hungary, SFOR Bosnia US Army National Guard Advisor Group (ARNGUS - LA) Panama Vets 3rd Amtrak Bn. Viet Nam Naval Marine Corps Reserve Center Akron KIA, 2nd Platoon Alpha 1/9 Nava lCommunication Station Harold E. Holt Service Battery, Battalion Maintenance 6th /9th FA Nike Ordnance NAVAVSCOLSCOM NATHANIEL N. NEAKOK Awase Transmitter Site, Okinawa A Co., 1st Avn. Bn., 1st Infantry Div., (Bulldogs) (Vietnam) D Co., 158th Assault Helicopter Bn., 101st Airborne Division (Vietnam) A Co. (Bulldogs) Vietnam U.S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain 362nd Signal Company_61st M.P. Detachment_1971-72_Vung Chua AFIC (Armed Forces Inaugural Committee) 28 Field Maintenance Squadron, Ellsworth AFB, SD 28 Organizational Maintenance Squadron NAVFAC Lewes, Delaware Coast Guard Squadron One, Vietnam 326th SIGNAL BATTALION California Air National Guard 83rd Ordnance Bn. (Ammo) Recruit Training Command Naval, Training Center Great Lakes Company 050 NAVCAMS EASTPAC Wahiawa HI US Navy Reserve Recruiter 28th Division Association Rtired but not forgotten U.S. NAVY soldier Naval Security Group Activity, Yokosuka US Coast Guard Station Ashtabula 245th Maintenance Company Naval Special Weapons Unit CBMU-302 Navy Seabees BERNARD R. MC GUIRE 380th Air Expendtionary Wing PBY-5 Catalina Royal Canadian Artillery Tribute to all of military men and women Aircraft Maintenance Department, MCAF Iwakuni, Japan 8th Equipment Maintenance Squadron (EMS) 82D Finance 366 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mals 39 Ordinance Naval Security Group Activity Personnel Support Detachment, Naval Air Station, Barbers Point, Hawaii Naval Special Warfare Unit ONE (NSWU-1) Wiesbaden Air Base Memories 5th Indiana Volunteer Cavalry// 90th Indiana Volunteer Infantry 578th Lt. Equip. Maint. Co. Nha Trang, Vietnam 2nd Reconnaissance Techinical Squadron Naval Hospital/Naval Regional Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA Branch Medical Clinic, NAS Whitting Field, FL McGregor Range Ordnance Detachment NAF Misawa Japan 30th Division while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana The one Jesus Salinas Naval Coastal Warfare GMBR Gorilla Mountain Banana Republic Bush Pilots Search & Rescue Santa Monica Seaplane Port Pennsylvania Army National Guard Ahsoak, Nate MAINTENANCE TROOP RSS, 2nd ACR Alpha Company 2/3 Legionaries Einar Schon's USS New Mexico photos circa 1916 363d Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron 763d Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron/SF Naval Facility, Nantucket, Massachusetts Naval Station, Annapolis, Maryland danesi omkhisoya, wanna become us army US Army Support Group Vietnam Naval Recruiting District Nashville 31st Division while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana 92nd Division while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana Camp Atterbury, Indiana Freeman Army Air Field, Seymour, Indiana Atterbury AAF/Bakalar AFB, Columbus, Indiana Wakeman General Hospital, Camp Atterbury, Indiana Co. D Vietnam 67-68 China Army 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Looking for anyone who knew Michael Carey, either a Sargent or CWO4 during Vietnam 3rd Battalion 9th Marine Expeditionary, 3rd Mar. Div Saginaw Navy Reserve ADESINA FOUNDRIES 557th Maintenance Company 518th Combat Gun Truck Company (Prvisional) NAVSTA Mare Island,Ca.(White Mare) 226th Maintenance Co., Ft. Sill 549th Military Police Company, Ft. Gulick, Republic of Panama NAVICP Philadelphia NAF Washington DC 32nd Medical Depot (Vietnam) vietnam vets 3/26 Ground Defense Security Force, NAS North Island Personnelman A School 102 MAINTENANCE 102 MAINTENANCE 3rd Med Bn Army Ascaffenburg/Giebelstadt Germany PSD NAVSTA Charleston SC USN ATLANTIC SEABEE BAND USNA Company Marines NARF NAVY - NAS Jacksonville, FL 266th Military Police Company, Virginia Army National Guard A War hero is finally "at peace" NAS Agana Guam Naval Ship Repair Facility "SRF Yokosuka" USNA retired military faculty 1073rd National Guard REAR Maintenance Company Scabbard & Blade National Military Society 545th MP Platoon, Panama NATO AWACS Flying Squadron 1 U.S. Naval Reserve Center Jamestown N.Y. 61st Military Police Company Hanau Germany NAS Lemoore Ca. 203rd Recon Airplane Company "Hawkeyes" NAVELSF ANT Menasha (USCG) Naval Reserve Center Pittsfield, MA F Battery, 151st Field Artillery, MN ARNG NSA DaNang DABS 213th Aviation ASHC 3rd Battalion (Attack Reconnaissance), 3rd Aviation Regiment Naval Support Activity, DaNang USCGC Bernard C. Webber (WPC-1101) Navelsg Forward Bravo Company 3670th Maintenance Comapny U.S. Sea Cadets NAS Lemoore 2nd Louisiana Infantry (CSA) 586th Maintenance Company on facebook type in 586th Maint Co. in your seach bar 7 Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS) USCGC MACKINAC USCGC Owasco Vietnam "The Nas destroyers" 97th Signal 106th Division while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana 83rd Division while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana 28th Division while at Camp Atterbury, Indiana Marine Safety Detachmnet Massena tribute to the men and women of the 1st cavalry NC National Guard Drug Task Force D 2-10 Inf "Delta Dawgs" Ft.Leonardwood 881st Maintenance Co./8th Maint Bn Naval Hospital, Agana DONALD C HENRY Minnesota Army National Guard 15th Operational Weather Squadron 587th Signal Co Red Platoon Tay Ninh, Vietnam 316th Field Maintenance Squadron NAVAL COASTAL WARFARE SQUADRON 30 Office of Naval Advisor, Berlin North Carolina State University NESEPs naija4life26 battalion Caribou Vietnam DEP Daytona Beach, FL 521st Signal Company 40th Signal Battalion, 521st Signal Company 16th ORDINANCE BTL/61st ORDINANCE BRGD (CHARLIE COMPANY)ABERDENE PROOVING GROUNDS,MD. PSD Naples Italy PSD NAS CHASE FIELD BEEVILLE TX Mississippi Army National Guard ARNG Naval Special Warfare Group Four 39 Trans. Bn vietnam NAVSECGRUACT PEARL HARBOR WARRIORS 516th Signal Brigade Naval Ocean Processing Facility Whidbey Island, WA 608th Ordnance Company Battery A 6th of the 32nd Field Artillery, Vietnam O'Neill Naval History PSD NAS NORVA 16th Operational Support Sq Cryptologic Technician Maintenance navy hospital charleston Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC) Detachment Echo, Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart GE Naval Special Warfare SBT-12 Oregon airsoft Navy Seals AS-33's Final Chapter Evelyn and Edgar Hazardous Devices Division, Redstone Arsenal, AL Center For Naval Leadership Whidbey Island PSD NAS Jacksonville ORDNANCE military Okinawa 933rd Military Police-National Guard(Chicago) Marine Barracks NAS North Island, San Diego CA NANVET.GERONIMO ECHO BTRY 1/19 FA "WAR EAGLES" 4TH PLT "TERMINATORS" MCSF Co. NAS Bermuda WI 299th Signal Detachment Search 557 Lt Maintance Co Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam USS Guadalcanal lph-7 Navy Recruiting District - Seattle 549th Maintenance Company Marine Corps Museum of the Carolina's Vietnam Years NavComTelSta Yokosuka, Japan 2nd AMS/OMS Bomb/Nav 542nd Signal Company Naval Education Training and Support Center Pacific USS Tattnall DDG 19 personal contact DODSPECREP Vietnam 307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion NCHB-4 Carolina's Combat Stevedores 3/8 Guadalcanal/Tarawa/Saipan Hazardoous Devices Division, School Brigade, Redstone Arsenal, AL Sergeant J.A. Canals Fleet Air Photo Lab NAS Agana Guam Naval Guided Missiles School Dam Neck, Va Vietnam War Remains Identified Gysgt Shawn A Lane NAVFAC San Salvador, Bahamas Tribute to Karli Y. Hernandez National Guard An Air Force Career 1984-2004 NAVAL SUPPLY DEPOT / FISC: YOKOSUKA, JAPAN naval facilities guam U S Naval Submarine Facility U S Naval Submarine Facility,San Diego CA pensionari armata ro Navy Yoeman 515th Ordnance Company Navy Wife NAVAL CONSTUCTION WING 523rd Signal Bn. Reconinternation PSD Naples Italy NAF Detroit 21 (USAFE) Opperational Weather Squadron Standard Missle Facility, Naval Weapons Station: Yorktown, Va 51st Maintenance Squadron 2nd Avionics Maintenance Squadron 48th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Prince of Kona 17th Transportation Detachment (AAR) Boscomantico - Verona, Italy Bravo 440th Signal Co. 20th Ordnance Hohenfels 16 Maintenance Squadron , Eglin AFB 188th MP Company: DaNang 515th SIGNAL AIRCRAFT WARNING BATTALION NSF USNA Annapolis CA-35 Division, U.S.S. Idnianapolis, USNSCC Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles 5th Finance Section NAB Little Creek, Virginia 82nd Abn Avn Section 68-69 Tsgt Kevin A Broadnax Sr SSgt.Donald(Sam) Urquhart navhealthclinics uk New York Army National Guard 588th Signal Company (CS) 8th Ordnance Company, Germany Naval Justice School GERONIMO IN VIETNAM-1971-1972 Navy Cargo Handling and Port Group USARV(U.S. Army Vietnam) 90'-93' NAS Norfolk AIMD Work Center 74C 1034th Qm.Co, IA Army National Guard 38th Signal BN HOMELESS VIETNAM VETERAN 1968/1969 2LT Leonard M. Cowherd III 612 Air Intelligence Squadron Alumni Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, NAS Pensacola, FL Naval Technical Training Center Lackland 102nd Maintenance Company To All My Brothers In Arms 384th Avionics Maintenance Squadron 633rd Maintenance Squadron National Security Council Once a Corpsman Always a Corpsman Comm/nav/ops Naval Transmitter Facility, Moron Spain Glynn Academy Marine Corps JROTC 43 SPS 'D' Flight K-9 Andersen AFB, Guam 12th Reconnaissance Squadron The Final Pathfinder Magazine 102D Signal Battalion 9th engineer battalion chu lia vietnam (usmc) NAS Norfolk AIMD 640 Multinational Forces & Observers, Sinai, Egypt Kilo 3/7 Vietnam 589th Engrs D Co. 69-70 nam 1 st tour AM2 FLOYD GAMBLE WWII NAVY EXPERIENCE RED LEGGS OF VIET NAM 60-73 select a name 154th Signal Bn. 201st Signal Company Naval Disciplinary Command, Portsmouth New Hampshire The Old Man and the Sea In an Army of one 69th Signal Company - "The Zoo" 270th Signal Company NSA Package POL hill 33 Danang Vietnam NAVAL TRAINING CENTER ORLANDO UNIT 049 53 Military Airlift Squadron Norton AFB Blackjacks HQ Battery Regimental FDC 11th Marines Vietnam 65-71 Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center Savannah, Ga 126th Signal Battalion assoc. 23rd aircraft maintenance unit NMCB-22 San Antonio Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 8, Delta Company X Division AD 37 NANVET-GERONIMO 818th Maintenance Company Naval Station Panama Canal Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa VFW Post 7545 (Tonawanda, NY) VFW Post 7545 (Tonawanda, NY) Signal Corps NAVSECGRUACT/NAVRADRECFAC SABANA SECA PUERTO RICO Marine Corps Air Station MCAS Yuma, Arizona Earth Movers PLT 62 Engrs B Co and 69 Engrs B CO 20 th ENGINEER BRIGADE VIETNAM D Company, 304th Signal Battalion US Navy WW2 58th Maintenance Company one of the original Katterbach Krispy Kritters NAVY/ARMY 710th Explosive Ordnance Detachment Oregon airsoft Navy Seals USCGC Nantucket (WPB 1316) The First Years Naval Guided Missiles School, Dam Neck, VA Naval Air Reserve Whidbey Navy Reserve Recruiters' Page 49 AMS Holloman AFB, New Mexico USA NATO AFSOUTH BATTALION 5th Air Force, 1956th Communications Group, Detachment 2, Funabashi Transmitter Station Naval Order of the United States - NYC Kevin and Nicole USS Donald B Beary RSSA Regional Supply Support Activity COMPANY B (BB), 560TH SIGNAL BATTALION HSL-33 SOCNAV US NAVY .. For all who died of radiation Navy Recruiting District Minneapolis 49TH AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE SQUADRON 1/24 Marines/ Bravo C.O. Saginaw M.I. Late '70s Signal Gang Crash Crew NAS Alameda in the 1960 NAADUC Vietnam Vets Helping Hands NAS DALLAS 21st Ordnance Company (EOD) Finance Personnel ANAKBAYAN 3/7TH SFGA Panama Operational Medical Support shenandoah 44 the bear is back Drug Enforcement Adminastration 792nd Radar Sq (ADC) North Charleson AFS, SC Navy Reserve Forces Jarhead Journal 8th Ordnance Company-Ft. Bragg Personal Statement 596 Signal Co. Donald Fox Navsuppact Saigon Veterans Honoring all FMF Corpsmen killed in Viet Nam NSA Catlo Vietnam Navy Dental Technicians U. S. Naval Support Activity/Public Works DaNang VietNam U.S. NAVAL DENTAL CLINIC YOKOSUKA (FAR EAST) Marine Maintenance Activity Vietnam MMAV 50th Signal Bn (AIRBORNE) NAVY SEALs 767th Ordnance Company (EOD) Naval Reserve Center Seattle, Wa 557th Maintenance Co Aschaffenburg Philadelphia Naval Shipyard Company "C" 25th Signal Battalion, K-Town 74th Signal Company 268th Signal Co. (Const.) Ft. Devens,MA/Ft Bragg,NC Original HS-7 Dippers 147th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) The Original Series Fort Leonard Wood Marines 544th intelligence analysis squadron (544 artw) 364th Sustainment Command Expeditionary C Team, 35th United States Army Artillery Detachment, 5th Artillery Group, 59th Ordnance Brigade U.S. Navy Lyas, Malinda R 158th Finance Battalion 483rd Air Police Squadron Ashiya Japan Marine Corps Securtiy Forces Company Naples, Italy DaNang VietNam 71-72 2nd Battalion, 334th Regiment, 9th Brigade, 100th Division (Institutional Training) Navfac Keflavik Naval Air Station Deland, FL Naval School of Health Sciences: Bethesda, MD marine barracks, norfolk naval air station 1949-1951 53rd Signal Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron Four 368th Engineering Battalion A Company Reserves In Memory of Donald E Green Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron 21 Naval Aviation Depot, Jacksonville Fl 791 EAES, Ramstein AB, Germany Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center Raliegh, NC Bosnaea Naval Auxilary Landing Field San Clemente Island, Ca. Ft.Devens and Viet Nam , NAVSTA EVERETT SECURITY DEPARTMENT OHIO NAVAL MILITIA HQ USADCJ, Sagami Depot Japan APO 96343 Hugh Purvis Reunion Association Rhein Main Air Base Kadena Air Force Base, May 1975 Naval District Washington (NDW) The DaNang Press Center (CIB) U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility, Philippines CNATT DET POINT MUGU u.s.nationalguard kickin ass and taking names 1ST CAV 11TH AIR ASSAULT (NAM 65) NAVAL STATION SECURITY DETACHMENT GUAM, MI CNATT DETACHMENT LAKEHURST Oklahoma Army National Guard Units Signalman A Dying breed 263rd Maintenance Company Headquaters and Maintenance Squadron 15 57th FIS: NAS Keflavik National Imagery and Mapping Agency Atsugi/Yokosuka AT "A" School NATTC Memphis 557th Maintenance Co. Naval Reserve Center, Santa Barbara Naval Reserves ANGB Selfridge, MI uss nashville LAID BACK KICKIN IT AND ENJOY THE RIDE "SOUTH CAROLINA FINEST" 664th Ordnance Co. Provisional Security Plt., 1st FAST Co. andersen afb guam 54th signal avn. section TN ARNG Naval Control of Shipping Office, NCSO Bahrain 1st Brigade Indiana Guard Reserves Naval Security Group, Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colorado AME "A" School NATTC Memphis 1968 NAVSCHOOLEOD Navy ROTC Missing in Action - IRAQ Two Personal PresentsFrom General Ratko Mladic, US ARMY OKINAWA Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC) 67th signal batt 1980-1985 To all of thewmen and women oversea's Viper Ordnance HMLA-169 100th Infantry Division Assoc. National Security Council NavSta Panama Canal Security U.S.S. BRINKLEY BASS DD-887 OPERATIONAL HISTORY US Navy & Air Force Retired 24th Ordnance UNIDADES CUBANAS Naval Air Station Joint Resevre Base (NASJRB) New Orleans Navy Recruting Station Marion, IN NAVY RECRUITING DISTRICT - RALEIGH 233rd Transportation Company, (Heavy Truck) Vietnam HHB 5th Infantry Division Artillery (DivArty) HHC 35th Signal Brigade Airborne 598th Maintenance Company 24th Maintenance Squadron USAF, Wiesbaden Air Base, Germany My Meeting the Iranian Ambassador National Blue Beret / Hawk Mountain Ranger- CAP Basic training 1981 Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo E-4-4 100th Infantry Division Association Tri-State Navy Chiefs Association FAAOLANT NAS NORFOLK, VA COMUSNAVCENT 230th Finance Company B Battery 1/21st Artillery, Vietnam 1970 & 1971 1-155th Infantry Battalion, Mississippi Army National Guard Glynn Acaemy Marine Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Hahn AFB (50th ASUPS) Branch Medical Clinic Naval Air Station Alameda Det 2, 3rd Radio Research Unit - 405th USASA Det located Bien Hoa, Republic of Vietnam RSP National HQ Btry. 13th FA - Sheridan -Augsburg 26th Operational Weather Squadron NAS Miramar AIMD (75-78) Naval Recruiting Stations, Southgate, Michigan navmarresredcen houston tx Maritime Expeditionary Security Detachment Foxtrot Naval Weather Service Cincinnati CNATTU Whidbey Island Washington NASOC 402nd MXW Aircraft Maintenance Wing 1st Ordnance Support Maintenance Company 184th Ordance vietnam 71-72 62nd Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS) Navy Recruiting District Chicago South Carolina State Guard - 3rd Brigade 1st Lieutenant Philip J. Simonetti Keesler KatrinaFest Programming 101 Vung Ro Bay 261st signal co spt. MP OSUT Ft McClellan, "Charlie" Co, 10th BN Aug '78 27th Aircraft Maintenance Unit Brothers of the 1/12thCav.Vietnam 1971-1973 NAVELSF FORWARD OSCAR Basic, D-1-3, Ft.Leonard Wood, 07/06/64 to 08/27/64 Naval Air Station New York/Floyd Bennett Field Learn About More Then Life 237th Engineer Company VA National Guard FULL TIME SUPPORT MANAGEMENT CENTER (FTSMC) 14th Maintenance Co. The National Museum of the U.S. Army NAF SIGONELLA SICILY CNATTU Lemoore, CA 548th LMC Tay Ninh Vietnam PERSUPPDET NAVAL STATION NORFOLK USS FULTON AS-11 ANAKBAYAN SAN CARLOS CITY navy consideration 11th Radio Research Unit - Co. B, 313th USASA BN located Di An, Republic of Vietnam Navy Daughter USCG Station Apra Harbor USCGC Narwhal (WPB-87335) 207TH REGIONAL SUPPORT GROUP D Co. 1-48 Inf. 3rd Plt. Ft.Leonard Wood 317th ENGR BN ADM(Atomic Demolition Munition) 578th Signal Company 516th Maintenance Co. 3/43 ADA BN 11th Brigade SIMA, Mayport Naval Station Florida Royal Regina Rifles Aquanaut Navcomsta Newport - Sachuest Point Receiver Site NAVCOMSTA, ADAK,AL University of Arizona NROTC Minefield Maintenace Signal Battilion ba-na-way 78th Security Police Squadron, Hamilton AFB, CA 1st Ranger Company (Eglin AFB) MCSF Co NAS Alameda BSSG Maintenance Co. 1st MAR BDE 107th Maint Company Army National Guard Sparta WI 4th Force Reconnaisance Naval Special Warfare Command OMD NAVAL STATION ROTA SPAIN A Troop, 4/12th Cavalry, 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech.), Vietnam Lena 317th Combat Support Group, Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina 18th Airborne Corps Headquarters, Fort Bragg, North Carolina National League of POW/MIA Families Personal tribute Naval Dental Center Orlando VFW Post 12046 Marianna Florida 3rd NCB Danang RVN 67-68 Naval Aviation Depot, Norfolk Va COMSUBGRU8 - Naples, Italy Texas Readiness Sustainment Maintenance Site 39th Maintenance Group A co 4-112 AR Where the real men are. 8th infantry division finance company baumholder germany 34th Engineer Group HHC Company Binh Thuy Vietnam 145th RTI (Regional Training Institute) 55th Signal Company 169th Signal Company International Society of Dysfunctional Veterans Indiana National Guard 38th INF DIV G2 Guardian Angel Vietnam Communicators MY NAVY PAGE 107th Finance VP-30 Centennial of Naval Aviation Event 320th Ordnance Battalion, USAR NAVIMFAC PACNORWEST Cherocreek Nation Delta Unit Police Special Operations Unit AK "A" SCHOOL NATTC MEMPHIS, TN 52nd Engineer Team (Design and Survey) 4th Reconnaissance Battalion D Company 20TH Naval Construction Regiment/20TH NCR SRG TACRON 13 NAB Coronado, CA 870th Maintenance Co. Supply Company 1st USA Support Bn/Sinai, Egypt (North Camp) 83rd Ordnance Company Long Binh, Vietnam - 1972 3d Armor Divsiion Artillery (Hanau German) 437th Combat Support Group, Charleston Air Force Base, Charleston, South Carolina 1833rd Electronic Installation Squadron, McClellan AFB, CA 4th Allied Tactical Air Force (ATAF - NATO) USS MAUNA KEA AE-22 ORDNANCE Naval Facility San Nicolas Island navy nurse Welcome to Jah-Nay page B Company 1967-1968 Vietnam Vestal Navy DEP 1903rd Communications Sq, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Professional Loadmaster Association Naval Hospital 29 Palms 48th Maintenance Co Men of the 1st/28th Inf, 1st ID, Vietnam 546 Maintenance Battalion Military Spouses with Financial Peace 944th Maintenance Group naval facility adak ak 1-2 ADA Ft. Polk Louisana Nijmegen International Marches Hanau Health Clinic U.S. Navy Test Parachutists HQ, A, B Companies 143rd Signal Battallion HQS, 153rd Finance Battalion Chaplain Assistant Naval Support Force Antarctica An Army Broadcasting Career Southeastern Louisiana University ARMY ROTC Naval Special Warfare Unit 2 Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 14 134th Evacuation Hospital, Mississippi Army National Guard, Jackson, MS U.S. Navy SEALs Signal Corp and Security personnel My Navy days Creek Defender/USAFE Regional Training Center 356th Aircraft Maintenance Unit USS AMPHION AR-13 Scheider National Military Veterans Navy Recruiting District Cleveland USS Chewaucan AOG-50 Homepage 1st Plt 2nd FAST Co (Narobi, Kenya August 7, 1998) Chappys Navy 209th Regional Support Group US Navy Construction Battalion 15 MSG Donald 'Don' C. Heath Navy Operational Support Center Lubbock, TX Lincoln Arkansas USS ACADIA OPS/NAV Ballte for Bridge in Veitnam Adventure in Ansbach Germany C118 Crew / NAS Keflavik NAVSUBSCOL GROTON, RM TRAINING The Nasty Coastal Surveillance Center: Qui Nhon, Republic of Viet Nam 7th Communications Battallion, III MEF, Okinawa, Japan VMF-VMF(AW)/VMFA-115 Reunion Association 41st ORDNANCE BATTALION STRATCOM-Okinawa (Okinawa Signal) Naval Station Great Lakes NAMTD 23 COMNAVACTUK 118th Maintenance Company 78th Ordnance Detachment My Units in Vietnam NAVY PRAYER ROOM 134th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH), Mississippi Army National Guard, Jackson, MS US Navy Combat Search and Rescue Martin Army Hospital, FT. Benning, Columbus, GA Base of The Pyramid! 24th Ordnance Company!HAAF, GA III Marine Expeditionary Force Band 684th. AC&W Squadron Mt. Lemmon Az. 292 CSB, Fort Allen, Juana Diaz PR Thanks to more than a friend; but a hero Naval Recruit Division 221 Sepulveda Air National Guard Station B Co. 440th Signal Battalion ORDNANCE SOLDIERS Rattlesnakes 583rd Ordnance Company/570th USAAG Naval Hospital Keflavik Icleand 547th Ordnance, Fontenet France 245th Maintenance Commander Naval Special Warfare Operational Support Group Unit 20051William Penn AFJROTC 1st Field Force Vietnam (IFFV) Headquarters Ferdinandwalters Guadaledian Liberation Army A Tribute to those I met during my naval years NAS JRB Willow Grove, PA Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 16 Marine Barracks Naples Italy Mike Btry 155MM M109SP's Vietnam Naval Hospital - Rota Spain 25th Naval Construction Regiment 1st Battalion (Attack Reconnaissance), 1st Aviation Regiment 17th Indiana Infantry Regiment (Mounted) Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX Air Traffic Control Facility An American Hero Vietnam 3BN 11 Marines info page 2Nd Bn 7th MARINES 66-67 VIET NAM Sgt. Dennis Flanagan USAF Officer Training School Staff, Medina Base, Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX APL-30 Vietnam old navy deck apes A Btry, 2 Bat/4th Arty, 9th Inf Div, Vietnam Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps 416th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Marine Corps Vietnam Tankers Historical Foundation Co. A 1/54 Bn. Inf "Poison Alpha" "First In-Last Out" Charlie Company 75th Airborne Rangers (Vietnam) NAS Whidbey Island Weapons Department Wiesbaden AB 3/28 Inf USMC Vietnam Memories Jonathan Recco Panama Tour US Navy Personnelmen (PN) FRENCH INDO-CHINA WAR 1882-1883 Navy Recruiting District Ohio 307th Maintenance Company 747th Military Intelligence Battalion (Field Station Panama) Navy Seals ZP 2 NAS Glynco, Georgia Naval Reserve Unit, ONI - 0397, War College, Newport, RI U.S.Navy YMP-1 NAVSHIPREPFAC Subic Bay NAVELSF Customs Batallion Papa - Charlie Company Central Finance & Accounting Office Long Binh Viet Nam NAVDET RAMASUN THAILAND 313th Signal Company Fleet Air Supprt Unit, Danang RVN NATIONAL SEARCH AND RESCUE SCHOOL D troop 3rd squad 5th Cav 9th infantry div. Viet Nam 19689th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Beale Air Force Base, Calif. 565th Ordnance Company Vietnam Land Clearing Association Force Reconnaissance Special Ops,1st Battalion,1st Regiment US Navy Officer Candidate School Year Group 2010 NATO RCVW-4/CLAW-1 NAS Cecil Field 24th Maintenance Squadron 77-78 Okinawa Marine Rick Morrow's viet nam experience Women Army Corp United Nations Command Honor Guard Company Indiana State University Army ROTC 75th Aircraft Maintainance Unit Navy Recruiting District Montgomery, Alabama C. Co. 782nd Maintenance Battalion 2145th GSU Military Police Section Nashville, TN Division Artillery (Divarty), 25th ID 189th Regiment - Oklahoma Regional Training Institute USS DONALD B. BEARY FF1085 Navy Enlisted Education Advancement Program (EEAP) Guadaledian Expeditionary Command personal unit Multinational Security Transition Command - Iraq Men of the USS Napa Ronald Lippman USAF '68-'72 392 Signal Battalion (ITSB) 1st Battalion, 82nd Aviation Regiment (Attack Reconnaissance USS GRAND CANYON AD28 836th Air Division Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, AZ 841st Missile Security Squadron, Malmstrom AFB, Montana Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico 483rd Air Police Squadron Ashiya Naval Medical Center San Diego Cherocreek Nation Delta Unit Pice Special Operations Unit Naval Space Surveillance Center/Naval Space Command Naval Reserve Recruiting Command Det 3 USNSCC Forrestal Squadron, NAS Dallas TX Naval Special Warfare Group Three Det 1 665th Maintenance Co. Harker Heights and Killeen Texas National Association of Black Veterans NAS Sigonella Security Department Naval Hospital, Lemoore, CA 85 Security Forces Squadron, Keflavik NAS, Iceland 6th Aviation Airlift Platoon VC 5 ; Composite Squadron 5 - Naha, Okinawa 2143rd Maintenance Battalion 3rd Military Police Battalion (Provisional) NAS Oceana Weapons Dept 440th Signal BN, ELM Shop USS Donald B. Beary (FF-1085) NASU Iwakuni Japan JayYana 363 Tactical Reconnaissance Wing Naval Dental Center midlant Navy Cargo Handling Battallion 11 U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility, Guam LOUISIANA PROUD AMERICAN 919th Maintenance Group (AFRC, AFSOC) Donald D. Dodds Sharm El Shiek, Military Hospital; U.N. Sinai Peacekeeping Force US Naval Sea Cadets, ABRAHAM LINCOLN DIVISION Naval Hospital Okinawa NR COMNAVSURFLANT Ramona High NJROTC 502d SIGNAL REGIMENT SPECIAL OPERATIONAL DETACHMENT A-2046 USCG Aeronautical Engineering Class of 2006 196th Signal Photo Company - Italy 1944-1945 Fallen Angels NAS Norfolk Weapons Department Forced Fun At Fort Polk Coronado Battalion Company A - 147th Signal Batallion Signal/Communications Naval Hospital Orlando Florida 91st Bombardment Wing (H)(SAC) Glasgow Montana G-Division Aviation Ordance nick name Candyman 196266 69th Signal 69th Signal Co (photo) 84th Ordnance Company, Waegwan ROK MSD Panama City (USCG) 3960th BW/SAW-SAC, Andersen AFB,Guam 45th Finance (Section) Center 1111th Signal Battalion NAS Cecil Field Aviation Supply Navy Information Operations Command San Diego USS Wenatchee (ATF 118) 57th Signal Company Naval Career Naval Station Key West 123RD SIGNAL BN 103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command US Army Strategic Communications Command-Europe Signal Group/Mediterranean 620th Tactical Control Squadron and Detachments 61 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron "B" Company 2nd/8th Vietnam Navy Recruiting Station Ukiah NATTU Class 635 NAS Pensacola 625th MASS Torrejon AB, Spain EHS NAVEAL JROTC NAMTD 1010 Willow Grove PA NAZI dwarf Law Enforcement Company/Regional Corrections Facility, Fort Sill Marine Recruiting Station Albuquerque, NM marine barracks puerto rico (sabana Seca) Supply Department, US NavSta, Rota, Spain SGT Davoli's Final Tour Of Duty 504th MPBNA 61st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron U S NAVY RESERVE NPS ATLANTA Vietnam 1st Tour University of Washington AROTC National Marine Corps League Homepage Naval Station: Brooklyn , New York Navy Operational Support Center, Tulsa COMNAVAIRESFOR, New Orleans, La. 38th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company From the Heart of an Artist Quiet Storm Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) 100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Chief Of Naval Education & Training Gerena1 Retired Defense Threat Reduction Agency USS Philippine Sea - looking for old navy buddies or friends from Shepherd, TX Medical Staff Support U. S. Naval Academy 557 Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron United States Army Signal Activity Naval Air Reserve Point Mugu 267th Chemical Co, Okinawa 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Attack Reconnaissance) 25th infantry vietnam dec 1966 Aerographer's Mate (Navy Weather) 90th Orgazational Missile Maintenance Squadron 226 Signal Company NAVFAC San Nicholas Island Torrejon Spain All Years A 228th Aviation ASHB 35th Division Artillery Navy Recruiting District New Orleans Black Vietnam Veterans US Navy Construction Battalion 74 Michael Mikolayunas RI National Guard Retirees Association Arizona State University AFROTC Det 025 USS Fulton AS-11 Headquarters Company Headquarters Command Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. 585th Maintenance Co (LE), 2nd Logistics Command - Machinato, Okinawa Vietnam Veteran's Wife Fort Leonardwood, Missouri 37th Medical Co Viet Nam Naval Weapons Facility Detachment, Machrihanish, Scotland Aroura National Gaurd Naval Reserve Center, Spartanburg, SC 35TH SIGNAL BATTALION Naval Supply Corp School Athens, GA. uscgc escanaba U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corp veitnam navy &marine aircrew 25th Infantry, 3rd Bde. Vietnam 1966-1968 80th Division (Institutional Training) PROFFESSIONAL ADMINASTRATORS Vietnam Army Combat Medic Austin A-Team (The General Squad) 1st Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) NavAeroRecovFac, El Centro,CA - OPS Department camp lejuene vieques okinawa 65-69 Cruiser Indianapolis CA-35 Division 440th Signal Bn - Darmstadt Germany 508th Maintenance Detachment 542d Maintenance Co (FWD) (DS) C-Company 724th Maintenance Battalion 812th Engineer Battalion Aviation G2 Shop, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) To the Men and Women of the 3rd NAVCENTCOM DET AFGHAN 4th Reconnaissance Battalion Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility Philadelphia, Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard, Phila, Pa Carolinas LST State Chapter AN ARMY OF ONE Naval Special Clearance Team 1 (NSCT1) 4/6 Infantry in Panama Naval Air Station Glynco, Georgia Marine Barracks - Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA 7310th Air Police Squadron, Rhein Main AB, Germany FAO Berlin (Finance & Accounting) WWMCCS ADP Management Division, J-3, Operations Directorate, JCS, The Pentagon Naval Reserve Naval Hospital 1302 Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn NY 88th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment US Naval Aviation 377 FOL Det1 Bien Hoa AFB Vietnam 401st CES Fire Department Torrejon AB Spain MB Det NAS Moffett Field 1962 Communications Group, Kadena AB, Okinawa Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (API) PV STEVEN A SALINAS Theater Aviation Sustainment Maintenance – Europe SURVIVERS OF NAM 93rd Avionics Maintenance Squadron 146th MP Road Platoon - Phu Bai, Viet Nam 506 Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron UNITED STATES NAVY 49th Ordnance Company, 541st Maintenance Bn Fort Riley, KS 2146 Communications Gp. Osan AB Korea Kansas Vietnam Veterans & Family Reunion 3rd Maintenance Company (CSC) Recruit Company Commander Naval Training Center San Diego Ca Naval Facility Point Sur, California LRRP Units & 75th Ranger Companies Of The Vietnam War My Patrol Squadron 5 (NAS JAX) 523rd signal bn Hq Company A tribute to the Men and women of the 1st Armored Division USS Georgetown AGTR-2 USS Savannah AOR-4 (1979 to 1982) 422nd Medical Detachment (Veterinary Service) HQ & HQ Battery, 115th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, Miss. Army National Guard, Jackson, MS 89th Regional Readiness Command Gordon Regional Security Operations Center USS Eisenhower-Signalmen 20th TASS - Vietnam NAS Kingsville, Texas 167th Signal Company Naval Hospital Camp Lejuene Navy pilot 30th Ordnance Detachment 24th signal Bn Ray Rightmer, VietNam Era Vet. SM-ALC, LIAAL, McClellan AFB, CA 25 sig bn a co doninicon republic USFK - Yongsan and Area II Support Activity Naval Facility (NavFac) Bermuda A Co 3 BN 156 INF (Mech) 256th Infantry Brigade Louisiana National Guard U S Navy Sea Bee Navy Law and Order Det.-Kuwait U S NAVY SEA CADETS 3/11 HQ. Naval Gunfire 1989-1993 341 Field Missile Maintenance Squadron DET 2 ELMACO - Indianapolis, IN Marine Barracks NAS Jacksonville Detachment 191st. Ordnance Bn. AIMD NAS Barbers Point 213th signal detachment QUIANAS PAGE USS MERRICK AKA 97 AT WAR VIET NAM 1965 DC Army National Guard NAWMU-1 25th signal battalion Co B karlsruhe germany MCBJ/III MEF Information Assurance 36th Security Police/Forces Squadron, Andersen AFB, Guam 28th Organizational Maintenance Squadron vietnam 2nd bn 3rd marines 1st division University of Montana Grizzly ROTC Battalion 962D ordnance company NAVMARCORESCEN SOUTH BEND, IN 4th Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) COMNAVSURFGROUPLA-NAVSTASECDET Long Beach, Calif HQ US Army Garrision Okinawa, Japan Naval Link Station, Mt. Santa Rita, Philippines COMBAT ENGINEERS 2/8 GRENADA-BIERUT 440th Signal Battalion Alumni Naval Hospital / Medical Center Cherry Point, NC NASNI AIMD NARMC Branch Clinic NAS Pensacola FL US Army National Guard Chaplain's Corps NAS Jax Comissary Store Fire Directional Controlman 1/11 First Army ROTC, St Bonaventure University 535th signal battalion Naval School of Health Sciences Class 92100 Navy Operational Support Center Point Mugu Tactical Support Center North Island (PATRECONFORPACDET NASNI) F.E. Warren AFB, 89th Security Police Squadron 534 orient express vietnam MCRD Parris Island 1stBN A Co Plt 1000 Oct 90-Jan91 37TH ARRS DANANG Operational Health Support Unit Great Lakes (OHSU) 262nd Maintenance Company 2nd Batallion, 6th Field Artillery Unit, 3rd Arm. Div., Hanau,Germany 324th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Two Naval Intelligence and Security Force Commander Navy Region Northwest Regional Medical Center, Clark NCOA Signal Regimental BNCOC/ANCOC Navy Recruiting District Omaha Nara Naval Recruiting District San Diego 1903 Communications Sq. Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ Moron AB, Spain 7th Signal Command (Theater) CRIMINAL INVESTAGATIONS DIVISON 52nd North Carolina Infantry (CSA) Cu Chi, Vietnam USS Okinawa LPH 3 1968-1970 B co. 44th Signal Bn - Heilbronn West Germany 16th FIS Okinawa NAU Clarksville, Tennessee NATO CC-Air HQ Izmir (AIRSOUTH) 606th ordinance co. Mobile Riverine Force, Vietnam COMMANDER NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE GROUP 3 US Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Three 600 Photo Squadron - Vietnam BOOTCAMP COMPANY C004 AT NAVAL TRAINING CENTER, ORLANDO, FLORIDA 141st Signal at Fort Hood 2nd FSSG, Ordnance Maintenance Company (OMC), Infantry Weapons (IW) Shop, Camp Lejeune, NC NR Naval Security Force, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division 256th. Signal Co. (SPT) Verdun, France Naval Aviation Schools Command, Pensacola, Florida 556th Signal Company Marrine Barracks NAS Moffett Field Air Force ROTC Detachment 772, Baptist College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE CENTER USS ORION (AS-18) Homeport: La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy (Decommissioned) Navy Overseas Air Cargo Terminal, Rota, Spain Signal Corp: Voice for the Warfighter 1835th E.I.S.,Norton AFB Navy Broadcasting Det. Diego Garcia, BIOT Naval Hospital vietnam vetearns of amercia chapter 862 beaver cou Naval Security Group Command Detatchment, Potomac: Washington, DC NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION TWO SEVEN 55th Maintenance Squadron Navy Unit Band 11, 1060 - 1963 Marine Corps Brig Okinawa 452 MAINTENANCE SQUADRON K-Troop 3/2 ACR while in Amberg Germany. Big Red One Vietnam 1968-1969 US Navy Personnelmen David Ronald Sala (1952-2006) NAMTRAGRUDET 1066 U.S. Navy Flying Rifles 1985-1986 Navy MK48 ADCAP Intermediate Maintenance Facility Hawaii MP Detachment, MWHS47, USNAS Minneapolis, MN HHC 1-102 INF Reconnaissance Platoon Naval Investigative Service HQ U.S. Navy Marksmanship Team Coastal Surveillance Center: Vung Tau, Republic of Viet Nam 568th Signal Company 440th Signal Bn. Air Force wanna be Naval Facility,Bermuda 1st Marine Division and BLT1/3 K-Bay Iranian- Afghanistan Contingency 6200 Consolidated Acft.Maintenance Sqd/Base Flight 2nd Logistical Command Okinawa MCBJ Information Assurance COMPANY C "CHARLIE" 560th SIGNAL BN Chu Lai/Da Nang/Iwakuni, 68-71 1969 VIET NAM ERA PATOON # 3145 Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Branch Medical Clinics 8th Inf. Div. Finance Co 1972-1975 2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment, DUST OFF National Gaurd Rocks! station ship Da Nang 366th security police sq. Danang Pride in Being Professional Air Force Combat Photo Vietnam HHC 724th Ordenance Main.Bn.---KOREA 1957-1958 Marine Barracks, Naval Weapons Station, Charleston , ( GOOSE CREEK } S.C. U.S.Navy School of Music Special Security Detachment-Picatinny Arsenal, NJ Company ' C ' 1st Med Bn Vietnam An American Soldier Navy Manpower Analysis Center Occupational Therapy MGMC Who Sunk An Amtrack? 1075th Maintenanace Company (NG) United States Navy NAMTD 1008 NAS Miramar 5th Signal AFTAC TOD McClellan AFB, CA Hq USArmy, Viet Nam 316th Field Maintenance Squadron (MAC) Naval Reserve Center, Port Hueneme 341 Organizational Missile Maintenance Squadron Naval Coastal Warfare Group 1, ESD 133, Team Golf Naval Operation Logistics Support Center Cannon AFB Ammo seenathiqbal 211th Regiment - Regional Training Institute-Florida National Air and Space Intelligence Center NATTC - Jacksonville, Florida Co A, Combat Engineers, 50th Brigade Special Troops Battalion, NJ Army National Guard TO AL RED HORSE MEMBERS THEN AND NOW NAVY BOOTCAMP: DIVISION #371 Yr. 2000 USS JOHN A. MOORE FFG-19 REUNION FASRON 104 NAS Norfork Va. MARINE AVIATION - Viet Nam Era National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda MD Navy Recriting District Buffalo, NY USS Wainwright CG -28 looking for old navy buddies or friends from Shepherd, TX 326TH HHC ENGINEER BATTALION VIETNAM 1968 1969 Marianna VFW Post 12046 Florida National Guard Counterdrug Program Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Data Management Agency 101st Geranamo Naval Sea Cadet Corps: Firelands Division 343rd SPS Eielson AFB, AK US Navy Customs BN-Delta Company-Balad 833rd Transportation Sq. Holloman AFB CUBA-NAM ERA HISTORY walker killed in action Personal CNATTU Oceana 1st Cav. in Nam Pleiku, Vietnam U S Navy 237th Air Traffic Control Flight (MN ANG) My Signal Cincusnaveur London England US Navy Flying Rifles Drill Team Naval Hospital Rota Spain NAVELSG Navy Customs Battalion Quebec 1st 75th Ranger Battalion Alumni 57th Signal Co wannabe snipers Navy Cargo Handling Battalion-9 U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 18 20th Maintainance Group Naval School Of Health Sciences Portsmonth Va VIETNAM HHD 62nd Medical Group, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, Rheinland Pfalz 311th Signal Command (Theater) 1st signal brigade phulam vietnam Signal Helping Out MI NavFac Whidby Island MCSFCO NASNI 9th Engineer Support Battalion Alpha Company TUGS OF THE NAVY 4133d Bomb Wing (Provisional) us navy boat docks cherry point 94th Maintenance Company Cu Chi, Vietnam 3rd Brigade (Coastal), South Carolina State Guard B Co, 708th Transportation Maintenance (Aviation) CNATTU-Jacksonville The SignalBridge Members of Co. B 127th Signal Bn. A True and Dedicated Naval Officer coast Guard Division 11 Squdron 1 Vietnam 341 Missle Maintenance Squadron, MAFB A Marine in Vietnam 513th field maintenance squadron nas pensacola crashcrew The Maintenance Team Law Enforcement Activity (LEA) Ft Leonard Wood Naval Radio And Communications Facility: Charleston, S.C. 8th Signal Bn uscgc mackinaw wlbb 30 Hospital Corpsman and 8404 USS Coronado AGF-11 Air Dept. 509th Maintenance Squadron Co. C, 35th Engr. Bn. Viet-Nam 82nd Signal Battalion- A Company 1/502nd Military Police Company (Nasty Boys) 300th MP Company, Ft Leonard Wood 308th Field Signal Battalion Air Weather Reconnaissance Association (AWRA) 124th Signal Bn- 4th Inf Div 232nd Sig Co (combat Support) Cong Li, Vietnam 459th Sig Bn memories of Viet Nam 1110th Balloon Activity Squadron DET PRP SMYRNA, GA STS1/SS Joel R. Hernandez Rebuild New Orleans Louisiana INDIANA NATIONAL GUARD 578th LEM CO Phu Bai Vietnam Engineman A School HHD 552 USAAG 59th Ordnance Brigade 3447th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Frank A. Stanaitis,ra12881522 HECP Danang ( Harbor Entrance Control Post ) Marine Corps Information Assurance USS Nassau V-3 Division 79th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion 196th Signal Photo Company - Italy 1944-45 1/1 cav B nam GHOST RECON NAVY SEAL SQUAD 588th maintenance company VietUSNavy the original golden dragons US Naval Annex Bermuda Navy & Marine Corp Reserve Center, Washington DC 269thSignalCompany della Laster(Leonard) Navy Band Guam TO THE VIETNAM VET D-1-3, (BT), Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Naval Station Mayport Security 94th Maintenance Company (GS) 8111th Army Unit (Okinawa Signal) 3rd Amtrac Battalion Vietnam 1967 in Action Company C 230th Signal Battalion 363rd Explosive Ordnance Company MCSF Concord Naval Weapon Station 90-93 9th Field Maintenance Squadron U.S. NAVY INFANTRY MY NAVY DAD Navy Region Northwest 3rd BDE 82nd Airborne Div. Vietnam (Golden Brigade) 7206 AIR BASE GROUP HELLENIKON AIR BASE, ATHENS, GREECE 1st Battalion (Reconnaissance), 82nd Aviation Regiment 28th Orginizational Maintenance Squadron Naval Special Warfare Unit 2 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit Eleven 176 Signal Company Combat Engineers in 3rd LSB 3rd FSSG Okinawa Army Battlefield Spectrum Managers Tyreema's Navy World C.CO 16TH ORD BN ABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDS,MD NASTY Commander Naval Surface Group, Long Beach, California donna NSA Da Nang Fire Department 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron Personal / Friends 8th Army Battlefield Coordination Detachment 797th Ordnance Company A Battery, 4th BN, 333rd FA 'North Judson, Indiana' A & B Battery 5th bn 27th Artillery, Vietnam 549 TH MP CO PANAMA Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization (DES) US Naval Forces, London UK MFO 48 Sinai, Egypt Task Force Habiant Swift Boats PCF Viet Nam 59th QUARTERMASTER FIELD MAINTENANCE COMPANY All personell from Mcnair between 1986-1990 Cheyenne Mountain AFS Donald Laurin ZP 3 LTA NAS Glynco 91st Armament & Electronics Maintenance Squadron, Glasgow AFB, MT 55th Regiment of the North Carolina Emergency Reserves 4th Tng Bde Fort Leonard Wood MO Defense Systems Management College Panama Invasion Marines and 1987 - 1990 3rd Ordnance Battalion USAF Educational Development Center - Maxwell AFB AL My Brother in Arms Special Troops, Ft Leonard Wood, MO my time in nam US Navy (The Worlds Greatest) Great Lakes Naval Hospital THE NAVY US Army Hospital Camp Kue Okinawa 321st Signal Battallion VII Corps 6th MEDSOM (Medical Supply Optical & Maintenance) US Naval Security Station Wash DC US Navy Customs Battalion PAPA Bravo Company Uss San Bernardino LST 1189 An Airman' Journey 335th Signal Command (Theater) Idaho Falls Navy DEP VF-171, NAS OCEANA .VA Navy DEP Recruits Alpha Anaconda "BOBCATS IN VIET-NAM" High Desert-Ft Irwin Chapter 82d Abn Assn 632nd Maintenance Company (DS) 341st Field Missile Maintenance Squadron 386 Experditonary Security Forces Squadron 7274 ABG Acctg & Finance Office RAF Chicksands UK NAVELSG Customs Bn Romeo Viet Nam Pics from 1966-67 17th SOS Phan Rang AB, RVN AC-119G Shadow Whiteman AFB Naval Career 1978-1999 Branch Medical Clinic, NAS, Pensacola, FL Navy Unit Keesler HQ.HQ. Co. Kaiserslatern Army Depot 1035th Maintenance Company USCG Station New Canal Online advertising search finance blogs music news Okinawa 99 NAMTRAGRUDET 1078 NAMTRAGRUDET Norfolk Signal Group-RI (Okinawa Signal) 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron US ARMY Viet Nam 1966-1967 NAVCRUITRACOM ORLANDO FL. Fort Polk, Lousiana (5 th Infantry Division) 18 transportation squadron vehicle maintenance Last class of Women Army Corps Battlefield Coordination Detachment Naval Supply Depot Puget Sound Vincent -Uss Fulton AS11 53rd Naval Construction Battalion - WWII 3643rd Maintenance Company 300th Military Police Company,Vietnam A Co.84th Engineer Battalion Viet Nam 26th Supply Zweibrucken AB GE veitnam 1968 3rd Plt, 25th MP Co, Vietnam Royal Navy 849 Squadron 3d Reconnaissance Battalion / "A" Company 2/162 IN Aco 2nd Plt '04/'05 Regional Support Organization (RSO), San Diego, California The new lost and found site for nam vets B 1/1 Cav Nam presidential republican stephen d macmillan navy Marine Barracks Panama naval station Everett 749th Ordnance Company Navy Band New Orleans 960th Maintenance Company 1ST DIV 2/16 CHARLIE COMPANY VIETNAM My personal Hero's i love my life in the national guard 18th Maintenance Sq. 60th Aircraft Maintenance Sq. 178th Maintenance Co, 3/43 ADA MY CAREER IN THE NAVY Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 7th Infantry Division Artilllery USS CACAPON AO-52 96th Regional Readiness Command 386 Expeditionary Aerial Port Flight Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Saufley Field, Pensacola, FL Navy Vet BLT 2/9 Camp Schwab, Okinawa 76-77 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment 586th Maintenance Company NATTC Performing Units Naval Amphibious School, Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA 21stMMS Alaskan Air Comand 1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment (Union) 63 Eng. Battalion Phu-Loi Vietnam NAVSUBSCOL Students 48TH FEILD MAINTENANCE SQUADRON 81st Equipment Maintenace Squadron/RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge Naval Medical Clinic Hawaii 230th Finance Detachment 63 SPS NORTON AFB (1980s thru 1990s) Naval Brig Jacksonville 452nd Maintenance Group 82nd Airborne Division A Btry 1/320FA FORSCOM>SATCOMA>235th Signal Detachment TACSATCOM PSD NAVAL WEAPONS STATION, CHARLESTON, SC David L. Burton AKA Dj Davie D 714th Maintenance Company 316 Field Maintainance Squadron 796th MP Bn W.W. II to Vienna Personal Support Activity West 437th MAW Charleston AFB Corey Nash NAVSEA QUALIFIERS UNIT #107 C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Donna Phipps 496 (formerly 10th) ReconnaissanceTech Squadron Naval Reserve Center, St. Louis Naser National Capital Area Retiree Council army national guard military police NAVMEC Detachment Hawaii USNSCC - H. R. Doud Division, Saginaw MI US Army National Guard Reserve & Active Duty 31st Naval Construction Training Regiment Naval Reserve Center, Hutchinson, KS Navy Reserve Center Horseheads NY Adam Montagna Naval Historical Center 833rd Supply Holloman AFB NM naval communications station guam 18th Division Advisor Radio Research Signal Back at Me! CNATTU Keesler AFB MS Naval Subase, Kings Bay, GA U.S.Navy Seals Heritage Tree Planting 2005 NAMTRAGRUDET 1011 JAX Naval Communications Station Diego Garcia BIOT A tribute to one of my Dad's who's an Army veteran USAF Explosive Ordnance Disposal viet nam tay ninh 588th eng Intelligence Threat Analysis Center 208th mp co, ft leonard wood,mo 52nd Munitions Maintenance Squadron army national guard infantery 366th TFW/ Da Nang 66-67 Dad's Navy Days 117th Transportation Company (Boat) -- Vietnam Vietnam EOD Veterans Vietnam Vet NAF Diego Garcia 745th Ordnance Company Branch Medical Clinic Naval Training Center Orlando FL Naval Submarine School Naval Support Activity, Bahrain 30TH Naval Construction Regiment 38th Aviation Brigade - Shelbyville, Indiana NAVFAC Argentia New Foundland Cn US Navy Band San Diego Naval Forces Division, USMTM Riyard, Saudi Arabia Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center, Miami 535TH Signal Company Commanding Officer 2nd Tank Bn at Battle of Tarawa 31st Maintenance Company Ft Irwin, CA NAR Whidbey Island Waikele NAD, Hawaii Penn State University Nittany Lion Battalion Army ROTC Skyrider Associates International 23rd Maintenance Squadron "Flying Tigers" 6592 Management Engineering Sq Dispensary, Boston Naval Shipyard Donald Hammer Marine Barracks NAS Barbers Point, Hi Maine Army National Guard JFHQ Navy Advanced Training Unit ATU 501 USCG Marine Safety Office Cincinnati Ohio 51st Security Police/Forces, "Stinger" Osan AB Panama 1987-1989 NATTC Pensacola NAVCOMTELSTA Washington D.C., Washington Navy Yard Virgin Islands Army National Guard Sunny Zwiebrucken AB Germany 72nd Signal Battalion 1990-1993 Bernardo's battalion 82nd Airborne Division A Battery 1/319 A.F.A.R D Co., 38th Signal Bn., 56 FA 81st Regional Support Command navy3703 U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry, N. Ireland 39th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Pirates of the Flightdeck, USS Lexington AVT-16 my time in nam started in Jan 14 th 1968 & lasted until Jan 22 nd 1969 John A. Bole DD-755 Navy seal creates Hussein the rock song 4th Plt, 25th MP Co, Vietnam Ft. Leonard Wood Hilltoppers's Softball Team Winn Army Community Hospital, Ft. Stewart, GA Royal Military College of Canada: Parlez-vous Américain? Naval Medical Center, San Diego, 69th Signal Co(Photo) 64th Field Maintenance Squadron Navy Reserve 298th Signal Detachment For the Fallen and for those Scarificing 4 DIVision veitnam 1969-1970 3rd 508th Battalion Airborne Infantry Fort Kobbe A Tribute: USAFNG Kaleena Higa NAS Fallon Nevada Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Eleven (EODMU11), NAS Whidbey Island, WA HQ WEST VIRGINIA AIR NATIONAL GUARD Air Force Vietnam Veterans Memorial Flight June 1986 camp McDermott/Nha Trang/Viet-Nam Delta Deuce - Water maintenance! Kansas Army National Guard Multi-National Force - Iraq, Strategic Effects Communications Division Nas Sigonella 1980-1990 19th Maintenance Sq 61st Maintenance Co, Camp Kyle, korea NAS Barber Pt. Air Ops 376th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron U.S. Army National Guard Bureau (NGB) Signal Operations Battalion, Heidelberg tunafish NAMTRAGRUDET 1001 70th Regiment, Regional Training Institute NAVY RECRUITING 341st Maintenance Operation Squadron Naval Hospital Groton, CT 269th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Detachment In Memory of Lt. John A. Todd; KIA July 9, 1972 USAF |Occupational Measurement Center - Randolph AFB TX Navy Customs Battalion Sierra Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center Charlotte 596th Maintenance Company 376th Expeditionary Wing Naval Safety Center Eglin Airforce Base Cooper, Thomas Calvin - A Loving Tribute Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston SC 436th field maintenance squadron 1101st Signal Brigade H&S Bn, Marine Corps Base Japan, Okinawa nickname 405th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Anti Submarine Warfare Operations Center, Det Kadena Naval Salvage - Training School Bayonne, NJ E Company, 707th Maintenance Battalion 335 Maintenance BN South Korea Personal Exchange Program Honduras searchlights Vietnam Army National Guard Chaplain Corps 14th Finance Section APO 09696 bien hoa, vietnam my timi in nam NavET Navy Customs Battalion Romeo U.S.Naval Station Guantanama Bay,Cuba Navcommsta Balboa Naval Air Training Unit, Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA USNH Naval Hospital Naples Italy 12th Marines I Corps Vietnam Commander, Naval Reserve Force CNRF Veteran Viet Nam 514th Maintenance Company Naval Air Reserve Center: Denver US Coast Guard Station New Canal, LA U S NavSecGruDet, Misawa, Japan GARRISON PERSONNEL - FT LEONARD WOOD, MO 501st Ordnance Company (AMMO) HT-A School Philadelphia Naval Base 138th Ordnance GMDS Siegelsbach 525th ordnance company Veterinary Services Haven TXSG 8th Regiment 2nd Battalion Alpha Company RSD Civil Affairs 542nd Maintenance Company U.S. Naval School of Photography Naval Air Station Adak Alaska 20th Equipment Maintainance Squadron 717th Ordnance Company EOD Navy Recruiting District Indianapolis Fleet Training Group: Guantanamo Bay Cuba 2nd Ordnance Detachment (EOD) HQBN A Co. PMO MCAGCC 29 PALMS A company, 782nd Maintenance Battalion 617 MASS, DaNang, RVN 6931st Security Squadron, Iraklion Air Force Station Cannon AFB, Clovis (Cesspool) NM Navy Management Systems Support Office (NAVMASSO) 3185th Signal Service Battalion ARMY 14th Finance Bamberg Germany 3rd Amtrac Battalion Vietnam 1967 in Acton 308th Missile Inspection & Maintenance Sqdn 123rd Maintenance Reunion HQ Maine Army National Guard Wife Site I Corps Marines Vietnam HHD, 230th Finance Battalion Naval Reserve Center, New Bedford, Ma 1498th Transportation Co. (HETS)....California Army National Guard Naval Station Rota, Spain NAS Norfolk Air Operations- Air Traffic Control 1st Division, 2nd Bn, 16th Inf, "RANGERS", Charlie Company aka The Mudsoldiers--Vietnam era II Corps (Union Army) VP-30 NAS JAX Jacksonvile, Fl. US Navy Officer Exchange Program USS WHARTON AP-7 CCF Coronado 595th Engineers Gia Ray, Viet Nam 1967 HARBOR PATROL DANANG Nav Aids Supp Team 51st OMS, Naha AB Okinawa, C-130A 21st TCS & TAS, Naha AB Okinawa, C-130A USS Haven AH-12 GUARDIAN ANGELS PHILIPPINES One-Duce-Five in Action 46th SPS Peterson AFB CO. 886th Expeditionary Security Forces NAVSEA QUAL UNIT #107 det 5 rsp, altoona pa NAF ATSUGI INCINERATOR Choate's that served in the Revolutionary War 2ND BN 4TH TRG BDE, (AIT), FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO DSS & DRILL SERGEANT'S, FT LEONARD WOOD, MO. B-5-3, (BT), Fort. Leonard Wood, MO USS VULCAN AR-5 HQ Unit Zwiebrucken AB, Germany NAVHOSP/NRMC/NAVMEDCEN/NHC/BETHESDA I Marine Expeditionary Force SSR - Special Support & Reconnaissance Coy Reserve and National Guard USAMPS, Ft Leonard Wood 174th Ordnace Detachment 232nd Signal Co, HHC (Mannheim) 437 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 587th Signal Company (Support) 413th Signal Company 148th Ordinance Company - Vietnam Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA 580th Signal Battalion 56th Signal Battalion us naval radio station (t) cutler,maine Naval Station Newport RI 386th Expeditionary Medical Group NR NAS Sigonella, Selfridge ANG NAVCRUDIST Minneapolis 170th Ordnance Detachment (EOD) Naval Reserve Center, Wichita, KS 514th Mantenance Company NAVPRO Stratford A. Co., 127th Signal Battalion National Ground Intelligence Center Ballerina, Germany harbor patrol, danang Naval Radio Station (T) Lualualei, Hawaii Warin Signal Site, 442nd SIG BN Warin Signal Site, 442nd Sig Bn, AN/TRC-90 Panama 89-90 mergs navy National Defense University 3rd Battlefield Coordination Detachment I'm Looking For KENT Or KEN Used To Be In Vietnam 10th Avionics Maintenance Squadron Then and Now Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet Naval Historical Center NAVHISTCEN 3246th Test Wing, Eglin AFB Naval Ambulatory Care Center Navy Operational Support Center Minneapolis Naval Facility, Midway Island Pt's Naval Support Activity Danang Viet Nam USS Coronado AGF(LPD)11 NAMTRADET-1030 Signal operations Battalion North, Alaska Naval Embarked Advisory Team (NEAT) 108 592nd Signal Co. Key West Naval Hospital Joint Provisional Reconstruction Team Khost To Fallen Brothers In Arms Commander Naval Special Warfare Group ONE National Air Intelligence Center USMC Grunts Vietnam 65-75 603 Mass Kadena AB MAC 376th Finance Company Naval Reserve Center Syracuse FIRST BATTALION SEVENTH ARTILLERY GROUP FIRST INFANTRY DIVISION ARTILLERY veterans 1956 to 1957 carronade 703rd Explosive Ordnance Detachment The 69th Signal in Vassincourt, France - 1962-1964 Bravo Company 125th Signal Battalion 2nd Med. Bn. Veterans ( Vietnam Era ) NAVY RECRUITING DISTRICT NASHVILLE Admin & MEPS Naval Reserve Center Frankfort 703rd Maintenance Battalion, HQ & Co A - Larson Barracks - Kitzingen USS Argonaut SS475 Naval Reserve Recruiting OMEMS (Ordnance Munitions and Electronic Maintenance School) 640th RTI (Regional Training Institute) USS Sunnadin ATA-197 Vietnam 1967-1968 51 OMS Naha AB 1st Battalion 1st Brigade Indiana Guard Reserve PRSG - 3rd. EN BN - AGUADILLA Chief of Naval Operations - Intelligence Plot C Co. 324th Signal Bn. 366th Component Maintenance Squadron Viet-nam 1969-1970 SEAPC 221st Signal Brigade 1st MAW, MWSG 17, Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron (HAMS 17) Station Atlantic City NAVAIRSYSCOM T406 RILSD Ohio Army National Guard Veterans VFA-147 Argonauts VEITNAM S.V 412th Component Maintenance Squadron 3201st Air Base Group - Eglin AFB, FL Brenton A. Held, US Army Soldier A Company, 82nd Signal Bn NETWORK FOR DOMINATION AND SUCCESS 96th Ordnance Company The Honorable US Military Men and Women Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC) USS Sumter 1181 (NATO Cruise) Aug-Nov 1979 Spain, Turkey, St. Thomas, V.I. AIR FORCE(WACO DENVER LUZON AUSTIN Goodbye security detachment,pirmasens signal depot,pirmasens germany Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes 267th Ordnance Company Personnel Support Detachment, Naval Station, San Diego Ca Uss Union aka 106 Co. A 67th Signal Bn. 37 FMS, Sqadron, Phu Cat afb,Vietnam,AGE,Shop 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 2nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit Bengtson ( Welch/Maldonado) 14 FMS,AGE ,Shop,Nha Trang,Vietnam VA DPU (Virginia National Guard Data Processing Unit) HD 68th Signal Battalion Naval Submarine School - Groton Naval Security Force Bahrain fighting for my nation 19th Aircraft Maintainance Unit I am an American...Earn it Black Diamonds - Vietnam NAVCONBRIG, CHASN Viet Nam HHD 85th Maintenance Battalion 521st Maintenance Company (TMDE) jonathan ballot 89th Ord, Explosive Ordnance Detachment Field Maintenance Squadron, UTAPAO 1st Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC) Vietnam For our men and women who are fighting right now C-BTRY./DUSTER UNIT/VIETNAM/16F20 Navy,my life,my Country 56th Field Maintenance Squadron 58i9th signal/nelligen barracks Navy Recruiting District San Francisco NAS Point Mugu 26 Tactical Recconnaisance Wing Navy Finance Center, Cleveland Oh CNATTU Norfolk CHOBC Class 99-1 Jan-Apr 1999 (Ft. Jackson, S.C.) C Co 5-10 Basic Training Ft Leonard Wood, MO 2515th NAAD 81st Regional Readiness Command Marine Barracks Naval Air Station North Island B Company, 82nd Signal Bn C Company, 82nd Signal Bn 6585th Test Group, Holloman AFB, NM 343 SUPS/POL Fuels, Eielson AFB, AK National Parachute Test Range Signals National Postal & Travelers Censorship Organization (NPTCO) Vietnam Landclearers Association DEL COBARDE NO SE A ESCRITO NADA Army National Guard, California USS Grand Canyon AD/AR28 Reunion 41st Rescue and Weather Reconnaissance Wing northeast usa vietnam veterans reunion assoc. U.S. Navy RP's 518th Engineer Co (Combat), Ft Kobbe, Rep of Panama Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton EMS NAVPRO Bethpage 4th of 42nd Artillery 4th Division Vietnam C Batt. 1st Bn 2nd ADA Nam Yang Korea (Hawk ) HHC, 517th Maintenance Bn (TMDE) 101st Signal Bn 4th PSYOP GROUP (VIETNAM) Hq Sq 824 CSG Kadena AB PACAF 483 Transportation Squadron,Cam Rhan Bay, Vietnam Navy Recruiting District Jacksonville FL Navy Recruiting Area Eight It's A Fine Navy Day! Nas Kingsville , tx. 78th APRON, Hamilton Air Force Base 7/11 Arty Viet Nam- Cu Chi/Tay Ninh Armory Cape Canaveral FL 608th OMS Charleston AFB uss nashville 506th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron (506th ESFS) 196 Ordnance Detachment Canada's Aboriginal Veterans 19th Maintenance Battalion Days in the Nam 632nd Maintenance Co. (Ft. Stewart, Ga) Donald E. Alvord 51 st Transportation, Squadron, Osan AFB, Korea 170th Air Refueling Wing/NJ Air National Guard Naval Training Station: Great Lakes, Ill. (EN "C") School 1964-1964 US Army NATO Donald Austin Miller Young Adult military personal 2d Civil Affairs Company (Vietnam) Aeronautical Systems Division 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) 13th Finance Section Disb. Qui Nhon Vietnam Naval Hospital Camp Pendelton 97th Signal Battalion Association Navy Munitions Command CED Det Oceana 759th Explosive Ordnance Detachment COMM. CO. SERVICE BN. CAMP SMEDLEY D. BUTLER, OKINAWA Canadian Forces Naval Air Station: Willow Grove, Pa. Personnel Support Detachment, Naval Station, Mayport Fl USS Ruchamkin APD/LPR 89 Navt Recruiting District, Buffalo, NY Charlie 44th Signal " Cable Dogs" ADJ 3 rd Class Martin Hobbs VT 24 NasChase Field Beeville Texas 1971 to 1975 John Stone - Navy Reserves - My Dad Naval Administrative Unit Clarksville Base TN SNAKE EATERS 20th Ordnance Co, 101st Ord Bn Naval Reserve Center, Avoca, PA Detachment 15, 41st Rescue and Weather Reconnaissance Wing MCAS Namphong, Thailand 1702nd Signal ser. co, Aviation Hutier Kaserne,Hanau Germany 496 FIS Hahn AB Germany CO Company 5/87 INF FT Kobbe Panama The party time in the Army RONALD NEAKOK Brosnahan army national guard 1/505 Airborne Infantry Commo Platoon (Grenada) 94th Maintenance Company Cu Ch Qiaoqiying International Gurke Faces Then and Now 267th Signal Company USSPACECOM Missile Analysis Center/Offutt AFB, NE 432nd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS) Navy spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends club 437th OMS Charleston AFB 307th Integrated Theater Signal Battlion 523rd Maintenance Company (TMDE) 235 signal detachment ft momouth Navy USS Charleston LKA113 1976-1978 536th Maintenance Company 741st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron NAVCOMMU MARQUETTE 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 52nd Component Maintenance Squadron us army signal depot,pirmasens,germany NPTCO * National Postal & Travelers Censorship Organization Nate Ahsoak ADJ "A" School, NATTC Memphis 24th Ordinance Company 2nd Battalion 1st Signal Training Brigade Ft. Gordon, Ga Army National Guard-Private Layne NAVCOMMUNIT 8 NAVAL ADVANCED BASE BREMERHAVEN GERMANY cfay ordnance 614th Maintenance Company Coalition Provisional Authority 377 / 460 FMS AGE Shop,Tan son nhut, vietnam 524TH MAINTENANCE COMPANY AIMD NAS Willow Grove, PA 63 FMS Norton AFB MAC TAWC Eglin AFB AFSC Ordnance Platoon 5/77th FA Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 1st platoon Alpha co. 16th eng. bn. 367th Maintenance Company 694th Maintenance Company NavSecEngFac MAG 42 Det A. NAS Cecil Field, FL HHC, 82nd Signal Bn 2nd Signal Group Aviation Detachment 2750th Logistics Squadron, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton OH US Coast Guard Omega Navigation Station Hawaii Okinawa U.S.N.Hospital, Annapolis, MD Naval Support Activity New Orleans, LA USAF REG HOSP EGLIN AFSC Basic Training Company Delta 5/10 July 1994 Ft. Leonard Wood 538th Ordnance Company, Korea 414th Aircraft Maintenance Unit Masters of Maintanance 440th Signal Company Navy Law Enforcement School Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX A Compnay 4th/47th Inf, 9th Inf Div 52nd Ordnance Company, Korea CO Company 5/87 IINF FT Kobbe Panama The party time in the Army navy lovers okla.natonal gaurd 1/279th inf. Third Marine Division Association 11th AD Signal Battalion Security Forces, Naval Support Unit Saratoga Springs, NY ATIMONAN PACKAGED INVESTORS RETIREES TOURIST TRAVEL TOURS JAPAN SIGNAL BN 8047TH AU VS-27 Seawolves, NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL 1989-1992 5/87 INF Gone Memories never Lost, FT Kobbe Panama 265th Regional Support Group Navy Minesweeper Association Inc Fleet Air Photo Lab, NAS North Island, San Diego Operational Readiness Float (ORF PLT) Big Jonah23 USS CARRONADE 179th ASHC co. Vietnam 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 569th Ordinance Company 4th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron U.S. Navy Construction Battalion 18 CTG 7.3 Decontamination Unit Walking Dead 'Nam Grunt NAD Waikele Oahu Hawaii AUSTRALIAN ARTILLERY Hurricane Battalion Army ROTC (U of Miami ) 3d armor division, 143d signal bn 'Brothers in arms, Brothers for life' Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington DC 13Recon Tech Squadron Vietnam 65-70 Tan Son Nhut M.C.S.F CO Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 737th Explosive Ordnance Detachment 50th TFW Hahn AB Germany A Co. 17th Signal 294th Field Artillery Observation Battalion Assoc. (WW-2) NAS JAX GSE Department Military Personal/Veterans/Prior Service 75TH MAINTENANCE BN. My Son and friends Navy Strong 312 MI BN ACE Naval Communication Station, Rota Spain 12th Field Regiment Royal Australian Artillery Marine Corps Finance Center, Kansas City, MO Warrior Transition Unit Ft. Richardson AK Towboat Brown Water Navy 5th Force Reconnaissance Company Tribute to Vietnam Veteran Vietnam Disabled Veterans NSA Da Nang, Lighterage Div. Reserve Naval Construction Battalion Twenty-Six 14th Maintenance Company, Camp Pieri, FRG Naval Reserve Center, Horseheads, New York 51st Composite Wing, Osan AB, Korea 8th Maintenance Squadron Army National Guard / Navy 2nd Battalion (General Studies), 124th Regiment (Regional Training Institute), Colchester, Ve 1st Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squardron C co Panthers 5/87 Infantry (L) Panama 39th Signal company 552 USAAG, 59th Ordnance BDE Navy Exam Center, GLakes or Pensacola 903rd Maintenance Company 87th Maintenance Battalion Rembering PFC Jonathan C. Mitchell Naval Construction Region 30, Port Hueneme NAVCOMTELSTA WASHINGTON DC 4th ATAF Signal Support Group 127th Military Police Company, Hanau West Germany San Diego Navy Family Command Ombudsmen Security Police NAS Cecil Field The Citadel, Navy Advisory Team 37 Viet Nam Viet Nam members 1967-68 89th Field Maintenance Squadron Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, MS "Navy shipmates and friends are family forever" NAVAL AIR GUNNERY SCHOOL JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Navy ROTC Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 185th Air Refueling Wing, Sioux City, Ia. Air National Guard US Naval Facility, Barbados retired navy 6th Medical Logistics Management Center Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, San Diego NAMTD 1033 NAS Lemoore 6515th Munitions Maintenance Squadron CGC Winona WHEC-65 Ronald Lee White 1/150th Armored Reconnaissance Squadron BUYING LAND IN PANAMA AMERICAS REALTORS Regional Corrections Facility, Fort Knox NAVAL OCEANOGRAPHIC OFFICE NAVCAMSMED DET SIGONELLA MSD CINCINNATI VMGR Navigators 7th Aerial Port Squadron, Naha AB Okinawa FEN Okinawa 334th Signal Company 252d Signal Company U.S. ARMY PVT. DONALD GENE KING Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, MD In Memory of Vietnam Vets Owen Monahan Maritime Expeditionary Security Detachment 232 Marble Falls Recruiting Station, San Antonio Recruiting BN 724th Maintenance Battalion A & B Co 97th Signal Battalion, Sandhofen Germany Honary & All Support Group Advisory Team 75,7th Arvan Infantry Division, Mytho,Vietnam 501 st ordinance battalion Dcompnay 2nd Batallion 5 BCT Brigade 235th Signal Detachment (TACSATCOM) Navy Family In God We Trust Navy Rescue Swimmers N.J. Naval Militia 7th PsyOps Battalion, 244th PsyOp Co, I Corps Tactical Zone DaNang, Vietnam 1967-1968 Life in Arizona Provincial Reconstruction Team Sharana Naval Hospital Phila,Pa 262nd Maintenance Company (CRC) navyseals101 U.S.Naval Hospital Sub Base Groton, Ct. Naval Recruit Training Command, Naval Station Orlando Fl Naval Station Pearl Harbor, HI Command Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet (COMNAVAIRLANT) 4th Trans Co/152nd Trans Det Reunion Association Naval Communication Station Harold E Holt Exmouth Western Australia 624 Regional Support Group 159th Security Forces Squadron NAS JRB, New Orleans, LA Naval Inshore Warfare Command Atlantic Bastrop Recruiting Station, San Antonio Recruiting BN N&MCRC, Naval Air Station, Dallas, Texas jonathan c shcwall NATO JSG, Izmir ORDNANCE CREW Supply & Maintenance Co, USAFSA NAVFAC Argentia Newfoundland Tribute To Jonathan Etterling 2nd & 67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron NAGS Yellowater Florida N.Y. Army National Guard Naval Air Station: Kingsville, TX Vietnam and the 519th MI Chefs on a Mission Navy Vets All Naval Personel who served between 1973 and 1979 21st Ordnance 870th Trans Co (Terminal Transfer) 6th Trans Bn Fort Eustis VA Security Detachment ASU Manama, Bahrain 43d Aircraft Maintenance Unit MARINE, SWAT, & NAVY JROTC Company C 703rd Maintenance Battalion A-6-10 FT. LEONARD WOOD MO. 580th Signal Company 654th Regional Support Group 2184 CS Hahn AB 322 civil engneer sq (Fire Department) RHIEN MAIN AFB, Germany single panamenian Nautilus SSN-571 71st Explosive Odnance Disposal Group Signalman A School, Newport R.I. 98th Expeditionary Signal Battalion Sonar Tech. (USCG) Naval Telecommunications Center San Diego 1ST PROVISIONAL Bn. USMC 1942-1944 5 th Force Reconnaissance Co. III MEF USS Pelican AMS 32 Sailor MAHEFAMIADANA Tefy mals-11 ordnance Carolina Company 022 US Navy Naval Air Training Command Choir D Company Marine Barracks Naval Magazine Guam San Antonio, Texas Spouse Network Illinois Naval Militia Signal 916th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron NASWI VAQ-134 USSOUTHCOM/COMUSNAVSO UNITAS/PANAMAX 2004 Paradise Has An Address 4th Infantry Division,Signal Platoon,Dak To, Viet Nam Armed Forces Staff College (NAC) Norfolk, VA Branch Medical Clinic Oceana Cannon AFB, NM Frequency Managers 6211th USAF Disp. Tianan, Tiawan USS Arizona Operation Ranch Hand Viet Nam 91st Maintenance Squadron NAVAIDSUPPTEAM 315th Aircraft Maintenance Sqn 295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company (FA) Oceana Va 705th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) THE FORCE THIS IN THE NAVY.. 619 ordnance compay 440th Signal Battalion, Darmstadt Germany 1982-1984 COMNAVBCHGRP2 936TH Maintenance Company USCG Station, Bonavista, Nfld 610th Maintenance Battalion GCA Unit 25 - NAS Glenview Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group, Kuwait II Marine Expeditionary Force 9th Regional Readiness Command, Fort Shafter, HI 45th Ordnance Company, 71st Maintenance Battalion 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, Taegue, South Korea wiesbaden afb germany, 7100 fms ground power 1960 1963 Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here H&MS-14 Ordnance NAVCOMMDET Okinawa (TSCOMM) Navy Recruiting District Harrisburg PA Never forget Matt Maupin and all our POW'S..... A Profile of an Airman kadena afb,okinawa, 18 trans sqdn, veh maint 1976 1976 11Th signal DSMA Larry's Vietnam Buddies MWSS 473 DET B NAS Whidbey The U.S.S. Sanantonio 1st Medical Battalion, Camp Hansen, Okinawa 1982 Military Advisory Vietnam RF-8G Maintenance 13th Armored Division Association NAVY Engineers 932nd Maintenance Squadron NATTC NORMAN OKLAHOMA 63rd Regional Readiness Command Naval Branch Medical Clinic, Mechanicburg, PA Marine Barracks Naples, Italy USCG Navigation Center My tour in Viet Nam 67th BFSB Nebraska Army National Guard 147th Texas Air National Guard, Civil Engineering Unit Ronald Johnson Co A 27th AIB Vietnam War engineman a school late 97- early 98 Northeast Regional Fisheries TRACEN (NRFTC) USAF Regional Hospital Minot NCSA NATO Norfolk Sector 311th Theater Signal Command Regional Dive Loker east DTRC Special Trials Unit, NAS Patuxent River, MD 826th Ordnance Company 504 SC Co (BM), 216 Signal Depot Naval Training & Distribution Center (TADCEN), Camp Shoemaker, Pleasanton, CA Naval Air Reserve Center, NAS Miramar Gamewardens of Vietnam Ass'n, Inc. Meridian, MS NAS, (USAR Trng) Tango Security, H & HS 1, MWHqGroup 1, Viet-Nam Navy D.E.P. AFPD, Panama Afghan Regional Security Integration Command-West, Herat HHC 1st Battalion 125th Infantry US Army National Guard Flint, Michigan USNAS Quonset, Point, RI Navcommstaguam 311th Field Hospital - Vietnam Navy Recruiting Leadership Academy, NAS, Pensacola, FL LORSTA Cape Christian, NWT, Canada 1st Mercenary Force 205Th Trans. Bn. Hanao Germany USS Vermillion - AKA 107 25th Signal Bn..Co D 426th Signal Bn..H&HC 79th Army Band Panama Naval Dispensary, Naval Support Activity, Seattle, WA 438 Field Maintenance Squadron, McGuire AFB, NJ 35th Maintenance Squadron navy spouse Wright-Patterson AFB Basic Training - Ft. McClellan AL - March 1973 Marine Corps Movement Coordination Center (HQMC) NAMTRADET 1027 Osan AFB, Air Police Sq (K-55) 50th Avionics Maintenance Squadron 29th Support Group Inactivation Ceremony national association combat veterans 100th Field Maintenance Squadron VA 83 NAS Cecil Feild /CVA59 221st Ordnance Company francis e warren afb, tech school, veh maint 1954 1955 2/501st 101st Airborne Vietnam MAG-46, Det-B, NAS NOLA Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operational Support Unit 10 705th Explosive Ordnance Detachment Commander Naval Forces Korea, Seoul, Korea RONALD CANADY..CANDYMAN Naval Forces Alaska (COMUSNAVAK) NavyGals Human Resouce Management Center, London UK 34th Ordnance Company Naval Preventive Medicine School 5TH LIGHT EQUIPMENT MAINTENCE(5TH LEM) LONG BINH,VIETNAM Vietnam- 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles 326th Medical Ohio Army National Guard (Veterans) Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Austin, TX 1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron NAS JRB NEW ORLEANS, LA KOMAKI AIR BASE, NAGOYA, JAPAN 1950 TO 52 480th Tactical Reconnaissnce Group NAS FALLON WEATHER 437th Aircraft Maintenance Sq 1877 Communications Squadron AFCS 3380th Consolidated Maintenance Squadron 2-2 AVN ASLT, 2 CAB, 2ID NAS Ford Island Photo-Lab S.I.P.U. Serving Honably and Proudly USS Cimarron AO-177 63rd Security Police Squadron (MAC), Norton AFB, CA 388th Field Maintenance Sq. (TAC) Hill AFB, UT Vienna Marines Finance Corps military Analysist American Legion Post??, Sukiran, Okinawa, Japan HSL-33 NAVY Army National Guard Chaplains NAMTRAGRUDET 3010, Oceana 102nd Signal Battalion - Company D pa national gaurd Martime Expeditionary Security 748th Ordnance Company (EOD) 221stSignalCoSeapcLongBinh Naval Special Warfare Unit FOUR osan afb korea 51 trans sqdn veh maint 1980 1981 1/158 IN A Co. ACU-1 @ Coronado, CA The National D-Day Memorial A co. 2nd BATTALION, 506th INFANTRY REGIMENT ABN-AA Ramstein AFB (Veterans) NAF WASH Golden Armor Composite Squadron 2nd Security Police Squadron Barksdale AFB Louisiana 38th Ordnance Group, 99th RRC, USAR 705th Ordnance Company Naval Reserve Center, PSNS, Bremerton, WA NAVPERSCOM Company D, 86th Ordnance Battalion, 4th Training Brigade, Ft. Knox, KY Another World, my time in Vietnam 68-69 USS Corson AVP 37 Nam Unit Minnesota National Guard Congressional Inquiries, CMAOC, USPERSCOM, Alexandria, VA Viet-Nam 68'-69 Vets MCSF Co. York Town Naval Weapons Station 2nd Plt / Zoo Crew US Navy MCB-8 86th signal battalion SGT, John A. Gilpatrick USS ELKHORN AOG7 NR NAVMIC 0466 12 Recon Intel Tech Squadron Vietnam 71-72 Tan Son Nhut 354th Equipment Maintenance Squadron D Battery 3rd Bn 65th Arty (Bratenahl) ESMT Manasquan Marine Barracks NAS Barbers Point Hawaii Naval Aviation Forecast Center Norfolk GR/MA Reunion Association 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion USMC USS Steinaker 1877 Comm Squadron, Holloman AFB, NM 27th Medical Group, Cannon AFB, NM Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans 1/11 ACR (Black Horse) Maintenance Plt. Fulda, Germany Marine Barracks - Naval Station Newport, RI HQ Co. 3rd Bn 9th Marines Okinawa Japan National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, MO My Dad's Navy Days 520th Transportation Battalion (AM&S)(GS) Phu Loi Vietnam 41st Electronic Combat Squadron, Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ Cooks at Marine Corps Airstation Futenma, Okinawa 1st Bn 3rd Marines CONAD Co B 448th En Bn Ft. Buchanan,PR. 2/7th Cavalry, B co. Vietnam 66-68 Cogressional Investagator HHC 2-151 IFN INDIANA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD uss JOHN A. BOLE DD755 586th Expeditionary Security Forces B. Company LEA Ft. McPherson Atlanta Georgia Pennsylvania Army National Guard Medical Detachment Athenai Air Base - the 7206th ABG, Hospital Squadron D Company, 24th Signal Bn. A Company, 1111th Signal Bn. Site R D Co 5-10 Basic Training Ft Leonard Wood, MO NAS Sigonella Sicily 71st Signal NAVPRO Boeing-Vertol 306th Field Maintenance Squadron USS Donald B Beary (Duck) FF 1085 Naval Air Training Command-Pncla Navy Detachment Kuwait Navy Base ms montana NAF KADENA OKINAWA Commander Naval Logistics Forces Korea AIMD - NAS MERIDAN, MISSISSIPPI Recon all the way My Navy Brother Naval Air Technical Training Center / Millington, Tenn. 319 Field Maintenance Squadran (SAC) 501st Signal Company Naval Operational Support Center Phoenix Quang Tri,South Vietnam 1969-1970 625 S & S Co. Navcommstasfran RS Nashville, TN SLDN Advisors Co. B, 426th. S&S Bn. (CS), 101st. Abn. Div. VietNam 1969 Armed Forces Staff College NAC Norfolk, VA Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit One 447th Expeditionary Medical Squadron A. Co 123rd Avation Bn.Chu Lai Vietnam Plattsburgh radio maintenance vets American Legion Auxilliary Norton AFB, CA (Veterans) Bainbridge Naval Training Center , MD Navy Recruiting District Glenview, Illinois 254th PSC - Hanau 1st Recon Bn & Friends, Vietnam and beyond VIETNAM WAR HEROS ERAU Daytona Beach Army ROTC CHRIS HILTION ARMY OF ONE NAVCENT 0267 205th Regional Corps Advisory Group NAS Norfolk communications center 305th maintenance squadron USS LEONARD WOOD APA-12 Wright Patterson AFB (Training Veterans) 146th Signal Company ADAM MONTAGNA, USN Ntional Guard Rules!!!!!!! NAS Miramar AIMD 1978-1980 Armed Forces Police, Okinawa HQ, USAAMCCOM,MGT Dir, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ MARITIME EXPEDITIONARY SENSORDET 512 MSG DET Vienna On-Site Inspection Agency 228th Signal Company navcommfacphil C Co, 2nd Bn 506 Infantry (Vietnam) 1610 Airlift Division (Provisonal) Navy Seal Air Naval Gunfire Platoon Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 6/502 macidona 1993-1994 96th Medical Group, Eglin AFB, FL CMSGT Ronald R Huntley North Plains District Veterinary Command RTC Orlando Company 141 Jun-Aug 1991 156th Maintenance Company NPDB-3 navy provisional detainee battalion NAF Adak Public Works Seabees US MARINES--KINA NATTC Lakehurst, Det Norfolk Marine Barracks Panama Canal Naval Security Forces 18th Aviation Airborne corps Camp Carter NSA Danang 308th Military Intelligence Battalion, Ft. Davis, Panama, (Formerly 29th MI Bn CEWI) 6135th Air Base Sq/ Pleiku AB Vietnam 551st Electronics Maintenance Sq, Otis AFB, MA Navy SEAL tribute 90th Replacement Battalion-Vietnam Association 5071 Combat Support Squadron, King Salmon AFB AK Detroit Arsenal 439 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 377th division artillery (little john rocket battery) 82nd Airborne 1962-65 Naval Air Weapon Center - Pt. Mugu, Ca 380th A & E Maintenance Squadron 532nd Signal Svc. Co Nancy and Toul France Onal Munn no name Stan Harrington - Vietnam USS Vulcan AR 5 87-91 425th PSC Indianapolis IN NAVAL HOSPITAL GUAM Multi National Force and Observers 27th Field Maintenance Squadron (TAC) Cannon AFB, NM NAVCEN West 3rd Supply Sq/ Kunsan AB Korea 691st Maintenance Company- Farmville, Fremont NC- NCARNG National Native American Veterans Association 2nd Bn, 4th Student Company, Redstone Arsenal, AL Hunters Point Naval Shipyard NavRadSta(T)Isabela, Puerto Rico Selina's Home Page Naval Radio And Communications Facility, Stockton California Basic Training A-3-10, Ft. Leonard Wood DS Ironeyes 114th Aviation Det/92nd Signal NAVSTA San Diego B-2-1 at Leonardwood 7-72 9-72 GCA NATTC Glynco, GA. Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach Det. Fallbrook 11th Finance Support Unit Vietnam Veteran NAVY ROTC EMBRY RIDDLE A Co, 35th Engr Bn, Vietnam Office of Naval Intelligence 2393 naval air Explosives Ordinance Disposal Regional Support Group West NAS Olathe Cox, Preston National Gaurd National Geospatial Intelligence Agency NOSC SAN ANTONIO congressional Investagator Co B, 4th Signal Bn, Sig S&MPt #3 B Co. 3rd Platoon, 127th Signal, Ft. Ord Oakland Navel Hospital Texas National Guards Arkansa national Guards Indiana Marine Corps Officer Programs Virginia Army National Guard Medical Command Nantucket Future Navier 221stsignalcoseapc Marine Barracks NAS Quonset Pt Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing TEN Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, (USAR Trng) Naval Biodynamic Labatory New Orleans Company C, 97th Signal Battalion International Police Advisor Original And Custom Military Clock Tributes 1968-69 US NAVAL HOSPITAL WARD 4-B ORTHOPEDIC HAND SURGERY - DR. SANDZEN 659th Maintenance Company Newlywed Navy Spouses! USCGC MACKINAW 2nd BN 35th FA. @ Old National Guard Barracks Ft Stewart Ga. 24th.Ind (Victory Sir) 207th Signal Company (The Cavemen) Basic Training Committee Group, Ft McClellan Al. Naval Air Station Miramar Sampson AFB (3650th BMTW) Bravo Company 724 Maintenance Battalion 53rd Fighter Squadron: NATO Tigers 18th SVS/Kadena AB Okinawa Naval Legal Service Office Southeast C Company, 17th Signal Bn. Germany USAF Crypto Maintenance School NATO Communications Station - Latina, Italy Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Lansing, Michigan 49th Operational Group 1184th Transportation Terminal Unit 123rd Contingency Response Group, Kentucky Air National Guard 807th Signal Company 138th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company Armed Forces Staff College NAC NAS KEY WEST 539th Heavy Equipment Maintenance Company (GS) 17th signal platoon-Viet Nam C-130's at Mactan Air Base, Philippines Donald Crabaugh USN Air Transportable Communications Unit (ACTU100A) DANANG, VIETNAM MARMC Det Naples 1ST BATTALLION ATTACK 2ND AVIATION REGIMENT 2ND INFANTRY DIVISION 514th Signal Detachment (VRM) JAXNAVHOSP RS Nashville,TN National Security Agency(NSA) Government Contractor- Pillar Mortgage Corp. 551st Military Police Co., Fort Polk, Louisiana 148th Graves Registration, 277th S&S Battalion, Camp Horn, Da Nang,RVN 304th Signal Battalion, Korea Naval Supply Depot, Subic Bay R.P. Navy Customs BN Tango-Bravo Company 92nd Avionics Maintenance Squadron 82nd Finance Support Unit Redstone Arsenal Veterans South Carolina R&R CMD WW2 Navy Veteran Marine Barracks - Newport Naval Station Naval Air Systems Command Unit 0770 namtragrudet 3032 9th Maintenance Operations Squadron FLC HQ&S Bn. Viet nam USCG LORMONSTA Eglin AFB USS Okinawa 69-72 Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region TWO Ellyson Field Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Pensacola, FL 506th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron "A" Company, 447th Signal Battalion If you're gonna be One, be a "Big Red One" 175th Maintenance Company 1/138th infantry battalion of the Missouri National Gaurd 7206 ABG Supply SQ. Hellenikon AB Greece Allegany County VietNam Veterans Org 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Vietnam Era Tribute to CSM. John Ayala Naval Operations Center, Ft. Amador, Panama Co B121st signal Bn, HHc ist inf Brigade, 1st Inf Div SPC Christopher S. Honaker 962D ordnance company HQ Compnay 3rd Marines Weapons Platoon 114th Signal Battalion Kadena Air Base & NAF Kadena, Okinawa 530th Maintenance Company vetaransinglenavymoms REDSTONE ARSENAL (missle munitions maintenance school) 92D MP BN SIGNAL 7th > 8th Army Air Core 28th Photographic Resonance Group Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance 41st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 5th Signal Command HQ AFSOUTH NAPLES ITALY 143d Signal Bn, CMDSA SR ALMARAZ Navy Wife ferdinand jems marines 608 CAMS Consolodated Aircraft Maintenance Sq Canadian Forces Logistics Cooks Army Aviation Association of America 194th Maintenance Battalion 3id National Guard Unit NAS Glynco 6515th Munitions Maintenance Squadron - Edwards AFB, CA Navy Annex, VA NAVCOMTELSTA London UK serving the nation 1954=1959. 448th En Bn, Fort Buchanan, PR MAG-12 MABS-12, Ordnance Section, Bomb Dump Matthew Hilton-An American Soldier Naval Station Rota Spain MWSS 171 Motor Transport Maintenance In Onmia Partus B Co. 214th , BPNAS HI 88th Medical Group, Wright Patterson AFB, OH Navy Recruiting District, San Antonio TX The North Carolina Home Guard 828-691-5397 or email: [email protected] Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center 447th Expeditionary Medical Squadron, Baghdad, Iraq Charlie Battery Vietnam NAVCOMMU CUTLER MAINE 3214th OMS , Eglin AFB, FL 7TH INF DIV FINANCE Canadian Forces Food Services USCGC Tornado (WPC-14) 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Rhein Mein AB (Veterans) Naval Intelligence 608 Mass, Ramstein A.F.B. 715th MP Co. Florida Army National Guard 580th Signal Company (Riyadh) 614th Maintenance Co. 295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Comany (FA) 445th Field Maintenance Squadron 50th FMS, Hahn AFB HQ/HHC, 1st Batallion, 156th Armor, 256th Infantry Brigade, Louisiana Army National Guard 1st 175 mm Guns sp. in Viet Nam b btry 1/44 arty/viet-nam Gulf Coast District Veterinary Command brave navy seals NAS Cubi Point Pi. PFC Florentino John Santana Naval Supply Depot Subic Bay NAVY SEALS SPECIAL FORCES Robert L. Thompson Regional Hospital, Carswell AFB, TX Co C 127th Signal BN Electronic Technician A school, Great Lakes, IL alpha company 6th signal battalion 3rd shore party bn vietnam Heidelberg Signal Operations Battalion 1964th Comm Group - Ramstein Air Base, Germany 150th HEMC, Nevada National Guard USS Jonas Ingram DD-938 American Amphibious Forces Association 363rd Equipment Maintenance Sq 377th security police sq saigon vietnam McDonald Army Community Hospital, Ft Eustis, VA CG OPBAT OPCEN Nassau Naval Reserve Center Forest Park IL Amphibious Reconnaissance School, Ft. Story, VA I WAS THERE INVATION OF PANAMA 88 Missile Security Squadron, FE Warren AFB, WY Navy Band Seattle C Company 63rd Signal Battalion Naval Academy Class of 2011 USS Steinaker 7th Region ARADCOM Naval Ophthalmic Support and Traning Activity Dental Technician A School, San Diego, Great Lakes Hotel company 2/3 vietnam era Ohana STRATCOM SOUTH Panama Canal Zone 61st Tactical Airlift Sq.-Sewart AFB, Smyrna, Tennessee Aviation Resource Management (ARMS) NATO AWACS D Co, 369th Signal Battalion NAVELSG NAVY CUSTOMS HOTEL 87th Ordnance Company (GS) NAVMTO Mobile NOACT Norfolk, VA NPDB2 - Navy Provisional Detainee Battalion Two F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne WY CO A, 304th Signal BN Camp Coiner, Seoul Korea MSG DET Havana NTSIC Cheltenham Md onboard NAVCOMMU Wash dc 9th Maintenance Group Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion 36th Equipment Maintenance Sq U.S. Army National Guard Puerto Rico NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads Public Affairs & AFCN US Navy Wives Interior Guard - Camp Courtney, Okinawa 30th Ordnance Co. GM/GS 463rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 435th Trans. Sqd. Rhein Main AB Germany Nas-Jax AOMD Jax-SAR 96th Ordnance Company / Herborn-Seelbach, GE 56th Signal Batallion Moses Navy page Naval Submarine Support Center New London United States Navy SEALs Naval Submarine Support Facility 123rd Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance 18th SOS Da Nang AC-119K Stinger Latin American Veteran Navy Information Operations Command Maryland Vietnam Tanks 578th Signal Company, 52nd Signal Battalion Naval Coastal Warfare Group 2 NAMTRAGRUDET 3032 NAS JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Navy Band San Francisco Mare Island Naval Base, Calif NSA Da Nang Camp Tien Sha Security Police U.S. Naval Dental Clinic - Navy 3923 1stMARDIV, Viet Nam Navy's Active Duty 295th ORDNANCE COMPANY NAS MEDICAL AAFB - Best Service Anywhere! Navy Night Fighter Squadrons Naval Academy Prep School US Navy Construction Battalion 16 Marine Barracks Brooklyn Navy Yard IN MEMORY OF MY WONDERFUL NAVY WIFE Ravenna Army Depot (Training Veterans) 551st Avionics Maintenance Sq. Panama Rakkasans 586th Signal Company(Spt) Naval Air Facility Washington D.C. NSF Okinawa Indiana Militia Corps Naval Air Reserve Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Training Center (RATCEN) 514 Signal Company Naval Air Station Cubi Point Philippines Naval Support Activity Seattle Clinton Sherman Air Plane Patch HHC 39th Engr Bn (Cbt) Chu Lai, South Vietnam 25th Med Bat - Dau Tieng, S Vietnam 49th Avionics Maint Sq. Holloman AFB 49th Tac Fighter Wing Holloman AFB Naval Photographic Intelligence 445 Field Maintenance Squadron Ft. leonardwood A-3-10 Field Station Sobe Okinawa Japan Naval Communications Station Nea Makri Greece Chu Lai, Viet nam 1969-1970 In Memory of CW2 Donald L. Wann 737th Trans. Co. USAR Vietnam 3rd Armored Division Artillery HHD, ARCTIC MP BATTALION (Provisional) 3rd service bn; camp hansen, okinawa 8th Battalion 4th Artillery Vietnam Naval Air Support Unit (NASU) Chu Lai USAF Regional Hospital Sheppard 2872 GEEIA Sq. Torrejon AFB 127th Signal Battalion Co C 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron the navy Naval Reserve Center, Columbia SC vietnam 1965-1966 Naval Submarine Support Center Kingsbay Naval Base Marianas National Reconnaissance Office Delta Company 16th Signal Battalion Naval Security Police, NAF Atsugi, Japan 782nd Maintenace Battalion, DISCOM 436 Organizational Maintenance Squadron Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune,NC National Training Center MCC C Company, 142nd Signal Battalion, 2nd Armored Division 703d Maintenance Battalion NAMTRAGRUDET 1003 Oceana Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes Viet-Nam Veterans 1971-1972 532nd Signal Company NAVFAC Grand Turks Island 1876th Comm Squadron - Tan Son Nhut AB, Viet Nam Foxtrot Co, 782d Main Support Battalion "The Terminators" 91st Aircraft Maintenance Unit NAVAL UNDERSEA CENTER LONG BEACH (TRB-4/ YTM-759 US Naval Academy Company Marine Barracks Washington D.C. Bethesda Naval Dental Center 191st Ordnance Bn 1/278th Armored Cavalry. Tn. National Guard 5th signal bn "c" company 3276 Student Squadron - USAF Crypto Maintenance School Classification and Assignment Team, US Army of Alaska National Security Agency 6510 Maintenance & Supply Group Naval/Marine Reserve Center, Rochester, NY la navy Marine Barracks NAS NorthIsland 1st Space Control SQ / Space Analysis Center United States Naval Destroyer School Newport RI ARMED FORCES POLICE DANANG VIETNAM 112th Signal Battalion Strader Battalion- Army ROTC 501st Signal Company (DCSOPS) Pine Bluff Arsenal 909 Aircraft Maintenance Unit 49th Medical Maintenance Detachment 58th Maintenance Squadron Regional Supply Office, Aviation Support Detachment, Norfolk Chelsea Naval Hospital Navaids Training Unit GMS Dam Nec, VA. 380th Avionics Maintenance Squadron 6168 CSS Barrier Maintenance Texas National Guard Behavioral Health Team Yard Mine Planter-1 Harbgor Dense Unit USNAB Little Creek ,Va Camp Tien Sha, Danang, RVN Naval Home, Gulfport 917TH MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS SQUADRON Fourth Marine Expeditionary Brigade (4th MEB) Joint Personal Effects Depot (JPED) 3212th Support Sq, (APGC) Eglin AFB, FLA Naval Inshore Operations Training Center NIOTC Mare Island, Vallejo, California 392 Expeditionary Signal Battallion (ESB) Commander, Navy Installations Command C-3-4 Ft Gordon aug 85-feb 86 New York Naval Reserve 509th Bomb Wing Avionics Maintenance Squadron (AMS) 59th Signal Battalion National Veterans Golden Age Games 21st Signal Company Donald R. Schultz 4TH FORCE RECONNAISSANCE COMPANY 679th Radar Squadron, Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Fla. Vietnam was a long time ago. A Final Tribute 3rd Maintenance Company Correctional Custody Unit / Pre-Trial Confinement Unit To all service men and women! USS John A. Bole Naval Communnications Unit/Midway Island NAVCOSSACT NAS Dallas / NAS JRB Fort Worth AIMD NAVY, ALL OR NOTHING Operation Jumpstart - Arizona Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Director Naval Science) Co B, 1st Bn, 121st Inf (Mech), 48th Bde, Georgia Army National Guard C Battery 1/21st Artillery, First Air Cavalry, Vietnam 1970 782nd Maintenance Battalion 743rd AC&W Campion AFS, Ak Hoorah Women Against Rape UNITED STATES NAVAL SEA CADETS NETC NEWPORT VS-27 Seawolves, NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL Jul 1993-Sep 1994 182nd Maintenance Company Redstone Arsenal AIT 90-91 US Navy SEAL Spouse Support Group 5N, Vietnamese Lang Tng, DLISW 1971 618th OMS Charleston AFB, SC Training Quota Management Center (TQC) The Original General Hospital AEFC-AIR & SPACE EXPEDITIONARY FORCES CENTER Naval Fleet Air Support Unit FASU, Danang RVN Memories of Vietnam HQ Company, Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico 5th EOD Okinawa naval and marine corps reserve center salem, oregon NAS Miramar 460th AEMS, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Viet Nam 977th Field Artillery Battalion Information and Pictures 15th Aerial Port Squadron, DaNang AB SVN US Naval Base- Guam (SPAWAR-Barrigada) Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Ebensburg PA 547th Engineer Bn Association USS Fulton AS-11 Italy 1996-2000 V-4 Div. DC Maintenance Men MCB4 Vietnam 1969 PLSC/ Kadena AB Okinawa 3rd Combat Security Police Squadron, Bien Hoa, Vietnam 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron/Aircraft Maintenance Unit 90th MSS., SPS., FE. Warren AFB., Cheyenne, Wyoming Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, U.S.S. Okinawa LPH-3 1976-1981 337th Personal Service Company (OHARNG) 199th Recon Airplane Company Hollywood Taoism Center (HTC), An Operational Wing Command U.S. Army Jungle Warfare School (JOTC) Fort Sherman, Panama NAS Cecil Field 578 signal co, Calhoun Army National Guard 635th Supply Chain Management Group navy wife for life Operational Support Airlift Agency NAVCOMTELSTA Puget Sound, WA 22nd Special Operational Detachment-Delta NAVMAG Subic Bay RP 1072nd Maintenance Company - 1072 MAINT CO District 13 Detroit Battery B, 3/16th FA VietNam USAOC&S, ETV Maintenance & Repair/WOCS-TV, APG, MD HHD 71ST MAINTENANCE BATTALION Vietnam Dog Handlers Navy_Wife_JM 30TH Artillery Brigade Site 18 Okinawa The Professionals SETAF and SIGNAL LONG LINES HML 765 NAS Atlanta Marine Light Helicopter Squardron U. S. Navy Office, Singapore SLIMMY GREEN MONSTERS OF OKINAWA JAPAN Naval Shipyard: Puget Sound, Wa. naval reserve center portland, oregon VMFA-115 Reunion Association 633RD COMBAT SUPPORT GROUP PLEIKU VIETNAM 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron Soldier Support Center-National Capital Region NR, NAVY CARGO HANDLING BATTALION THIRTEEN, GULFPORT, MS U.S. Navy Amphibious Veterans Explosive Ordinance Mobile Unit 17 NALF ORANGE GROVE, TEXAS 261st Signal Company, Germany 189th Maintenance Battalion 782nd Maintenance Battalion HQ, 7th Signal Command and Fort Ritchie, Fort Ritchie, MD Center for Personal and Professional Development 388th Transportation Company, Vung Tau, Vietnam USS Steinaker DD863 WESTPAC '68 82 Quarter Master Quan Loi Vetnam 647th AC&W Manassas AFS, Va 655TH Regional Support Group New Mexico Army National Guard POLICING IN AFRICA USMC Vietnam Tankers Historical Foundation Members of Nha Trang Signal Bn. during 1969-1971 396th Signal Det-193rd Infantry Brig NAVCOMMSTA Puget Sound Bremerton, WA 101st Airborne Div/ Vietnam NAVSCIATTS Provisional Rifles Viet Nam 213th AVN ASH 485th Tactical MIssle Maintenance Squadron NAVFAC Antigua 1973-1977 277th Engineers-San Antonio B-Btty, 5/42 FA Vietnam 70-71 Tokyo Ordnance Depot FIELD MAINTENANCE SQUADRON National Training Center Operations Group 1st MI Detachment, 1st Inf Div - Vietnam Viet Nam Era Veterans 1-2-3 Delta Maintenace 592nd Ordinance Company Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific 535 th Signal Co Vietnam 90th Regional Readiness Command 110th vietnam camp hustler 138th Combat Regiment (Regional Training Institute) Eldred Holmes Buchanan 88th Division 788th Ordnance Company 88th Division, 788th Ordinance Group Navfac Barbados VMFA-115 Pilots/RIOs Killed in Vietnam USCGC WINONA (WPG-65) 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ASSOCIATION Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, Preventive Medicine Department 392nd Signal Battalion Naval Minesweepers Association 25thS&T vietnam Commander, Navy Installations Command Reserve Unit Navy Disease Vector Ecology & Control Center naval and marine corps reserve center Eugene, oregon McClernand Butler 199th Recon Airplane Company "Swamp Fox" BMC 237 naval hospital great lakes Pigeon and Signal Corps WWII 1015th Maintenance Company young army wives at fort jackson south carolina 317th Field Maintainance Sq 2363rd Signal Center Detachment Coastal Division 17 PACV Tan My, Vietnam MAT Team 44, Advisory Team IV--55, Kien An District, Kien Giang Province HHC 365TH CSSB MAINTENANCE Viet Nam Vet - USS Forrestal 3rd service bn; camp hansen, okinawa 1970-1971 8th Wightman Army NCOA Naval Dental Center San Diego Fleet Air Support Unit 'FASU' Danang AB 927th Enginner Company (Sapper), 769th Engineer Battalion, Louisiana Army National Guard, Baton Roug Camp Navajo NALF San Clemente Island, San Diego, CA 3RD Light Armored Infantry Bn. / 3RD Light Armored Reconnaissance Bn. International Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol School Police Watch & Women against Officer involved Domestic Violence VA 22 Ordnance NBA Balboa Canal Zone 227th AVN Btn A-Co/1st Cav Div Airmobile 305th CSGP Civil Engineers [SAC] Bunker Hill AFB Indiana 117th Maintenance Group

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